Immigration - Washington DC - Jefferson City - Branson

Mexican immigrants find themselves between a rock and a hard place when they cross through Tijuana and jaunt straight north on the coastal highway that runs the length of California.
I remember seeing the sign in my youth during family travel from Los Angeles to San Diego where my Grandmother resided. A nuclear power plant and Military base (Camp Pendleton) are two barriers immigrants have to pass safely before an inland checkpoint where Orange and San Diego County meet.
In the afternoon in Tijuana, Mexico, immigrants would line up at a giant ditch that divides our two countries and when the sky was dark enough a game of red-rover would ensue with U.S. Border Patrol. Before a high profile death, it wasn't uncommon to see an agent treat an illegal guest with liberal use of a nightstick. This was nearly two decades ago.
This morning the Senate failed to pass a bill that would call up legislation allowing children of illegal immigrants under 30 who entered the U.S. before age 16 and lived here for five years to gain legal status if they attend college of join the military for at least two years.
Majority Whip Richard J. Durbid D-ILL., the bill's sponsor said, "Since when do we in American visit the crimes of the parent on the children? Is that what America has come to? What crime did they commit? They obeyed their parents. They followed their parents.”
Congress failed us this year when by not passing a comprehensive immigration bill and due to political cycles and technicalities of your system; It's highly unlikely that an immigration bill will reach fruition in the next session.
Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona is one of the most outspoken critics on immigration calling for National Guard Troops on the border - which she received after a verbal vote of no-confidence on the Federal Government's ability to find a solution to her state's needs.
Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has been exceedingly aggressive on Missouri's immigration issues several press released and promising support for local law enforcement agencies that take on immigration. In a press release issued from Kingston Missouri which stated an average of 55 illegal immigrant detainees average each day Blunt said,
"With Washington failing to enact policies to enforce our federal immigration laws it is necessary for our state to take action. We support and welcome lawful immigrants into Missouri but will also continue to take a tough stand against illegal immigration in our state."

Lady liberty's welcome to foreigners is inscribed in stone evidence our nation is one founded on immigrants who seek to enter the land of the free. Today, United States citizenship is the most sought after in the world and the government reports every month the backlog of applications exceeds 1,000,000 cases.
In Kansas City a pro-Mexican group called LA Raza made an ultimatum to city officials demanding a member of a park board be removed for affiliation and support of the Minutemen. The Minutemen is a group of citizens who are taking illegal immigration into their own hands, guarding the border and tipping off agents as they stop border trespassers. La Raza decided to move the convention location to San Diego, ironically, a Minuteman stronghold.
In Branson, immigration has been the topic of several debates. Alderman Stephen Marshall is a strong supporter of H2B visas believing immigrant labor is necessity for Branson businesses to stay competitive. Marshall, a native of Jamaica gained US citizenship himself four years ago.
Branson Alderman Jack Purvis has endorsed a strong stance against illegal immigration even proposing city ordinances be drafted to solidify a strong stance against the practice. To date, no such actions have been taken.
I read a poem years ago by a Mexican writer, the idea sticks in my mind.

What If you were I and I were you
And 10,000,00 Gringos were trying to cross the border into Mexico

Interesting thought. In Branson we have fewer Latin immigrants than other Missouri cities and a much higher population of Polish and Russian workers who defect.