Fish Week 2013 - The High Holy Hillbilly Holidays (4H)

 I cannot fully express my joy because there is no word in the English language that could quite describe this ecstasy.

As a celebration lap for my victory over a filthy rag of a politician's attempt to steal my faith - I dedicated a week to my Father - in heaven. Long-suffering did not dis-way hope but did crush my belief in this great nation, temporarily. Her efforts took my money, slandered my good name and used every bit of tax resources possible to thwart my ceaseless expression of political truth - but could never fully break my soul.

I was shunned by priests, family, friends but never forgot where I am truly fed.

Fishing is a sacred act for me. While I am not at liberty to discuss the conditions of my survival training I can tell you this. Many years ago I traveled 60 miles from the top of a mountain to a dessert location with a tiny brook. Supplies were as follows: blanket, onion, texturized vegetable protein (TVP), water, charred cloth, file, rope. The rope and blanket were used to make what's called a Jedi Pack (backpack), Charred cloth and steel make starting a fire easy and the onion and TVP provided essential nutrition. During survival exercises all nutrition is appreciated but taste is often lacking.

My team successfully arrived in Goblin Valley where repelling exercises and R&R on sandstone structures gave way to plenty of time to explore the stream. Miraculously, we were able to catch trout with our hands. A man under pressure can do amazing things; few know their capacity to break or thrive because few men ever get these types of experiences in modern life.

I am trained to endure terror but I have not known the terror executed by the most godless politician I have ever met. The abuse was so brutal there were times I wept - not due to the abuse - but what great danger our nation is in if we let tyrants utilize whichcraft against our nations most holy documents. As will come out; especially if tremendous arrogance continues to plague our local government, is wise counsel was ignored. Eventually this politicians best effort to suspend civil liberty was blocked by her own ranks. When politicians ask law enforcement to break a law - the law of the Constitution of the United States - they are not required to comply. This leader learned this lesson the hard way.

But I do not wish to gloat and did not wish to punish - In fact, if at all possible I choose not to sue - but have learned if I don't protect myself nobody will. In fact, if I don't protect myself as a custodian of fact - people will be afraid to tell the truth and my community will continue to suffer.

I could not take this victory to press but had to wait. I needed to know if I had my father's blessing; this is where fishing comes in. Like the fish in the desert , I cast my line on the lake of Taneycomo. Though my fishing resources were inadequate the good Lord did provide. A prayer - a cast - a fish - Victory. I ate despite my enemies best efforts. And I ate well.

I have tried this experiment before but have failed. It's so easy to spend money in America where supplies are abundant - but what if a beast arrives ? What if politicians like the one I took head on prosper ? What if the Consitution is deemed invalid and the wicked torure, rape and suspend presses at will. What if you're allowed to go to church as long as the pastor censors himself to the will of the state ? For most these possibilities are not part of their reality - mainly because they aren't doing or saying anything that threatens dominant culture. I mean this: Christians today are in as much danger preaching Christ as a Muslim Mullah is for preaching Islam in Iran - none. Christianity , the sacred texts, describe a culture foreign to America.

There is no risk but a desire to cry persecution because there is none. Christianity, in its corporate form, is the predominate culture in the United States - its decline due to its failure to practice the faith - not the teachings of the prophets who would seduce even the most sinful of men - even many leaders in our community who use the term "God" for purposes of vanity.

 I would encourage those who seek persecution to visit Iran, North Korea or India as my grandfather did on his mission. I would prefer Chrisitians to do such rather than pray for persecution in America. Eventually it will come but not because of the faithful but the morality of the institution.

To the early church the symbol of the cross was detestably unused. During the reign of King Herod, who had both John the Baptist and יהשע killed, utilized the cross to execute many. The great historian Josepheus elaborates on its use when Jesus was a child. To truly understand the Bible one must understand the political structures or much is left misunderstood. Entire villages were hung and at times set on fire with crosses whose rotting corpses were a symbol to those who denied the godliness of politicians and the authority of the state. In secular texts John the Baptist is known as an activist against the marriage of church and state - an institution which combines Babylon (worldly wealth and confusion) with Godliness. Instead of the cross early Christians used the Icthus - a fish.

The fish is a sign of who provides. And when I cast a line onto cold waters and a fish bites I am reminded of this powerful symbol - the symbol of feeding the masses - the symbol of the gospel - and of course the tickling in my belly. On Friday evening I began my mission - a mission to refrain from 'ממון (money) for 7 days. 
I set shop on a North Beach Park Dock and made myself at home. At night I left but wrapped a blanket around my packs to give the appearance of a sleeping man. My cover worked well as the Branson Police Department responded to a missing persons request and the Missouri Highway Patrol was called in to scan the water for my body on the third day.
Officer Fish of the Branson Police Department
Officer Fish of the Branson Police Department concluded I may be at Starbucks near the Branson Landing and proceeded to search the premises as others were searching for my body. I issued an expletive figuring the town whore was trying to have me detained - but he stood in shock - I haven't uttered a word of curse since. As my literary forefather Mark Twain penned so did I in my official report to the Branson Police Department: "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. "

This wasn't my first time but it was my first time successfully completing a fish week. I didn't spend a cent and only twice relied on the kindness of strangers - a blessing from the most unlikely places. On day two my appetite for fish declined. The first two fish I consumed had no dressing. After eating these fish I began to understand why my past experiences were unsuccessful. In the past I tried to suffer but didn't need to - this fish week was about thriving. On day two I negotiated carbohydrates and acquired 25 pounds of food. An owner of a local pub wrapped the food into five sections and another business owner kept them in a freezer.  After fish week completed I had two sections unused. 

I traded fish for steak and produce and created recipes even the most distinguished pallets would appreciate. I accepted two invitations for a home cooked meal; participated in religious discussions each day - mostly with fellow priests (none of which work in the media)
On the sixth day I went to a public meeting and a meal with Branson City Alderman. I gave them a bit of a hard time - but not too hard. I needed to see where they were at. The most insidious of the group left in fear of scrutiny -( I have a camera and a recorder to things that terrify the godless). The rest ate without offering me a bite. In a last test for the Pharisees I asked for a bread roll - each of our leaders had their fill of food paid for by the citizens of Branson. I was denied - in fact scolded. A politician uttered a filthy word - one only recently accepted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - a few years ago a 10k fine would be applied if used over the airwaves). They couldn't spare one roll and would rather let if rot than see me eat. 

The Branson Alderman - according to state law - are not allowed to meet without public notice and public scrutiny. Though second rate competitors don't hold our leaders accountable - I am and I will if anyway possible. The time for pretending is over. I am protected in numerous places via speeddial. I will no longer tolerate terrorism without response - and by this I mean seeking relief. Any police officer who beats a homeless man, arrests an innocent civilian at the request of a crooked leader or submits false testimony will be put on the record. 

I have waited peacefully - turned cheeks - waited to see the character of my enemies - and through patience won the battle of my life. God gave me my own King Herod to battle - my own anti-Christ - my own Calligula. Every effort to starve me, to crush me, to censor me in one more thwarted. This is my time of restoration. This is my time to reaffirm the truth and continue my mission. 

And if I speak the truth, and I am hated by those who despise integrity - I will rest by the shores of the river and continue an all you can eat buffet. ---------------------------

Some say I did it for the chicks. A man with such skills is a great asset to hillbilly women - holy - as he can feed his family on any afternoon. I have earned the honorable name of "Fish Slayer" - which means one who kills fish at will or man who feeds many. 

Presley Background - Covenant America Constitution Convention Moves From Branson - Glenn Beck to speak in Kansas City

It's been five years since I walked beside Joe Biden as he entered the Iowa Caucus Headquarters to announce his agreement with Barrack Obama (Links to Youtube video I filmed at the convention)  to unite forces to take the Democratic Presidential candidacy.

When I arrived back to Branson I recieved word from former Branson Alderman Jack Purvis of Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley's intense hatred for me. Her countenance would change as I entered the room to a scowl beaming pure hatred (exposing dishonesty is not helpful to politicians).

With every move her efforts to cripple me were thwarted. Tax funds were used to slander my good name and resources allocated from the Branson Area Tourism Tax Disctrict to eradicate my writing. The enemy of Presley is not me but rather the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The ability to go to church , report news, publish newspapers and share ideas is protected under this vital human right. Presley knew the enemy of her tyranny on the Branson economy was the Constitution itself .

The Presley Theater is highly subsidized in a unique socialist system that many Branson area residents are unaware of . Millions of dollars pour into a fund that just a small handful of businesses take advantage of. By statute, all tourism related businesses are able to heir benefits of these funds - but ignorance is the financial friend of the Branson Pharisees, stupidity a friend.

In meetings I was slighted and priveldges allocated to my competitors - less educated, less credentialed. . Presley's rise came through help of city employees who served as traitors to their bosses and due to the great integrity of our former mayor - unwilling to steal tax dollars for personal gain - he was unable to pay property tax on his house. This allowed Presley to enter office without challenge. Mayor Lou Shaeafer, now deceased, was taken off the ballot and after a previous unsuccessful bid  , Democrat financier Raeanne Presley was able to take office and begin a reign of terror on the Branson economy. A rise in crime, poverty followed her mismanagement of city funds reversing a long tradition of fiscal responsibility that has led to prosperity in Branson now greatly in decline. The citizens of Branson continue to suffer today.

Eventually the taunts , use of tax dollars to slander, use of public databases to create an environment of hatred got the best of me. Crooked politicians , a common scene in my line of work inspired me to take the news offline. Presley, a strong supporter of gay rights is not a supporter of constitutional rights nor human rights as displayed in the years of terror that followed my attempts to report on Branson.

Presley is not the most educated individual. Branson school districts were sub-par during her tenure Today the Branson School District is one of the best in the state. In my estimation Presley has a 4th grade education but has spent enough time with Pharisees and Saducees to develop more sophisticated rhetoric.

The fruits of her tenure as Mayor are an albatross on the necks of taxpayers. We've seen little honor and a lack of wisdom far against the Branson tradition. The worst is Presleycare.

Presleycare gives money to friends in tax districts to strengthen enforcement of legislation. Obamacare documentation is large; Presleycare is much larger. Everytime a friend calls Raeanne Presley on the phone it seems hundreds of new pages of legislation - laws to limit freedom for the people are enacted. The code book for Branson has grown by thousands of pages and the yesmen known as Alderman (City council)  generally enter office too ignorant of local history understand the impact and debauchery of overreaching government.

As a special treat for press members who choose to show integrity a special note was drafted by Presley. It was elaborated in an email to members of the Branson PD. Basically, Presley offered me a free enema each time I went to cover a meeting. Due to the fact we're in negotiation I cannot yet comment on other elements regarding Presley's Edict to suspend the 1st and 4th Amendment.

We should thank God we have good men that serve in government as well. Presley disregarded the advice of legal counsel and has created a major issue for the city which has chosen to dishonor our nation's forefathers.

It's no wonder that when Glenn Beck offered to grace Branson, Presley gave no support whatsoever. While city resources are regularly used to boost her personally - when a much greater individual chose to speak in Branson - one who is nationally recognized - it was ignored. It's no wonder; Beck's topic was of God and the Constitution - two things which through action Presley has shown there is little respect for.

At this point both the Branson Police Department and legal counsel have refused to follow Presley's unconstitutional dictates. They are wise.

 We need to pray for Presley because the next steps will be hard on her family, business and cultural entities. As her witchcraft is now officially deemed invalid so too is my position as custodian of fact restored. While I have little respect for Presley nor the board that has followed her and Branson to the very debts of hell (wplay) - the people can save our economy in the future by undoing the years of idiocy that currently plague us.

Beck is no longer coming to Branson - nor should he. We are not worthy of such great discussion. but we can be when we change our hearts and restore honor and wisdom to public office. .

KRZK and KHOZ - Refuse the News (Adventures In Journalism) - (Draft)

The citizens of Branson were worked up. A homeless guy who a lot of people liked was detained by the Branson Police Department. Questions were raised regarding level of force and the need to arrest. Some people speculated on the mental state of the arrested homeless man.

Interestingly, depending on mental diagnosis people were willing to tolerate abuse - if he was diagnosed with Autism the community would have been outraged - something else and the community would have accepted the homeless man being treated harshly. The Constitution grants all men rights - but modern thinking enables extreme prejudice (I guess less and less people believe humans were created by God or the God of nature)

As a working policy, the radio station KRZK, doesn't respond to citizen allegations of abuse. In the news room of KRZK and KHOZ when a person calls in claiming malfeasance the radio station doesn't respond ( at least that was the case when I did work for the radio station and the policy of the reporters I know). Unfortunately, with no report from the radio station - there were a great deal of accusations buried under the table by Presley involving police malfeasance. Basically, many complaints were made regarding the Branson Police Department for years and the radio - unwilling to hold Mayor Raeanne Presley accountable (and they still don't  report details of millions in tax payer expenditures)  a lot of people were hurt without report. 

The radio is drive by news. When you are a reporter for a radio station you grab a quick audio sample and a quick paragraph of copy and bam it's out the door. Investigative reporting is a newspaper/magazing art. Generally, news reports offer a glimpse into public affairs and if you want more data you have to go elsewhere. The reporters for KSPR are actually very good and experienced but overall the radio station does a poor job of fulfilling the purpose of journalism which is to "keep us free and self governed".

Although I'm dissapointed in some of the things the radio station has done; I still refer clients to advertise there. What the radio station and most of Branson doesn't understand is that I'm one of the most experienced media buyers in the area. Because Mayor Raeanne Presley cyberstalks my online profiles I don't advertise my true resume or my clients. But if slander continues they might find themselves in some very interesting situations. 

Overall, I rank KRZK as a strong buy for most clients. Steve Willoughby, a manager at the station will issue a pitch for your business and an interview for about 100 bucks a pop. Willoughby is respected by the public and believes he deserves money for his promotion. His show is more of a magazine show than a news show. The newsroom, separate from Willoughby's magazine show at KRZK is not something you can buy. It is properly segregated from the promotional agenda of Willoughby's successful show. This is good, it keeps the news less biased and based on research rather than business relationships. 

I would like to note that I had an agreement with the radio station to produce news for $30 bucks a story (due to travel and gas this gave me about 4 bucks an hour) . When we parted ways, Willoughby decided not to be a man of his word. I think it's important to tell the truth and, quite frankly, I don't have a tremendous amount of respect for him on a personal level - and almost nill on a news level. I don't listen to the radio station because I use primary sources for news. Instead of a quick newsbite I actually listen or attend (most of the time) public meetings. This allows me to get comprehensive data as opposed to a "drop in the bucket of truth".  During my media career I'm hard news - he's a magazine.

Still, even though I don't personally respect Mr. Willoughby's ethics; I understand that there are people that actually use this resource to become educated through the radio. I also believe, why Willoughby didn't deal with me honestly, that Willoughby doesn't want to give bad information to the public when it comes to news. 

After receiving a call from an attorney (again I have better sources - I use the journalistic process) I was told Mr. Willoughby was falsely stating there was no video of "Tex" being detained by Branson P.D. Because I assumed Willougby was attempting to be honorable with the public, I walked across the street with the video of Tex being detained (My office is 300 yards from the Radio Station). I promised the attorney that I would not publish the video of "Tex" being detained as it could possible interfere with his case. Publishing the video would have made me a lot of money, but, I was the only member of the media allowed to see it and promised I wouldn't publish it after a long fight with the lawyer (it isn't published now because I gave my word of honor - I promised to wait in exchange for exclusivity). 

My intention was to show the video to Willougby exclusively so that he would stop giving misinformation to the public. When I entered the radio station I was told to wait in an office for a station manager. The station manager arrived (wasting my time) and I informed her of the lack of integrity in the newsroom. Figuring Steve Willoughby would want to know he was accidentally lying to the public - I reckoned he'd want to see this very valuable piece of news intel. The radio station manager stated that the "taunt" of no such video existing was the result of a KY3 broadcast. In other words Branson Mayor Reanne Presley's business partner was publishing information from Springfield that a radio station in Branson rebroadcast. Willoughby didn't take the time to look at the video.

The reason KY3 would make such a claim is a form of pressure to force the hand of "Tex's" attorney. A reporter gets on Television and taunts the legal team by suggesting to the public that no such video of police brutality really exists. The legal team , in order to prove the cases legitimacy then feels pressure to release the digital asset to the television station. It's a good strategy for KY3 as they have a huge audience and are regionally dominant (they such in their reporting about Branson). The problem is that Mr. Willoughby is citing a Springfield station regarding something that happened a few blocks from his office. I call that irresponsible and disrespectful to the public. It's also something that the radio station should be ashamed of. 

When there are two sides to a story, a reporter should seek both sides. The radio station doesn't do this very often and in crime stories the state's side is heard but rarely the accused. Most the information you're receiving as a listener is actually published by the government not due to a journalist actively and avidly seeking the whole story. Again, it's radio - more about entertainment than news.

Because the radio station doesn't produce comprehensive news I don't work with them on a news level - I do however send clients while hiding my involvement. I think it's a decent value but not as great for those who want to understand what their government is really doing. They just don't invest the resources for total coverage. 

Unfortunately, egos at the station stopped the flow of information to the public. The most important aspect of journalism is to make sure people have access to correct information. If a mistake is made - or a challenge is made it's important to double check the information and quickly make a correction. I do this. I regularly recieve calls from television stations, radio reporters and print reporters for information. Even though I am slandered and disrespected at times; I believe the public has the right to know and often give away my work in fear that the public will be punished by personal hatred towards my commitment to honesty. 

Currently , I do not allow comments. The reason I don't allow comments is because I don't have time to deal with any random uneducated individual who wants to debate things he doesn't know about. I am a custodian of fact and have the skills and investment to extrapolate information the general public cannot easily access. I'm not in a popularity contest , I am in a freedom contest and I want the public to win. 

Again, due to Presley's slander campaign - silently distributed through social media - government funded resources and unholy relationships I have to hide my true resume. I don't want people to get hurt because of my dedication to truth even if it rubs a couple millionaires and some unworthy politicians the wrong way. Everyone - every human on this planet comes from the same source and deserves respect by default. Stopping the flow of information for personal gain is a sin. Honoring a commitment or holding information due to a promise is an acceptable compromise but sometimes necessary. Unfortunately for some - I deserve respect and credit for my work .And I have disrespected myself, my family and my God (who I am a child of ) when I allow people to publicly dishonor me - in an open fashion without defending myself. 

Due to my technical background I'm able to intercept a great deal of information. I have allowed a lot of people to hurt me and I cannot allow this any more. I was called out by a member of the press - this person questioned my integrity and balls. I offered this person the opportunity to correct himself but he told me to bring it. I would never in a million years have published this correspondence without permission. Without further ado - this is a conversation with a member of the radio station after trying to bring a video and correct misinformation broadcast over the PUBLIC AIRWAVES: Here is a member of the radio station corresponding about the incident:

************This content is being withheld in order to protect an individual who would be permanently damaged if published. The document proves that the radio station reporters and managers knew I was being unconstitutionally detained on a regular basis. The document shows that I asked for help and was scared for my life and there was a refusal by fellow journalists  to provide assistance for fear of retaliation. The document proves that members of the press knowingly allowed my constitutional rights to be violated and that they were scared of repercussions.
While proving moral and spiritual superiority would help me - it could potentially ruin this person's life. I will allow naysayers to speculate and publish the documents on my Facebook page. These documents are not to be republished in full or in part and are the private property of Dees Nutz Publications PC. In the event the radio station decides to retaliate against this individual person I may or may not have three separate documents that will be submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding station collaboration with politicians. I believe the individual doesn't fully comprehend the Constitution of the United States of America well enough to full understand the implications. Please take the opportunity to educate staff on the importance constitutional protection. If this ever happens again I will have to act in turn. 

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley Plays Hide the Money From the Public

Mayor Reaeanne Presley has for nearly 5 years priced public records out of the market to hide the inconvenient truth about her use of public funds for personal gain. (Call for Presley To Find Jesus at Bottom of Page)

The document above attests to the character of our Mayor Raeanne Presley and her lack of openness regarding personal use of public funds . While some press outlets with no use or need for ethics reprint political claims about Branson promotion suggesting the ludicrous notion Presley supports open government.
Only documents which Presley wants the public to see are printed and often buried in large file sizes online. .

Presley has spent millions she doesn't want the public to know about and these documents are intentionally hid from the public. Through use of tax dollars Presley has sent a strong message to press outlets - dare to report and your rights will be violated (she's had me felt up on several occasions without cause).

I've come to the conclusion that I don't need an attorney to exercise my civil rights. I can disregard an illegal verdict delivered by a inept politician because I live in America - Not Presleyville.

I've watched Presley spend millions of public funds on ridiculous legal actions failing most every time. Instead, I hereby command Mayor Raeanne to respect - obey -  the Constitution of the United States of America and to quit urinating on the documents great men have fought and died for. If she doesn't like being held accountable, I don't care. I have a public to serve and the Presley showtune shack is a very small, almost insignificant part of it. Too many have fought and died for this country and by golly I'll use that Constitution to help my fellow man understand how his (not Presley's personal bank account) tax dollars are being used.

 I'll walk into a public meeting anytime I want and no I don't have to report to a crooked leader's armed men to do it.. I refuse to be illegally detained just because a city leader isn't intelligent enough to handle the scrutiny.

I don't need an attorney to tell me it's ok because I'm an American. I have a responsibility. I have a responsibility to my family to make a living and to the many refugees living in Branson from Russia, Iran, Bulgaria, Ukraine and China who stay quiet during political discussions because in there countries people like Presley will harm them should they speak.

I'm an American and a child of the almighty. These two identities are far more important than the ill-educated nit-wit who thinks they can detain me just because they don't like me being there. I tell a truth that is inconvenient to immoral leadership that is no better than a filthy rag.

I don't need a note from my mommy, the governor or a lawyer to enter public property. The price for such freedom has already been paid. Raeanne Presley is nothing more than a private citizen  - not a God able to take away civil liberties. I assure you I have a greater God void of the filthiness so prevalent at city hall.

In the end it is the will of the people that will reign and they need access to information, not just the exact fax setn to KY3 headquarters for distribution. I don't believe that the citizens of Branson would have let Presley walk-in to an election unchallenged if she had to be held accountable for her actions. It is the job of the press to give the information the public needs to remain free and self governed. The people need custodians of fact - not business partners in Preslredicunomics.

On a personal note I have an apology to make to the public. I am very sorry that I have let Ms. Presley use means of terror to slow down my reporting. Our constitution is a very powerful document that withholds all mankind has unalienable rights. Prior to the founding of the United States evil leaders issued edicts used to rape civil liberties from individuals they don't agree with. I realize my diatribes promoting public integrity aren't beneficial to Presley and her policy of "never seeing a conflict of interest she wasn't willing to profit from". I realize that Andy Williams marching down 76 in a parade of stars didn't either. I realize having a black rapper from St. Louis (Nelly) didn't help her private business. But making laws to stop black people or nationally respected entertainers from performing in public is unacceptable.

It's important to note that the City of Branson has made some transitions that have made the corruption led by our current Mayor Raeanne Presley and her reign of terror on the Branson economy possible. This is a major transition from Branson's innovative leadership before she took office.. They managed to save over $14 million which Presley has mostly drained. Where they opened the doors for economic growth Presley has taken great action to shut them. Where entrepreneurial activity was encouraged, Presley stifled and creates legislation making innovation illegal. They even loved America and respected Constitutional Rights - fought for by non-Presleys in battlefields across the world. We have never had a leader with such disregard for the Constitution of the United States which is why I can correctly call Mrs. Presley a person who actively disregards American values. Dressing in sequin sparkled suits and singing show tunes does not make one a patriot.

Prior to her taking office we had a very active press. An avid and inquisitive watchdog press that once defined Branson's journalistic tradition has dissipated. The most profound transition and visible change began with the Springfield News Leader closed their Branson offices. The reporters that use to monitor city hall retired. Presley hasn't had to be accountable, as sure as their is an almighty - this will change.

Media competition is very important for the political landscape. Men sharpen men and editorial standards rapidly declined once Branson City Officials no longer had to deal with ethics common to the American press tradition. The unholy alliance with Schurz communication exasperated the problem bringing the television stations KY3, KSPR and Branson's Mayor under a common umbrella. The perverse media alliance is unheard of in America and may be a catalyst for the corruption and fallout Branson residents will have to incur for generations to come. As a former leader in the advertising industry I've been able to extrapolate that millions in false reports (documentaries running daily on KY3/Presley Curruption TV aka Branson Visitor Television boosting the Presley Theater far above their importance to Branson's economy and history) and the unfettered press releases published by KY3 and KSPR weekly touting Presley's integrity (a laughable claim) have boosted Presley into a position where the city is able to be managed in a third-world banana republic style dictatorial fashion.

Because Presley has had no accountability, false reports are commonly delivered through partners in the press for public consumption. I have noticed seven flaws of our mayor that show the character of our current goofball style leadership and have come to the conclusion it's not all our mayor's fault. Presley lacks the education and real world experience most people in her position have had. If Presley could correct these seven character flaws ; perhaps she could grow to become a semi-adequate leader.

  • Wealth without work. - The wise patriarchs of the Presley family were able to follow the example of their predecessor and teacher (the Baldknobbers, Branson's first show).. The current generation has lacked innovation - besides collaborating with the press and using political pressure to grow their business. The Presley theater was originally built outside Branson city limits and became a part of Branson in the 1970's or 1980's . The Presley's, who truly hated Branson, fought hard before being forced to become part of the city (there was a pretty high bar for political corruption before Presley showed just how dishonorable a politician can be).
  • Pleasure without conscience - this is the very essence of why Presley doesn't want you to see her spending.
  • Knowledge without character.- The Branson Landing is Branson's top tourist destination  It would take scores of Presley theaters to even come near the pull of Branson's highest revenue generating attraction. If Presley were to be intellectually honest she'd admit the Presley theater has nothing to do with Branson's success nor does is it the real pull for Branson tourism industry. The plethora of outdoor activities and entertainment options bring tourists. The Presley's know people don't really come to Branson just to see their show, a fact self-evident in the huge investment Presley makes in intercept. Intercept marketing brings people to the Presley theater. This includes the huge billboards you see advertising the Presley theater. The billboards help hoard tourist dollars from people already coming to the area. Presley has done a great job of hiding the fact that the Branson Landing yields 80-100 million in sales annually.
  • Commerce without morality - When elected Mayor (because of a shananigan leaving her the only person on the ballot) Raeanne Presley served on the Branson Chamber of Commerce giving leverage for her to funnel money into marketing the theater. The Presley theater is highly subsidized by tax dollar collected from other businesses. Presley is currently asking for nearly $100 million for a better road to her theater.
  • Science without humanity - Raeanne Presley has strongly supported the United Nations Agenda 21, while this is far from Branson's values ; a timeshare style sales job was used to push a plan that dictates Branson's development move through Wicca style ethics. (Wicca, known to some as witchcraft, worships earth elements - hundreds of documents produced by the city utilize the word sustainability - sustainability, in Presley terms has nothing to do with economics or the quality of life but rather a "earth worship" perspective foreign to the average Branson resident.
  • Worship without sacrifice - You can hear praises in the Presley theater for $55 bucks a pop (Presley tickets are often free with a time-share tour so make sure you call a local ticket re-seller before you pay the exorbitant fees at the box office)
  • Politics without principle - Could be Raeanne Presley's theme song.


Ms. Presley,

Since you constantly cyberstalk me I know you're reading this. I'm sorry if my promise to hold you accountable hurts your pocketbook or feelings but there is something far more important. I want you to find Jesus. I know there is a lot of talk about this character and you can hear songs for 55 bucks a pop at your personal business. But let's get real - it's not just a concept to make a dollar off of. 

You can read about it in a book called the Bible - it's in the last part titled New Testament. Now I know you don't have much in the way of education - but don't worry about that - have someone read it to your out-loud.  there are plenty of educated men with little sense (no one is judging you here). There is a character in the book you might relate to named King Herod. Like you, he's a public leader with little integrity  - believe it or not - he's even worse ! 

Maybe that is why God put this character in the book to teach dishonorable leaders that they can repent and do better.

You'll read about two guys Herod didn't like. One guy has the same name as your son (nice kid by the way -seriously) . This guy John is pretty cool. Unlike Jesus this guy John shows up in the main historical archives. John was critical of Herod - he speaks against Herod - tells people what a bad dude he is.

Back then where Jesus lived they didn't have a Constitution. Herod does what you do when someone disagrees with you and sends out cops to harass him. Anyway this crooked king is friends with the priests (they call them Pharisees and Sadducees) who work with crooked reporters (called scribes) that do whatever the king tells them.  
Jesus is good friends with this guy John and after the king has him killed (don't be jealous, Kings had a lot of power back then - again, no constitution) Jesus cruises around speaking about public policy and God-given rights. They send lawyers to verbally battle him but it's no use - he's too good at public debate.

Well, the leadership has him killed - but he ends up being the Son of God and the actions of these crooked politicians who use tax dollars to try to stop are to no avail - he wins anyway. It's a very good book, you ought to take it for a spin.

Jesus is the way to our father-in-heaven (God) and you can ask for repentance  Money laundering, using tax dollars for private gain, lying to the public and the plethora of immoral things that may haunt your heavy heart can be lifted. You could find some relief as you must now know that ill-gotten gain doesn't bring joy. 

You don't have to be like King Herod running around falsely detaining people who speak truth. You don't have to walk around as a dirty rag - you can repent and be clean. But you have to take the first step - you have to humble yourself and God can make you better. 

Now, you know I can't disrespect my country and family by respecting these ridiculous notes creating laws that only apply to me. Yes, I know, it's rare to find a reporter with courage enough to be more than a personal scribe. There would be more if they knew the joy in serving their fellow man.

There is another document called the constitution  - while one is optional , you'd be wise to read the other one. Anywho - these illegal edicts are pretty tiring but I've seen you do enough foolish things with the public trust that I have to say something. I'm a peaceful guy with a knack for juxtaposing words and I know you don't like it. You'll have to deal with that. But the pain in your heart from the things you've been doing - these can be healed. And I truly hope you do find God and I hope one day you find the joy of truly serving the people. 

In Radiant Joy,
Darin P. Codon
Local Branson Reporter