Consulting vs Reporting News - Editorial

Years ago, I served major corporations presenting strategies for web development. It was my job to stay informed, analyze statistics, educate and generate revenue for the corporation.

A long list of successful ventures resulted. I was able to bring Intel into the 21st century earlier by helping them launch their first interactive co-op program and as a media buyer earning records that stand to this day.

At the time, I believed that the Internet would help us create a better democracy. What joy it is to see how emerging technologies change our lives. Most of the technology I was studying was being used by the military and have been able to watch the transition of technology to the free market. To this day, these strategy documents, burned into my conscience, give me insight into what technologies market conditions will give way to. I use to fly around the country in Italian suits meeting with our nations top technological brain power.

As a consultant we're able to tell the truth without fear of retribution. In fact, that is exactly why consultants are hired in the first place. Companies need to hear and understand the truth to be successful.

Economic success in Branson depends on the same philosophy. Business and civic leaders need a firm understanding of the truth. Without it, they can't manage correctly nor can the citizens understand where financial emphasis and brain power needs to be focused with critical data in mind.

For years we've actively studied the statistics, media strategies, strengths and weaknesses of the Branson economy. At the center of Branson intelligence sits Jerry Henry. Herschend Family Entertainment, HFE allows him to consult for area businesses. The great thing about Henry's job is all he has to do is tell the truth making him one of the most important figures in Branson.

It's true that marketing mixes both art and science though Internet marketing relies more heavily on science.

Applying the same principles to news is far more dangerous. Not everyone profits from the truth when first revealed, but in the end the community does.

After all, building a better future requires a road map, an understanding of how we got here and a score card to know where we're at.