Al-Jezeera has more integrity than Branson Area Publications

At the bottom of this post their are links to three different news outlets code of ethics.
For two years we've challenged regional newspapers to adopt a code of ethics. For the most part, we've done this in a nice way - however, in light of Branson Mediagate we want to remind tax lobbyists - funneling money into their own pockets - posing as journalists that "here in America" we like democracy and our information sources bribe free.
Blatant disregard for universally accepted journalism standards is why one Taney County newspaper has become the laughing stock of Jefferson City.
A study of ethical standards demanded by news outlets reveals Branson ranks behind Al-Jezeera.
Of the three posted below Gannett writers are held to the highest standard.

News Organization Code of Ethics
Business Week
Al Jezeera