Taney County Assessor James Strahan addresses rising taxes in attack ad

James Strahan payed to place an advertisement in the Taney County Times last week. The Branson Daily News wanted to charge him $1400. Strahan accuses the commissioners and Rep. Dennis Woods for sabotaging his plan to keep assessments lower. In the pay-to-play article, Strahan asserts his assesments are in compliance with the State Tax Commission's guidelines

The Taney County Commission has had to fund Strahan's office while Missouri's Tax Commission withholds funds claiming assessments are inaccurate. The ongoing dispute is slated for judicial review in Cole County next month.

Strahan's message - Taney County taxes property taxes will rise significantly and its Taney County Commissioners and Rep. Dennis Woods fault.

The Taney County Commissioners have yet to approve meeting minutes dating back to last year. Strahan suggests the commissioners want to destroy the records.

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