Dukes of Hazzard With Branson Writer and Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough

Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough threatened to have me "incarcerated" if I went to city hall while renderings of a new prison facility were being created" less than a week before I was detained as threatened. No rights were read, no official arrest was made.
Information requests about corrupt activity conducted by his "army" installed fear into the "hillbilly general" and repeated denials of Sunshine Requests a statement by Presley and McCollough shouted -" The constitution is not valid in Branson. " and "your God is nothing". Apparently God's name can only be used in Branson to promote the Presley theater and prosecute single mothers.
Hick writer Darin Codon played "Dukes of Hazard" sending the Chief of Police on a wild goose chase while priestly duties, including the performance of a marriage were conducted. Every business posted recieved a visit from McCollough's soldiers.
The immense integrity of what is now the most viewed news source in Branson, Missouri conjured fear into the gun totting arm of King Presley - oppressor of little children - and supporter of the "Wicked Bird".
Parody posts sent armed soldiers of the "Branson Police Force/Army" to businesses throughout Branson after an email commanding the Branson Blogger's exercise of free speech to stop blogging and immediately come to his office.
The threat was similar to the one issued on December 2007 entitled "Good Cop - Bad Cop" where the Branson Writer found corruption in the Hollister Police Force and began uncovering corruption in the Branson :

What if a police chief is corrupt? The answer to this question makes patriots shiver in their boots. Nothing can be more dangerous. Let me draw a metaphor. If man is born free than police organizations are small armies. The head of an army is the king. The king directs the army by instructing the general. In the city-state model the police chief is the general. If, for example, the Mayor has participated in corrupt activity - such as violating the Missouri Ethics Commission guidelines for campaigning, she might tell the police chief to harm an innocent man to avoid the pain she'll have to endure through the press. A wicked and corrupt chief could deal with this scenario by discrediting the reporter.The best way to discredit the reporter would be to a. set the honest reporter up by framing him with a crime or b. creating a fake police report and demanding he be evaluated by a medical doctor. The medical doctor would be the judge in an alternative legal system. Civil rights would not apply. In the parallel system, because only an accusation is made, the doctor has 72 hours to determine one of three things:
1. Violent and a danger to society 2. Suicidal - a danger to himself 3. Homeless - unable to take care of food, clothing and shelterFew people truly believe in God and society by default is Agnostic which means "you cannot know whether or the existence of God is provable. As a writer, by default, I have to pretend their is no god to be an unbiased custodian of fact. If I say there is a God, the Doctor can certify me, the patient, crazy and take away my civil rights. The patient could be anyone who challenges the government.Proving he's able to take care of food, clothing and shelter is near impossible. Most citizens believe in Doctor's more than God therefore if the patient says, "Call my friend Joe - he will feed and clothe me", the Doctor can call Joe and tell him that the patient, Joe's friend, will be harmed if he doesn't take a heavy narcotic. The doctor believes, through faith, that the narcotic will cure the patient - or at least he has plausible deniability as a "priest of the religion of science". Joe can then be convinced by the doctor that he's "acting in his friends best interest by not providing food clothing and shelter to his friend." The patient's reputation will be marked and the corrupt police chief can have the patient arrested at will when the doctor releases him to the public." Sanity is hard to prove. Thank God we have good cops who hate corruption.

Fake Reporters who regularly take bribes never reported the incident.

In true "Boss Hog" fashion after dispatching an email demanding the blogger quit utilizing his constutional rights; Codon issued posts causing "McCulloughGaputty" to spend taxpayer dollars dispatching armed men to hunt Codon down.

Codon posted parody stories sending the police chief - at taxpayer expense - all over town.

Here's the catch:

He sent people everywhere I sent him! Say there is a candy mafia - bam - three officers appear at the candy store. Talk about beer at Waxy O'Sheas - bam - the storm troopers come marching in. This ensued for nearly two days with the assistance of HCW Orange Coat Petty Army.

It makes you wonder how much the operation costed - $10,000?

The police eventually handcuffed Darin Codon while he was on his knees praying to the almighty God - which Reanne Presley obviously hates - guess it interferes with Money Laundering Operations.

Check it,

Prophecy Fullfilled

Darin Codon

(In exile in Kansas City, MO)

Photo by Darin Codon - Sculpture at the Plaza in front of Starbucks Kansas City

Larry the Athiest

Dear Larry,

You have a lot to share - wisdom that people need to hear.

I would really like for you to post on one of my websites. I need people such as yourself to help introduce ideas into the public dialogue.

As you know, I'm not an athiest, but this isn't a good reason to hate me - or teach others to hate me for sharing what i believe to be true. The hateful comments and spam which forced you to pull down your website came from students at College of the Ozarks.

I do not prescribe to this type of behavior. Democracy is for everyone not just those whose beliefs we agree with.

I've debated and won fights in the public domain to ensure state and religion to not weave into a dictatorship - to ensure history does not repeat itself.

Join the dialogue in an open honest manner.

The reality is many so called "Christians" are assholes. They don't fear God and there daily actions resemble nothing close to the love the story of Jesus Christ exhibited as described through the texts. It's embarrasing - perhaps - as embarrasing as some "Christians" feel about a few of my potty mouthed little posts.

Thing is - what offends me - is I put up a post of Rawanda where Christians were being slaughtered with the help of priests. No one noticed or seemed to care about what was happening to human life. They were upset about the word "shit". It blew my mind and helped me understand just how full of it these people are. I went to one of there houses and they couldn't even tell me what the ten commandments were nor what country the slaughter occured.

Help me. Help me be a better man by sharpening my mind with your unique ideas and perspectives on the universe.

When Heather Turner got back from CNN England she didn't want to talk to me or help me get some money I needed because you wouldn't approve. She loves and cares about you. She loves you to the point that she was willing to hold funds from me (still is) even when I was homeless.

I believe Turner is being prepared for great works. God? I don't worry so much about that - If there is a master of the universe - a father in heaven - he can talk to anyone whenever he feels like it. I suppose this priveldge goes along with omnipotence.

Darin Patrick Codon

Skater Sequence Photos - Kansas City Downwown

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Branson Blogger Cons Woman Into Editing Blog

From: "The Wondering Jew"

Gaw India - Catholics fast and pray to God Friday that persecution of the saints will end. Religous conflict is at an all time high. The tension between Muslims and Hindus is ongoing but Christians make easy targets with their higher and mightier attitude.

Blogger Darin Codon manipulates Truman J-School Senior Heather Turner to start publishing on the Branson, Missouri Blog. Stone County native Turner just returned from an internship at CNN England to Kirksville where she'll be running the campus Radio Station. Turner has been a contributer to the Branson Missouri Blog since January.

Recently blunted, Codon said, "Yes, I'm higher". Codon boasted 52 times the audience size as Missouri's Truman State Media giggling "and Mightier".

Darin Manipulates Again

Dear Darin,

Since you like to post letters to people on your site, I thought this would suffice:

Darin only becomes a child when confronted with these things. He calls women cunts and bitches. He is always asking for help, help, help. Well, Darin, I've been telling you this for a long time-- get on your own damned feet yourself. Isn't this also why you hate me? Because I have been telling you that since I had to practically wipe your ass for you in Iowa? A grown man for pete's sake! How does a grown man get into THIS much trouble? You are a trouble maker, Darin. So, get off your "I'm a Jewish Priest" high horse. Because when you continue to throw around the words cunt, murderous, bitch and whore.... Well, that's not what jesus would do, lets just say that. Most of the time I have known you, it has been the world against Darin all the time.
I will not help a 'fellow journalist' who continues to get himself into more bullshit. Your 'help' amounts to helping you legally and helping you nail all the people plotting against you.

Oh yeah, and the work for me for free part? I am just supposed to jump, like the other ladies- whenever YOU say so? NO QUESTIONS ASKED? I am just supposed to get this and get that-- and I have refused. I refused to get that police report for you too. You demanded it in an email out of the blue. You didn't ask. You told. Get it your DAMNED SELF. No one wants to be your beat reporter after all the stunts you have pulled. And believe it or not you cannot just say whatever the 'fuck' you want to say (as you so eloquently put it when I requested you remove me and information about me on the site).

Why don't you just pay $4 for this 'police report' that has not been produced?
Why haven't you removed me from this site as I have asked repeatedly?

I hope that you will take down this site. I hope you can get treated for your mental illness.

Ps. I am unable to edit or delete any of the posts made by Darin, as for some reason, he has overlooked that he left me on as a contributor some time ago.

Notice to Branson Police Chief Caroll McCollough

Dear Branson Police Force General Carroll McCollough,

I'm extremely dissapointed that you are withholding the document Peter Tsacharidis filed with your consultation. I am extremely disappointed in your stunt last week and your blatant disregard for the law of the land. Your behavior is a very poor demonstration of good citizenry and shocking for a member of the community who has sworn oath to uphold the law of the land.

I believe under section 610 of Missouri State Law you are a government body. In fact, the law now requires you to abide by the same standard as any other government bodies. Due to the fact you've been a substantial contributer to my website and have assisted me professionally in my quest to be a good custodian of fact; I'll give you until 3:00 PM to come into compliance. I highly recommend that you cease and desist your criminal activity. I will no longer be so generous in the future. Personally, I don't want to show the public what a fool you've been; but, you keep costing me money and continue to cause severe damage. Here is the law for your benefit. As you know - I have asked that you fax the report - e-mail is a fine substitue just to give you some latititude. If you choose to disregard my constitution, I will seek injunctive relief. In the interest of community cohesion I respectfully ask you to stand down and provide the requested document through the method of transmission I've asked.

This is your final warning.

As you may or may not be aware:
610.200. Law enforcement agency log or record available for
inspection and copying — limitation.
610.200. Law enforcement agency log
record available for inspection and copying — limitation.
All law
enforcement agencies that maintain a daily log or record that lists
crimes, accidents, or complaints, shall make available the
following information
for inspection and copying by the public:
(1) The
time, substance, and
location of all complaints or requests for assistance
received by the agency;
(2) The time and nature of the agency's response to
all complaints or
request for assistance; and
(3) If the incident
involves an alleged crime or
(a) The time, date, and
location of occurrence;
(b) The name
and age of any victim, unless the
victim is a victim of a crime under chapter
566, RSMo;
(c) The factual
circumstances surrounding the incident; and
(d) A general description of any
injuries, property or weapons involved.

I have repeatedly asked for this information. You sir are not above the law though you repeatedly act like it. Your repeated violation of the Missouri Constitution and the law that bings us all is repulsive and unbecoming to a police officer. I will not pay $4.00 - you want a dime?

610.026. Fees for copying public records, limitations — fee money remitted to whom — tax, license or fee as used in Missouri Constitution Article X section 22 not to include copying fees.
610.026. Fees for copying public records, limitations — fee money remitted to whom — tax, license or fee as used in Missouri Constitution Article X section 22 not to include copying fees.
1. Except as otherwise provided by law, each public governmental body shall provide access to and, upon request, furnish copies of public records subject to the following:
(1) Fees for copying public records, except those records restricted under section 32.091, RSMo, shall not exceed ten cents per page for a paper copy not larger than nine by fourteen inches, with the hourly fee for duplicating time not to exceed the average hourly rate of pay for clerical staff of the public governmental body. Research time required for fulfilling records requests may be charged at the actual cost of research time. Based on the scope of the request, the public governmental body shall produce the copies using employees of the body that result in the lowest amount of charges for search, research, and duplication time. Prior to producing copies of the requested records, the person requesting the records may request the public governmental body to provide an estimate of the cost to the person requesting the records. Documents may be furnished without charge or at a reduced charge when the public governmental body determines that waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the public governmental body and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester;
(2) Fees for providing access to public records maintained on computer facilities, recording tapes or disks, videotapes or films, pictures, maps, slides, graphics, illustrations or similar audio or visual items or devices, and for paper copies larger than nine by fourteen inches shall include only the cost of copies, staff time, which shall not exceed the average hourly rate of pay for staff of the public governmental body required for making copies and programming, if necessary, and the cost of the disk, tape, or other medium used for the duplication. Fees for maps, blueprints, or plats that require special expertise to duplicate may include the actual rate of compensation for the trained personnel required to duplicate such maps, blueprints, or plats. If programming is required beyond the customary and usual level to comply with a request for records or information, the fees for compliance may include the actual costs of such programming.
2. Payment of such copying fees may be requested prior to the making of copies.
3. Except as otherwise provided by law, each public governmental body of the state shall remit all moneys received by or for it from fees charged pursuant to this section to the director of revenue for deposit to the general revenue fund of the state.
4. Except as otherwise provided by law, each public governmental body of a political subdivision of the state shall remit all moneys received by it or for it from fees charged pursuant to sections 610.010 to 610.028 to the appropriate fiscal officer of such political subdivision for deposit to the governmental body's accounts.
5. The term “tax, license or fees” as used in section 22 of Article X of the Constitution of the state of Missouri does not include copying charges and related fees that do not exceed the level necessary to pay or to continue to pay the costs for providing a service, program, or activity which was in existence on November 4, 1980, or which was approved by a vote of the people subsequent to November 4, 1980.


610.029. Governmental agencies to provide information by electronic services, electronic services defined — division of data processing may be consulted.
610.029. Governmental agencies to provide information by electronic services, electronic services defined — division of data processing may be consulted.
1. A public governmental body keeping its records in an electronic format is strongly encouraged to provide access to its public records to members of the public in an electronic format. A public governmental body is strongly encouraged to make information available in useable electronic formats to the greatest extent feasible. A public governmental body may not enter into a contract for the creation or maintenance of a public records database if that contract impairs the ability of the public to inspect or copy the public records of that agency, including public records that are on-line or stored in an electronic recordkeeping system used by the agency. Such contract may not allow any impediment that as a practical matter makes it more difficult for the public to inspect or copy the records than to inspect or copy the public governmental body's records. For purposes of this section, a useable electronic format shall allow, at a minimum, viewing and printing of records. However, if the public governmental body keeps a record on a system capable of allowing the copying of electronic documents into other electronic documents, the public governmental body shall provide data to the public in such electronic format, if requested. The activities authorized pursuant to this section may not take priority over the primary responsibilities of a public governmental body. For purposes of this section the term “electronic services” means on-line access or access via other electronic means to an electronic file or data base. This subsection shall not apply to contracts initially entered into before August 28, 2004.
2. Public governmental bodies shall include in a contract for electronic services provisions that:
(1) Protect the security and integrity of the information system of the public governmental body and of information systems that are shared by public governmental bodies; and
(2) Limit the liability of the public governmental body providing the services.
3. Each public governmental body may consult with the division of data processing and telecommunications of the office of administration to develop the electronic services offered by the public governmental body to the public pursuant to this section.


A tax funded entity in Branson is spending public funds to limit free speech on the Internet. In fact; they're spending nearly $400,000 to do it.

Since they hate me so much; they haven't asked for my advice - instead they've issued a hate campaign to silence my voice. Due to the comment spam, I'm going to publish the message sent by Lynn Berry communications paid for by Branson taxpayers:

Dear Ones,

As many of you may know, there is a Branson blog out there in cyberspace (http://www.bransonmissouri.blogspot.com/)

that is troublesome. If you read even a few paragraphs of the content, it will be evident that this blog, in its present state, is clearly harmful to the citizens of Branson; unfortunately, when you “Google” Branson, Missouri, it shows up on the very first page.

In order to get the attention of search engine administrators, there must be a hue and cry over the inappropriate content of this site. Attached are instructions to allow each of us to voice our opposition to allowing this site to continue to appear online.

If you should have any questions, please give me a call.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter,

Lynn Berry
Director of Public Relations
Branson/Lakes Area CVB

PO Box 1897
Branson, MO 65615
office -- 417-334-4084 ext. 337
cell -- 417-527-5670

Ms. Berry,
I'm speaking to a different generation and though you feel the content on my site is not suited to your taste and you feel it is important to take taxpayer money to "censor" me.

I find your organization - simply ungodly. Consider the prophet Isiah when he says, "A dirty rag". This means a dirty tampon - such as the one an anonymous commenter says was stuck in my door.

I find the actions of your organization filthy, consistently breaking laws, pilfering tax-dollars for private use, greedy, selfish, destructive, harmful and costly to the Branson Economy.

Sadly, many of you do this in the name of God.

I may say the "a word", "b word", "hijklmnop" word to get my point across. but the harm you do causes extensive suffering to the most vulnerable people in the community. In fact, I see your organization as little more than a money-laundering operation - I think wise judges will too.

Now, if you want to come up with a proposal - perhaps an open vote on what the community thinks it needs - perhaps it's time to do this with integrity - (look it up).

Quite franly, you're not very good at your job. I have accrued the attention of millions of users. Hate group? Isn't this a better description of the people surrounding you?

I'm about truth and love. Perhaps, you think women in government deserve special privileges. Let's test this. If we gave Hitler a sex change operation - would his censorship be more appealing - his actions less damaging?

Your message is posted; now please stop before someone with more advertising, public relations and marketing experience does something to really embarrass you - and by that I mean - me - producing corpus delicti - to prove many of your "decision makers" belong in jail.

Wish you would wake up,
Darin Patrick Codon
"Man who refuses to worship the Bird"

In Memory of Bob Finical

Bob Finical was one of the nicest, most generous and loving men I've ever met. Having been accused of a haneous crime he was tried in the court of public affairs and committed suicide after trying to reach everyone he knew - a last cry for help - perhaps someone to say, "Hey Bob - I love you - your worth a tiny bit more than crap". Bob needed a guy like Bob but couldn't find him.

As far as memory serves me correctly the crime Bob was accused of involved a minor - we think of this category of crime in the worst light - and it is - however; there are different degrees. From what I can gather - there is a graze (perhaps accidental) different from a sickness which we in society need to "allow people to put themselves to sleep for". Let me put it this way. Socrates was accused of "corrupting the youth"; perhaps this was physical and perhaps the jury was a group of children. Because Bob died - the file is closed, but, KSPR reported the category of crime by its legal name and cited Bob's response to the accusation as "I don't remember, I was drunk".

Bob faced a sincere battle with alcoholism. The other night, I went to Waxy O Sheas and met a group of 20 people outside the Bar after closing. They were outraged to learn that a single mother was forced to pay $45,000 for destroying city Christmas lights - something the town fathers - for some reason - can't seem to be outraged about. What I'm gathering - a theory - is that people who suffer from alcoholism - some - have a hard time dealing with the cruelty of the world and our inability to love one another. In the purest sense, Bob truly knew how to love his brothers. Perhaps; there are people out there who don't understand how to hate enough to function well without alcohol in mainstream society. Perhaps; they lack the wisdom to share what God has for his children - fighting to create a happier world.

Sometimes, a reporter is a very lonely and hard existence. Luckily I can cloak sins behind my priesthood - I try to give people the opportunity to fix things before I let the public know what is happening on the street. On some days I get yelled at my multiple people while I'm walking down the street for failing to make people aware of happenings I'm not aware of.

I'm not God; I just work for him. I hope I can be a good employee. Usually, I fall short.

People who don't know me fear me and I hate it. Sometimes, often, I walk into a room and men of stature shudder in fear - their hearts convicted with their own shortcomings - afraid of what I symbolize - truth. In fact, I've been warned that as we speak their are men plotting my death. Do I fear? No. I know love; I have no fear. If they're successful; I will get to meet my father - no longer having to tread through the valley of death. I guess you could say I am the Obi-1-Kanobi of journalism. Truth is - I search mens hearts.

Bob had one of the greatest hearts I've ever witnessed. He always made me feel loved. He always came across the room to give me a hug, he always had time to sit in his office with me for as long as I needed to talk about whatever I saw was important. In fact, everyone that knew him loved him.

If nothing else, know this, Mr. Finical loved his children with all his heart - more than any man I've known. Leave Bob to control the conversation and he'd talk about his children for hours - I've listened to him do this until the sun rose.

Being without them for just a day made him ache - real pain. While the accusation was on the table he didn't get to see his kids. This was a thousand deaths for him.

Mother Teresa said, "No poverty in the world is as great as feeling unloved". She also saw America as the most impoverished country in the world. Eric Farris made a statement to me when he was making a bid for Branson Alderman, "We're suffering from a deficit of kindness". Hmmm....

There was a way about Bob - he always considered those left out - he made people feel important. He challenged authority everywhere and humored the judges of the 38th Circuit with 17th Century common law.

He traveled the world with many popular rock bands and even once setup a casino in an African Country run by a dictator. Though Communism and fascist Regimes number many in the world, Bob helped me understand something that I never considered.

We often think about the right to vote as a choice many people in the world don't have but Bob helped me understand something - What if you didn't vote? Bob said someone would come to your house to find out why you didn't cast a ballot.

By the time I got around to research Bob's case; I found out something that broke my heart. Bob would have never been convicted. This isn't to say the accusation was true or false but rather the standards of the American legal system wouldn't have provided the grounds for a guilty verdict. Bob would have been found innocent but his honor was permanently damaged - Bob couldn't live with that.

I don't want to take anything away from the experience of the accuser, and wouldn't give away the name - this person shouldn't be blamed. On behalf of Bob; whatever he did - I'm so sorry. If there is anything I can do to right his wrong - it would be my honor and priveldge.

To Bob Finical's children - your father was a great man - who loved you very much. Even in death he thought of you - prepared a path so you could have a good life. Your father is with his father-in-heaven. To the Finical children - Don't think for a moment he isn't looking after you. He loved God and he prayed for you always. If there is anything I can do for you - tell me - because I would love to do the great things your father did for people without any effort at all.

In a sense, we all killed Bob. My part was by accident. A still small voice told me to call him; but, I was afraid he wouldn't have wanted to hear from me. Sometimes - a reporter is the last guy you want to hear from. I didn't call him out of respect thinking his phone was buzzing off the hook. It kills me inside to think - I could've been that one guy to say - Hey Bob - I love you.

We all have moments we want to die though nobody ever admits this. I wish Bob wasn't successful at it but I know I'll see him one day again and hear that laugh that could kill the sadest part of my heart. Bob - dude - you've brought me so much joy by just being a friendly guy.

If we can, If Bob ever did anything nice for you - perhaps you could let his kids know one day - that they have a father who wants them to know - they still have one in heaven.

I've been meditating on this Psalm #68 - and think it relates to the "Christmas Light Girl" too:

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in his holy habitation.

If you feel prompted; call someone today who has been kind to you - who you haven't told you love in a while - you could accidentally save someone's life.

(If someone has a picture - email it to me for after post editing)

Mayor Raeanne Presley - Dispatch from Kansas City Missouri

To Ms. Raeanne Presley Mayor of Branson,

Greetings. I believe there are a few things you should be aware of. The first is that there have been numerous violations of the Missouri Constitution through actions of the city you lead.

By law, you are personally responsible.

Yesterday, I visited the law firm Lathrop and Gage. At first they shunned me; however, with the knowledge that I'm the principal of an Evil Corporation© they are considering my case.

I don't think you're a bad person. In fact, I believe there are two kinds of people - Presley People and Baldknobber People. I consider myself a Presley Person and find your family to be a cumulation of some of the most beautiful people in Branson.

Regardless of my love of your family; I have a family of my own. Your actions, though unintentional have resulted in great financial damage to me personally and - I believe - will drive the city into bankruptcy.

The shift in government models which you have made has turned from a representative to a "facist" model. Branson cannot afford this.

I believe that you need to serve in a government capacity at a different level in order to bring honor and blessings to us. In other words - you need to be working with bodies demanding committee style leadership.

As a result, I would like to assist you in accruing a position at the Federal Level. Please consider the impact of your actions and the responsibilities I have. Pray about this - please.

Darin Codon
"Future Liquor Czar of Branson"

Elected in April 2007, Raeanne Presley is serving her first term as Branson's mayor. She is co-owner of Presley's Country Jubilee Theater, which was the first music theater to open on the world famous Highway 76 "strip".

Ms. Presley has over 30 years experience in the travel industry and is the immediate past chairman of the Missouri Tourism Commission. She is active in the Branson community having served on the Branson Board of Aldermen, on the Skaggs Community Health Center Board of Directors, the Springfield/Branson Airport Board and numerous other civic boards.
She and her husband Steve have three children who work and perform at the Presley theater.

Defamation of Character Suit Likely

Attention Attorney Eric Farris:

By vote, besides "chicks in bikinis" you are the most popular topic of conversation. I believe you owe me $10,000 which I will take in trade.

Please respond as soon as you see fit.

Best Regards,
Darin Codon
"Future Liquor Czar of Branson"

You are far more popular a topic than Chicks in Bikinis.

An anonymous commenter suggested your assistance in negotiation of y0ur father-in-laws property did not occur while you were serving as a member of the Branson Board of Alderman, please advise. Use open ID to verify your comment.

Message from Rabbi David Bess

ד"ש מישראל. אני יכול לראות יש לך משפטים ושאתה נתת את האויבים שלך הזדמנות לעשות שלום. טוב.
אתה נוצרים גם כן סולחים לשכוח את החשיבות של לחיות חיים טובים ועושים נכונים על ידי אנשים מתמקדים תמיד על ההקרבה הגדולה ישו. החוק הוא החוק, אם אתם אויבים לא יכולים לציית לחוק הם חייבים להיות נלקחים ודנו על
ידי החוק. אתה חייב להחזיק להם אחראי. עיר לא יכולה לעמוד עם מנהיג רשע

Branson Police Department Plot Against "Outlaw" Blogger

The corrupt and indignnant Branson Police Department is refusing to send a copy of a false report filed by "wannabe" city leader Peter Tsacharidis.

The rediculous report filed by the "so called Democrat" came in the wake of a street debate where Tsacharidis had his feelings hurt. Tsacharidis was asked to repay the debt owed for completing a web site which only 125 dollars has been paid for:

Here is the correspondence from the Branson Police:

Sunshine Request:

This is Darin Codon. Please FAX to 800-520-0852 the police report filed by Peter
Tsacharidis regarding my "Trespasses Against Him".

The report was
filed last week. Send my thanks to Mr. McCollough for fullfilling my sunsine
Here is the reponse from the Police Department

A copy of the incident report that you have requested is in our files.
However, we do require that a copy charge of $4.00 and a self-addressed stamped
envelope be sent to this department before we can forward the report to
you. If paying by check please include your driver’s license number and
state of issuance on the check.

Thank you for your
cooperation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
me at (417) 337-8532.

Yo - T - Got This - take a picture of this docunment for me - they're going to love this in Jefferson City. Go to the police station and get the report. Freakin' comedy!

This report is hilarious. It includes references to Branson.Con Scandal Fiscal Beneficiary/Reporter Gary Groman, "Defender of Child Molesters" Attorney Eric Farris and Farris's father-in-law who made out with a huge sum of money when Farris fed him inside information on the land purchases relating to the Branson Landing. Farris was a Branson City Alderman at the time.

It feels good to have a clear conscience. I thank God I'm not a descendent of Greek Child Molesters like Socrates. They make great food though! Yummy....

This is a day of forgiveness. Anyone who has trespassed upon me can fax an apology that will be published 1-800-520-0852. You can avoid injunctive relief by being an honest person today. God loves you - everyone else thinks........

Branson Blogger Remains Refugee in Kansas City - Day 2


I'd like to send out very special thanks to Liberal Blogger Blue Girl, Red State. Often, the left winged blogger has a potty mouth so we don't often link to her. She truly feels the pain of soldiers in Iraq and her website is a great place to make direct contact with American Soldiers serving the United States of America as military operatives in the desert of Iraq and Afghanistan. Her internalization of the pain forces her to shout out using less than "civil" language - in other words - she's pretty pissed off most of the time.
As for me, I try to voice both sides of the story whether or not I find an opinion repulsive. Unfortunately, my knowledge of what is happening on the ground in the War on Terrorism in the Middle East is minute compared to hers. Ms. Blue Girl - thanks for having a conscience - may the God of Abraham bless you - may your work lead to greater justice in the world - I pray for blessings and peace to rest upon you.

Having left captivity through the work of Democratic Political Candidate Peter Tsacharidis who conspired with Branson Chief of Police Captain Carroll McCollough to limit free speech for five days on the Branson Edge News Draft Website ( the one you're looking at now) , I hitched a ride to Kansas City, Missouri with one penny in my pocket as documented yesterday.

Nearly a decade ago, I worked on the production of an Internet Television Show with Tom Ptacek who owns the a coffeehouse and theater in the Westport District midtown Kansas City. It's good to be among friends. Last night I was offered shelter by a computer systems analyst by the name of Hewitt Gordon.

Gordon knows nothing of my situation but - without hesitating - offered me a place to sleep in the Plaza district of Downtown KCMO after learning I had no place to rest. Attempts to have funds wired from Branson, Missouri were a failure yesterday - but - hopefully - today - I'll have enough money to purchase a digital camera, hotel room, temporary cell phone, food and clothing. Apparently God is with me - thank you Hewitt Gordon and thank you God for provisions.

Today I feel like Moses trusting that God will provide "Mana" in the way my Hebrew ancestors were provided for. Jackson County has some very serious connotations for my Mormon Ancestors (betcha didn't know I had some of them) who were brutally murdered for voting in this county over a hundred years ago. It wasn't until the 1980's that the "Mormon Extermination Order" issued by Missouri Governor Boggs was rescinded. Missouri Governor Kit Bond, before he served in the Senate issued an apology for the slaughter of "Mormon Saints". Many belive the whole ordeal was over the fact Mormon men have a way of "hooking up the honeys". As for me - I'm a new school Baptist of the Ted Cunningham variety - just better looking than most.

Later today a message will be posted from Rabbi David Bess. Unfortunately, due to the illegal detainment of Blogger Darin Codon (me) I wasn't able to send his blessings out last week.

Lynn Berry of the Branson Chamber of Commerce - former resident of Eureka Springs Arkansas used tax-funded resources to issue instructions on how to "Get Google to Censor" this blogs content. The humiliating e-mail embarrased family members of mine and severely hurt my feelings as a Christian and American as well as a citizen of the city-state of Branson, Missouri which I love.

Ms. Berry - please consider the repurcussions of your actions and what American Patriots fought for in terms of free speech.

In response to Ms. Berry, an editor of this blog pulled several posts - to those that took time to share thier thoughts I sincerely apologize - the posts have been preserved and will be republished - somewhere in cyberspace.

For those curious - as a tech-guru - I have studied the algorhithyms of Google for over a decade and have served as a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. The massive web presence I enjoy is the fruits of extensive labor. It isn't unusual for me to spend 16 hours a day ensuring the voiceless have a voice and the dialogue of democracy remains alive and well in Branson, Missourl.

Members of the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Branson at large have access to a number of resources free-of-charge; however, I no longer have time to spend hundreds of hours doing this free of charge if I'm going to be stolen from without credit. To the gentlemen from Harrison hired to do Web Development work by the Branson Chamber of Commerce last week for $40,000 - I have no animosity towards you and hope your hard work benefits the city. For a consulting fee - if you get in a jam - I'd be happy to help.

Town Fathers - Please help me collect my debts so that I may look respectable as I represent Branson in Kansas City, Mo. I really need your help right now. If nothing else - your prayers mean everything to me. Thank you - I trust and believe in you. I am not afraid.

The 800 Number - 800-520-0852 is open - the phone number is always on the side bar and can be used to send Faxes and Voice Messages. Unfortunately, I might not be able to call back right away as I currently lack a phone - hopefully, this will change today.

I want to remind the citizens of Branson that there is a single mother who is being forced to pay 40,000 for the destruction of the Christmas Lights many years ago. She has a child who has probably never had a real Christmas and it really breaks my heart. If anyone is willing to match funds I will be happy to raise $20,000.

Waxy O' Sheas at the Branson Landing has given me permission to collect donations - apparently drunk people find the treatment of this single mother by the Branson Chamber of Commerce repulsive - I only hope that Christians will learn to be so generous (I say this in love). I really think we need to consider buying this young lady a house. For those who haven't been paying attention, the single mother, whose name I'm looking for, had very little role in the destruction of Branson's Tax Funded "Baby Jesus Lights".

I believe we're better than this and will not lose hope that we can rectify the situation and treatment of this young lady.

Last week I completed an identification system for Branson that ensures "Sex Offenders" aren't serving alcohol through Branson establishments. The cost of the identification system is 50 cents per ID and takes approx. 45 seconds to verify. Wow! More on this later.....

It looks like another beautiful day in Kansas City. God Bless All of Us.

Branson Man in Kansas City
Darin Codon
Future Candidate for Branson Liquor Czar

New Taney County Jail Will Not Help Inmates - Opinion/Editorial by Terese Bertini

The new jail opening will not help the inmates. They will be moving sick inmates to the new jail. Some of those inmates have Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA a
type of Staph Infection. Anyone can look this up on google. It took 8 days to get medical treatment. My son asked for medical emergency, it took 8 days to be seen by a Doctor, The LPN can't diagnose this it needs to be tested. So for those eight days he has pus and blood running down his leg contaminating everyone and everything. The nurse wouldn't even give him a bandage. After he got to see a doctor the doctor had to perform minor
surgery to cut out the infected area. Now while all this is going on I (his mother ) am 4000 miles away and my only contact is via collect phone calls. He showed the area to others and they told him it looked like a spider bite (Brown Recluse) so now I'm getting worried. I contacted the Jail and told them that they might have a spider problem( that took 14 days to get the jail sprayed) and yes there are Brown Recluse in the jail as my son killed one and has had a picture of it sent to me. I call numerous times to the Correctional Officers, the nurse and to Jimmie Russell checking on my son's health, the nurse assured me that she changed his bandage every day. Well that couldn't happen as she was off on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday of every week. The bandage was supposed to be changed by the CO's if he could get one to do it if not he would try to get a bandage and have another inmate
change it as it was in a place he couldn't reach. It took 17 days for him to have follow up care from a doctor and to get the report that it wasn't a Brown Recluse bite but MRSA. I didn't ask for special treatment just decent medical humane treatment. Now there are those left behind with MRSA that will spread it to the new Jail. This is deplorable treatment of
inmates. Our dogs in Alaska get better medical treatment that my son did at Taney County Jail.

Terese Bertini
Contract Specialist
Work 907-271-4542
Fax 907-271-4595
email: mbertini@blm.gov


I believe.

I believe Branson can be a city on a hill.

I believe.

I believe we can admit our silliness and forgive our neighbors greatest wrongs.

I believe.

I believe we can take better care of the poor in Branson.

I believe.

I believe we can be a more prosperous city by inviting all kinds of people to Branson.

I believe.

I believe Branson is one of the most amazing cities on the planet.

I believe.

I believe we can start being honest with one another.

I believe.

I believe God wants us to set an example to the world.

I believe.

I believe Branson can have an economy where refugees can fill our employment gaps.

I believe.

I believe there is enough wealth to go around.

I believe.

I believe that we can discuss anything in the town square and share a common love for democracy.

I believe.

I believe we can learn to forgive.

I believe.

I believe that free speech is a fundamental component to creating a better community.

I believe.

I believe we need to change some of the things we're doing to each other.

I believe.

I believe we can take care of the fatherless and the widow and have an abundance left over.

I belive.

I believe the almighty will bless us if we do.

I believe.

I believe we can love one another more than we are now.

I believe, I belive, I believe

I believe it's time.

Branson Missouri Blogger - Door Kicked In - Apartment Robbed?

Anyone with information regarding the illegal entry to the home of Darin Codon in Downtown Branson please contact the Taney County Prosecutor's Office.

Your information will be kept confidential

Taney County Prosecuting Attorney
P.O. Box 849
Forsyth, Missouri 65653


If you have an emergency always call 911.
Phone: (417) 546-7260
Fax: (417) 546-2376

Kansas City Coffeehouses

Attention: Kansas City Bloggers

Any Bloggers in Kansas City who would like to learn more about accessing their local government and/or your rights as a citizen under the Sunshine Law drop a line and I'll set up a time for us to meet.

Charge: $1.00
Hot Chicks Free

Branson Missouri Blogger takes Refuge in Kansas City

Last Friday August 15th, 2008 at approx. 10:15 Branson Army General / Police Force Leader Carrol McCollough issued a warning that if I, Darin Patrick Codon, dared enter city hall that I would be detained on a 92 hour hold. As a result, I began a digital filabuster. McCollough was promised that I would not enter city hall for 7 days. Unfortunately, the Branson Chief of Police didn't like the content of my blog and had me detained for evaluation in Vernon County Missouri.
I was approached while speaking to a youngster about God - apparently an illegal action under the Dictatorial Rule of Reanne Presley, who has been illegally pilfering city funds for her own political gain. She's been able to do this due to an irresponsible and bribed press who have acted hatefully, with ego and general disregard for the welfare of the citizens of Branson. Her method of draining the city coffers has been through "facism" - setting up commitees which send money to her friends who support her political platform and business enterprises. These include millions laundered to a newly "reformed" health department, Branson Chamber of Commerce and has plans to coninue money laundering operations.
At 3:30 AM this morning, I, Darin Patrick Codon - a man with great courage - blessed by the Lord Almighty - good looking - loving - and a bunch of other nice things I don't have space to print - was released from the custody of the Doctor whom was responsible for my evaluation. Due to great cunning and strategy - listening to the still small voice that each of us has access to - I was able to escape the hospital unharmed and quickly hitched a ride to Kansas City, Missouri where I'm currently typing this post.

Thank you for all your prayers.

I haven't time to read all of your messages but ask that - if possible - you use the open id method of commenting. I realize many of you are afraid of retaliation - so - I don't mind if you feel the need to comment anonymously. Big balls is a metaphor for courage and large "member" a metaphor for power. In this particular case - the blog mentions - both are true, (Ask Heather Turner)

Media - All press has permission to reprint. Bloggers can use 25% of any post as long as the title is different and a link is included. These rules apply until further notice.

Waxy O Sheas Declares Free Speech Zone in Fascist State of Bird

Alderman Sandra Williams should stay out of Branson City Hall. Gary Groman and Sandra Williams plot against citizens cost taxpayers millions

Fake Journalist,
Darin Codon

Missouri Highway Patrol - Matt Blunt Issues Executive Order -

Branson Police Department Stand Down - Missouri Will Investigate

Man With Biggest Balls Says,

Ahh, so what.

God is Good. Loves too much maybe, I donno, I don't try to correct him.

I am a man, I am a priest, I am blessed.

Rabbi Darin Codon says, God Loves You

***Please Use Ted Cunninghams Name in Vain today:

If your children fart laugh out loud say "He just Ted Cunningham!"

God Is Justice - God Wants Joy For His Children

Men of Love Say,

38th Judicial Circuit Asked to Charge Ron Davis for Involuntary Mansluaghter

Man commits suicide due to typo.

Life ruined.

Mom restrains kids from father.

Man calls everywhere.

Innocent man sees life as ruined, no hope, no love

Bob Finical Takes Life

If you feel prompted call someone that needs someone to talk to.

Rabbi Darin Codon Says:
"Be A Friend"

God Blesses All Of You.

Give Thanks and Kosher Hot Dogs At Branson Landing Kiosk


Tony Kansas City Editor Challenged to Debate in Branson Town Square

Skaggs Hospital - Experimenting On Human Beings

A representative of Skaggs hospital neither confirmed or denied reports that children were being experimented on at the hospital.

An anonymous source said, "we were experimenting for the good of science."

Council of Baby Killers (Abortionists) with MD Degrees said, "We use to not get away with this stuff!". Thank heavens Presely is Mayor!

Long Live Presley


A critique of medical science and the merger of Branson's political interests and those on the board of directors at Skaggs Medical Center.

No organization in the Branson area is sued more often for wrongful death (murder). No one would disagree that Branson needs a regional medical center but many question what organization should be managing such a facility. Missouri's Online Court Filing System shows nearly 300 actions still on file through the Taney County Circuit (38th).

On the international level, many have argued against the use of data obtained by medical experiments conducted by Germany during World War II.

Branson.com - Official Website of Money-Laundering Operation

Branson Chamber of Commerce Must Merge With City of Branson

Gary Groman plans to Open Gay Loveshack in Hollister MO

Philosopher-King Matt Threatens to seduce Kings Daughter - Integrity of Woman Is Not Questioned

How much do you love your community?

First Liar Loses

Jeremiah Froyland is an expert in stealing using unfair business practices lawsuit likely

In response to the E-mail's about Little Milton - not to my face

If you hate God - Give to the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Presley Money Laundering Foundation

Boycott Presley Theater Tickets - Stop Branson Chamber of Commerce Money Laundering Operation

Mike Radford Boycotts Reading Branson Blogger - Darin Codon Laughs says "Good"

Innocent Child with No Daddy Asked to Suffer for Branson Chamber of Commerce

Presley Sends MIllions To Friends - Taxpayers Uninformed

Darin Codon Boycotts Branson City Hall Temple to False God - 3rd Day

Love Down 89% - Branson Economy Goes Down Tubes

KRZK Takes Credit For Darin Codon's Work - Delay's Payment

Darin Codon's Bastard Child Starved by Taney County Times

Gary Groman Follows Presley Decree to Slander Huffman

Skaggs Community Hospital Murders Hundreds No One Cares

Branson Police Chief Plans Large Jail at Will of Ms. Reanne Preslsey

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presely who censored the following cartoon at Branson Government's Last City Council Meeting has allowed General Carroll McCollough to restrain journalists who attempt to take photos of a work session on the second floor of Branson City Hall.

Last Week, Darin Codon decided to take a photo of the work session when McCullough ordered his right hand man to call an officer. The officer's job was to "warn" Darin he was trespassing.

Without getting into deep political ideology - there is only one rule - the world belongs to God.

In the beggining there was Adam. God must have loved him because he built something whose beauty was so far beyond anything else that he would follow her even to death. Eve wasn't like Adam. First off, the world was given to adam not to Eve.
Eve was so beautiful Adam couldn't resist the temptation of her. Though God loved him, her beauty was enough to seduce him into disobeying God.
Wow....yeah. This is no trivial thing. Few people on this planet know God. If you did, you wouldn't think for one second that loving justice is a crime (pssst. It isn't)

Darin Codon Thanks Eastern Taney County Monarchs "The Combs Family For Soap"


Bradleyville: Combs Matriarch says Darin Codon stinks.

Darin responded, "Where the hell is Leon Combs?", he paid for this site to be built.

Dispatch To John Logan

Dear John Logan,

Thank you for hearing the call of the poor. Will you please draw a comic of me at the Chicago Dogs Hot Dog Stand smoking a Blunt with Snoop Doggie Dog.

Make it me crying (in a funny way - real dramatic - bawling)

Actually, Change that - Make it Hebrew National Hot Dogs

Make it a great day.

Ohhh Ohhhh Even Better - Make it the "Wandering Jew Hot Dog Stand At Branson Landing"

I love you John
Darin Codon

Christian County Not So Christian

Holier than thou blogger Darin Codon threatens Donna Osbourn of the "Christian County Headliner" if the exhoneration of the Taney County Commission is not published in the paper.

Osbourn has been trying to hijack the "Super Duper Wicked Pretend Christian County Commission" for year unsuccessfully.

Priest Darin Codon of Branson said, "What a dumb broad - she needs to read more of the Ole Seagull"

Osbourn fell out of her chair laughing.

Citizens are dumbfounded. Everyone afraid to comment.

Rick Huffman Endorses Darin Codon for Liqour Czar

King Herod and Apostate Priests Vs. Jesus
The circumstances that led to this post are some I'll never forget. It was a humorous protest of events that are mostly unmarked in Branson's history.

The devastating economic impact of these events remain today as Branson's leadership transitioned from a focus on stimulating economic development to a privatized form of government. The shift is barely noticeable by Branson's journalism community as most have moved on to other jobs and positions. 

To properly understand Branson's transition it is important to understand some of our history. The history is rapidly being rewritten as the spoils of war belong to the victor.

Diversity of Branson's offering was a main focus of city leadership prior to a coup which took many years to achieve. Branson's most liberal publication, the Branson Independent, was key  in stirring the pot and assisting political overthrow.

A notable player was out current Mayor Raeanne Presley with both  political and financial aspirations. The methods of overthrow were largely subversive. Presley's main ally was a clerk by the name of Sandra Williams. Essentially, Williams, an employee of the city, served as a leak and conversely those working on creating economic development utilized the unholy alliance to misinform Presley and thwart plans to undermine growth. City leaders leaked false data to Williams in order to ensure economic growth continued.

Poverty benefits some and in a tourism town keeping a large crop of low-paid workers keeps profits high. There is a famous campaign line and telling incentive on why the Branson Landing and Branson Hills were so vigilantly opposed. Presley said, "I don't want to have to pay parking attendants 10 dollars an hour". Poverty benefits those who need desperate souls to increase profit. New development and economic growth are no friends of Presley who had a plan and pocket of her own to line. Hundreds of new higher paying jobs were of no self gain.

Diversifying  Tourism:
Senior citizens and even families have come to Branson in large numbers over the past 50 years. The waning population of seniors (they eventually pass to the next life) and offering geared towards a generation past inspired city leadership to diversify.

While Branson is 100 this year, tourism's leading hand is only half as old. Diversifying the economy meant opening new markets. Conventions provided the new avenue; but how to fund and where to place a new convention center was in question.  A $50 million dollar favor struck with Missouri's Governor and brokered by Rick Huffman sealed the deal. Alluding many Branson residents if the fact $50 million in funding for the Branson Convention Center comes from the state of Missouri, not local taxes.

While diversification and economic growth benefits a majority there were conflicting views. Mainly, Presley and a few "friends" figured they ought to be the primary beneficiaries. A small group were privy to the Convention Center plan and opted to line their pockets by purchasing land near their selected location. Presley opted for a mall of America to be built - you guessed it - on her family's land.

When logistics forced a competing location for Branson's Convention Center, the self-centered entrepreneurs lost their fiscal footing  Later they would have their revenge.

Christianity or Corrupt Insanity
Considering the behavior of parties involved it's hard to find an innocent hand. And though Presley's plan was ultimately rejected; after an unsuccessful bid for mayor,  Presley gained footing as her ballot competitor was marked for a failure to pay all of his taxes.

After winning without competition, Presley managed to fire every department head, except two. Those who assisted (as their job description entails) were punished with unemployment. Unironically (new word) those who assisted with "finding" the tax deficiency have have had no less than five pay raises since Presley's tenure.

At the time the original post was made, the budget line item for "Mayor and Board", Presley's budget was amped by millions mostly draining Branson's reserves (once at $13 million). A private attorney from Kansas City was hired under unique contract conditions to limit the autonomy of the Branson Landing. The Branson Landing's purpose was to create revenue to fund the Convention Center. And while the Branson Landing is wildly successful, yielding over $100,000,000 in sales annually our mayor sees it as raising wages and competing against the family business.

Public records show nothing of Christianity but rather Athena consulting as Presley's conduit to power. An organization called the League of Theaters was utilized to sue the city of Branson and place restraints at the capital against the efforts of Branson's civil leadership. The lobbying organization was owned by Democratic powerhouse Kathleen Steele Danner, the current head of
Missouri's Department of Tourism.

Though the public record shows Presley's affiliation with pagan notation, undermining Branson's economy from within and turning back the clock required a religious taint. Over $75,000 was spent on legal fees to limit alcohol within city limits , injecting methods the hired attorney himself advised would not curb alcohol use. In contrast, Presley currently serves on the Board of a celebrated organization called "Jesus Was Homless". Many fear the anti-development stance is creating more "homeless"; which is not exactly the way a common preacher might want one to act like Christ.

Press Perverted
Prior to Presley Branson was known for it's great democratic debate but the process, adherence to law and even maintaining a notion of an independent press has disappeared. And old-school KY3 reporter was at the helm during the transition and often noted the perversion of Presley in relation to the press.

Though great debate was occurring it wasn't truly a watchdog press but rather members participation that enabled the rise of economically restrictive laws. Notably is Gary Groman who coined the term "Czar". The watchdog style reporting ceased. It's been very clear that there was active participation ensuring political victory.

The greatest deception was Presley's promise to enact open government. One policy forced all documentation to be displayed with public printouts. These have been abandoned completely as has our watchdog press. In fact, Presley stroke a deal with Ky3 giving a local television station to the Mayor herself .  We are perhaps the only city in America with a mayor owning a television station. It is of little mystery why little fact is published regarding the cities finances and mayor's frequent trips around the country financed by a population of 7,000 continue unnoticed.

Hiring new blood loyal to the mayor herself, changing laws that limit press access, and spending millions of city money with a friends and family plan of management has allowed this trend to continue. This posting was the start of a great perversion of local political power and one that continues today.

*Branson has no position called Liquor Czar . At the time this article was published there was a proposal to create a city office to regulate liquor. Since new liquor policies were put in place drunk driving citation have dramatically increased.

**Rick Huffman has never endorsed anyone for liqour czar.

Darin Codon Prepares Debate For Debate with Gary Groman

In my profession, the first four are the only ones we really need to keep. Because we live in a free society, the other six are enforced by man.
Because the last six are by man, as a man, I can seek legal remedy over the actions taken by other men that cause me to do these things.
I believe I am entitled to a legal judgement from Gary Groman or Gary Groman affilliated enterprises under the law

Darin Codon directly accuses Gary Groman of the following crimes:

2. Do Not Make Any Idols - The Image of a Seagull is an Idol. (Not Punishable)
3. Do Not Misuse the Name of God (Not Punishable)
4. Keep the Sabbath Day Hoy (Not Punishable)
5. Honour your father and mother ($$$$$Darin Gets$$$$$)
8. Do Not Steal ($$$$$Darin Gets$$$$$)
9. Do Not Lie ($$$$$Darin Gets$$$$$)
10. Do no Covet (Not Punishable)

After Careful Analysis and Discovery Darin Codon finds agrees to every statement made by Gary Groman except for "Legal Solomon " Insult

The Ole Seagull Image must be slayed said Darin Codon preparing a legal slingshot in prepation of debate.

Gary Groman and the Ole Seagull

Early Saturday afternoon attorneys drafted a settlement agreement between Darin Codon and Gary Groman over the great debate in the town square over slander suit.

Darin Codon threatens to double amount if the Ole Seagull isn't willing to debate in town square.

John Logan Threatens To Redo Darin Codon's Face In Cartoon

John Logan secretly redraws Darin Codon's face in Cartoon.

(Seriously, I was suppossed to be whining) What did that guy say, that I was a big whiner? Come-on John - Did you see that thing - I love it, but Chris Bohinc said I looked like Jesus Christ in the picture - it's just not funny. It's supposed to be big tears and teeth crying not die on a cross crying....

Citizen Journalists Flock Awaiting The Arrival of Branson Netizen

Political Harrassment CZAR To Be Announced

Dan Lennon

Dan, I love ya bud, are you ok...

Anyone out there know?

Branson Judge Tom Motley

Branson Judge Tom Motley is one of the most balanced men I've ever met in my life.

Mr. Motley,

Thank you for being a good father. As you may or may not know, I've studied this town ruthlessly over the past 5 years and sought the truth regarding men's hearts as I know you have. You're kind, courteous, respectul and far humbler than I'll ever be.
Now, just so we can clear the air - I wasn't real happy about the whole reworking of the DBMA charter.
I don't know - call me a fool - but I'm a fan of democracy.

:) hahaha chuckles***

Anywho, just so you know - out here in the open - where everyone can see it - I'm not pleased with the Government of Branson these days. Unfortunately, a few city leaders think this is a reason to test the length by which they can limit my civil rights. Offended yet? No, of course not, you already know this. You'd have to being a father to the filthy actions of the children of this community.
Sir, seriously, we're in big trouble and I don't want to say it out loud because as a Priest I'm offended and I'm shocked others aren't.
These filthy rotten rich ungrateful children are almost beginning to act as bad as their parents.

I will do my best to respect these leaders that do so little to protect civil liberties. In fact, just the other day, right before I ran into you at the grocery store, I watched a man get kicked off a public parking lot while praying.

I plan to be a total prick to authority, to fight facists and most importantly to protect the fatherless. I'll be in your court to testify regularly. I read every arrest report and sometimes - crying - single mothers call me asking me what to do when their children have been unfairly treated.

The wicked in Branson plea to me. These kids come up to me because they see me disrespect their hypocrite parents. What has offended me the most in terms of civil liberties isn't even a crime. Sir, I have seen unfair treatment under the law from rich, corrupt, lawless parents and harshness to fatherless children. Isn't this sad?

I've worked as an assistant director of a youth home in Santa Monica, CA where one of my jobs was to pick kids up from the juvenile courts.

When they ask me how to win your favor, here's what I will tell them. Go above and beyond what would be asked of them for penitence before they reach your stand. I'll teach them how to ask for forgiveness for the people they have wronged. I live just a few blocks from you and a few blocks from the courthouse. Call me anytime you need a truthful answer in the courtroom. It's possible that I will petition Circuit Judge Mark Orr for the right to bring a camera into the courtroom. If I'm not mistaken, under the Missouri Supreme Court guidelines and the 38th Circuit Rules you have leverage to allow this.

I will record and post on my media intelligence site all arrests made by the Branson Police Department as I've been doing for some time, however, if a man confesses quickly and says he's sorry - I'll erase his name from the list with the word - forgiven.

I want to be a good man though I'm ruthless and losing patience with the arrogance of some of our leaders. I wish I had the patience you have for these self-centered politicians.

Respectfully Yours,
Darin Codon

Digital Filibuster

The only man that has made any sense to me this week is Ted Cunningham.

I love Ted.

In the hardest most troubling moments of my life in Branson, Missouri Ted has been there. He's

When I look at my life in Branson I cannot ignore the timeline between his and my life. Since 50,000 people will read this - few who know Ted Cunningham - Ted a pastor in Branson. He writes books and serves the most upstanding members of the community. He humbles himself in an entertaining way that people are really moved by. It's simple....joy.

Ted brings joy to the congregation and to Branson. He inspires families to be joyful, prosperous, blessed. Ted is a good reporter - a man of good report.

On the day of my first daughter's birth Ted also had his first child. The facts of our lives change drastically at this point.

Let no man argue, Ted and I have the same calling. Both Ted Cunningham and Darin Codon are called first and foremost to be ambassadors of God.

Ted's reality is far different than I for obvious reasons. So let me say this, Ted is blessed because he does the right things, Darin does not. Now - wait - hold it - we all fall short...right?

If you stopped Ted on the street, he would deny this - in fact, he's doing a series on the Ten Commandments - each week a different one.

Last week was "Thou Shall Not Kill." The reporter in me (and I'm done being a reporter for a while) finds serious flaw in his discussion of politics - which is documentabally far less than mine and gets him in trouble - he succeeded in his goal - reminding me what's important.

While I spend my days in courts, city hall, parties with governors, senators, congressman, men of law - Ted helps people love one another.

I write news - I create media - You don't need me - You need Ted.

But I'm more popular, why?

Me? I help people think about the events that are happening everywhere around them. I document, record and report. Ted listens, advises and conceals.

As an expert in Government, Law and Journalism - our lives run parrallel.

Until this last week I wrote news - Not now - I'm doing what's called a Digital Filibuster. But normally, users to this site expect to see what's happening in the community. I post thousands of photos, recordings, stories, court documents, records. Men of strength in the community read me daily - in fact - one of five in Ted Cunninghams church. (I'm also an expert on Web traffic, user behavior and analysis).

When Ted walks into a room - people smile. In fact, by the law of man - in any Judicial Circuit, Ted Cunningham has special protection to have the ability to conceal sin.

By law, as a journalist, my duty is to be a custodian of fact and report the unbiased truth to the best of my ability - thoroughly and completely through the science of documentation. Not to brag, but I'm actually very good at - too good at it perhaps.

The amount of materials we digest are biblical in size, and we have to condense, combine and reiterate the truth to the best of our ability.

Nothing in this post is true except this:


Powerful men love Ted.
Powerful men fear me.

Some of the visitors to this website are so afraid they speak anonymously. 38th Associate Circuit Court Judge Tony Williams asked me why I let people do that.

Well Tony, my job is to give voice to the voiceless. And if they need to slander, lie, hit-me, threaten me, hide while they throw rocks - GOOD.

They should be outraged.

They should be outraged because we fail to love one another. Here in Branson - one of the most awesome - greatest - peaceful - joyful - wealthiest - blessed communities on the planet we have a shortage of love.

To me, it's not only sad, it's maddening. In fact, one of the greatest joys in my lifetime was with a member of Ted's congregation - Stephen Marshall. If you think Marshall was innocent during Ted's last meeting - ask him if he's ever wanted to kill Darin Codon?

You see, while Love is the only reality I cannot report it. Think about it.

Love Stock is taking a 25% decline in Branson while tourism decreased 5% Analysts predict 45% more violence. 15% jump in fatherlessness and a record 3000% increase in fear.
I believe (In Associated Press AP Format you never write I) we're experiencing a shortage of love and it's killing me inside. It bothers me that our community doesn't see the significance of it.

You see, one child is suffering in Branson and the fact this child is suffering has everything to do with the fact that Christians aren't taking enough stock in love and too much with their wallets. Now gentlemen, perhaps this is too harsh to say Christians when the reality is something much different. The reality is - WE - all of us - have a part in this one.

Some years ago, three very troubled fatherless teens took a joyride and angrily destroyed $45,000 worth of tax-funded Christmas Decorations.


How appalling right? Maybe we should ask think. Those of us in this community lucky enough to have a father and mother that love you be greatful, be joyfull.

How about this headline:

Fathers step up to the plate, jails empty - United States Citizens in Awe of City on Hill.

And Ted - thank you for bringing my family joy. We're lucky to have you. And we're lucky to have a reason to celebrate Christmas in Branson.

Greetings Teressa!

Thank you for your kind words. After careful view of your resume, I've decided to enable the technologies you need to continue to develop your career.

You're probably the most experienced journalist in Branson and am happy to meet you. Your dedication is unmatched but your approach allows lesser men to challenge your credibility.

As a result, I'm going to help you restore that in the Journalism Community. First, if you're going to work with me, you have to give up your memebership to any organization that isn't specifically for your spiritual edification - church.

Second, you're going to have to delete your website completely. Again, I appreciate your dedication. Since people call you a liar (and you probably have lied at some point in your life) I'm offering you 30 days free training under the supervised instruction of Religious Columnist Rabbi David Bess.

Personally, I don't have the time to fully train you until you complete some basic steps. If you're willing to let go of your affilliations that affect your bias towards what you write, then you should continue a career as an activist and leave reporting to professionals.

Activism is a spiritual quest while journalism is a professional application of produces "Corpus Delecti". Bess is a priest, therefore he has the authority to speak about God in a journalistic environment. You do not, if you want to be a journalist unless it's quoting someone in an official meeting.

The joy of knowing you and that after my training is complete you'll have the opportunity to pursue a career beating Gary Groman in debate is awesome. Unfortunately, I do not have time for coffee with you as Bess is making his way from Isreal to meet me next week.

You need a mentor badly. The Christian County Headliner Editor aka "The News Muse" will share her techniques with you on "How to Properly Irritate Incompetent Government Officials"

Vonda Sheets is my friend. I love her, but, you are competition with her. Keep a business relationship, be respectful. She's currently working on documenting the history of Taney County - An awesome and worthy endeavor. She's far more experienced and connected, this is a person you want to learn from not challenge - yet.

Rabbi Bess has told me it is inappropriate for me to debate a woman. After careful consideration of his wisdom, I feel inspired to issue Raeanne Presley an apology. She's been like a mother to me.

But, if you want to train so you can harrass her instead - JOY! I'm so sick of going to these meetings and would love for someone to take my beat. Later today, I'll announce my candidacy for public office. I fear covering Branson City Council is just taking too much of my time.

Darin Codon
***Thanks for calling when no one seemed to care

Judge Tony Williams Frees Poor Woman arrested for Payday Loan Debt

An arrogant and unrepentant Judge Tony Williams showed mercy to a woman in the 38th Circuit Court yesterday accussed of writing a bad check to a "Check Cashing Facility"

Apparently, having to sit in handcuffs while Darin Codon debated a couple phony baloney attorneys who professed what great guys they are was torture enough.

The woman was sitting on a park bench alone at 6:00 after Williams went home.

Fatherless Girl Needs Attorney

1. Slander Suit - $30,000

2. Family Access - Est 20 hours

3. Corporation Creation - Interactive Media Company

4. Bankruptcy - Personally

5. Writ of Mandamus - Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and Board of Alderman

6. Sunshine Law - City of Branson

7. Name Change - Father and Daughter Desire same name

8. Equal Protection Under the Law - Appeal - Family Access Motion Denied

***No Anonymous Comments For This Posting

This post is open to attorneys in good standing with the Missouri Bar. You may openly solicit, however, this is no guarantee that you will have the opportunity of defending the defensless free of charge to show the community what a great person you are.
This is an open inquiry to attorneys that may want to discuss the matter. This is on the record. If you are an attorney (and I wouldn't reccomend you pretent to be one) you can post freely using an AOL Account, MSN Account, Google Account, Yahoo Account or other Open ID Technologies.

Thank You and MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!

Branson Candy Mafia Don Threatens "Fake Journalist" Darin Codon

Brad Logsdon threatened to Kick Darin Codon's ass today for disrespecting his momma back in January. Logsdon said, "He gave my momma his word and didn't follow through as promised"

Brad's momma owner of the Branson Candy Downtown Branson Mafia threatened to bring a list of demands to the Chicago Dog Stand later this afternoon.

Darin Codon reportedly peed his pants and said, "I'm glad it wasn't Mike Rankin" and "I wish I wasn't a wussy".

It is rumoured Darin Codon called Mike Rankin who could obviously been the living daylights out of him an "ass" at Starbucks Branson Landing. Rankin was reported to have turned around and spurt, "Thats right, you have the power of the pen".

Darin Codon refused to comment on the story.

Gary Groman shoots pool in Bar

(Photo: Amish man Gary Groman sneaks into Waxy O'Sheas to Shoot Pool by Darin Codon July 2008)

$$$$ Branson Churches May Use This Picture For a fee $$$$
Fee Structure:
1. Gary Groman's Minister - 1 Dollar, 1 Apology, 1 Beer
2. Mayor Raeanne Presley's Pastor - FREE
3. Ted Cunningham - $5,000
3. Other Branson Churches - (Inquire for Quote)

Branson Preacher Wants Missouri To Increase Executions

Ted Cunningham preached to the Branson based Woodland Hills Community Church on Sunday that state of Missouri needs to put more people to death.
The context of the sermon was part of a series about the ten commandments"Thou Shall not Murder"

Reality According to Darin Codon Part III

Forgive me the fool.

"The Mark of the Bird" - Detailed Analysis of Jack Purvis's Sins
by Darin Codon
The Official © Scribe of Branson
"News Approved by the Most Holy Pharisees and Saducees"


Realized Child of the Almighty
One who has reason to believe
Wealthy beyond imagination
Righteous Judge
Child of God

Most of all loved

by The Shepherd of the Hills

Taney County Coroner Independent Candidate - Deborah Ware Kicks off Campaign

Branson resident Deborah Ware is facing off against Kevin Tweedy for Taney County Coroner.
Having received enough signatures to be placed on the ballot, Ware faces a tough race. While most Taney County Offices are secure after last weeks primary due to the strong Republican leanings of the Taney County electorate,
Ware strategically scheduled her election bid months ago and publically announced her candidacy today.
Ware believes several deaths in Taney County worthy of investigation have been untested due to judgment calls made by the current administration.
***Ware noted the Tri-Lakes Tribune erred in stating Tweedy is running unopposed in the general election.

Judge Tony Williams Debates Branson Missouri Editor

Judge Tony Williams greets me as I walk in the courtroom. The tone of the room changes, he smiles, “How are you Darin?”, asks the judge. “I’d be a whole lot better if my government started obeying the law”. I tell the judge.

.....Perhaps, this doesn't matter to politicians - after all - children don't vote......

10 Points - Branson.Con Scandal Continues

1. The Gromans's were not only the owner of Branson.com but was a business partner with Ozark Ticket and Travel assisting with the technical components which helped the company book tours in the Travel Club/Time Share Industry. Groman had a working business relationship with the company before/during and after the investigation by the FBI. The details of the scam are outlined in the Department of Justice report posted below. A $20 Million judgment was issued.

2. The Branson Tourism Center sat next to the Branson Chamber of Commerce. Due to the poor location of the Chamber of Commerce and lack of visibility (the elevation of he Branson Chamber is bellow street level) the street signage appeared to point to the Branson Tourism Center Time-Share Booking operation. Hundreds of people were re-routed to the time-share booking company Branson Tourism Center as opposed to the Branson Chamber of Commerce .
People who are led to believe that the Branson Tourism Center and Branson.com are "official websites" of the city of Branson or the Branson Chamber of Commerce have been duped. The assertion they are the official website of the City of Branson is fraudulent.

3. Branson.com was purchased by Larry Milton - the mastermind of the Branson Tourism Center re-route time-share booking operation. Milton recently bank rolled a political candidate - bypassing Missouri Election Commission Guidelines by registering each domain as a private company. The purchase of Branson.com was arranged after an FBI investigation and resulting fallout plunged Ozark Ticket and Travel into bankruptcy. Many lives, including Branson Businesses and unsuspecting Senior Citizens were in financial ruin as a result of the cited Ponzi Shcheme.

4. Though Milton never paid $1.6 million cash as the press release the Branson Tourism Center would lead one to believe, many of the companies were paid a percentage of the debt accrued through the scam in which Branson.com and Ozark Ticket and Travel played a role. While many of the debts were settled with a partial payment - Groman was paid in full. Groman has refused to disclose the amount of money Milton paid him - the number is believed to be tens's of thousands. To the best of our knowledge, none of the proceeds have been paid to the victims of the raunchy operation.

5. Larry Milton contracted Basil Groman to build a new Branson.com on a Linux platform after the payoff to the Groman's was made. Intellectual property from several other companies was used-borrowed-stolen by Jeremia Froyland (Little Milton) to populate the original database. It was later migrated to a Windows Platform after the Groman payoff was complete.

6. Having been caught utilizing unscrupulous business practices, meant to reduce traffic and visibility of Branson Edge editorial, Little Milton promised to refrain from political activity and purposely sabotaging the Branson Edge web presence. Little Milton decided not to honor the verbal contract and the tradition of misrepresentation continues.

7. When the Chamber of Commerce needed assistance in building their web presence, Little Milton was a part of the board making the decision. Though the Branson Tourism Center and Branson.com Time Share Firm enjoys special benefits of tax-payer funded resources - Little Milton made sure to block presentation of a product and skillset the community is in desperate need of. To compete with a product already built - the Chamber of Commerce in association with the Tax Board is spending $300,000 of public money to send jobs out of the area and compete with local businesses. The purpose of the predatory project is to control the press and local search results.

8. Gary Groman had several conversations with his business partner Milton while the City of Branson was trying to protect the reputation/name. Groman had an obvious financial interest in making sure the city didn't protect itself as his business associates could potentially experience a loss of revenue. Groman used the opportunity to launch an attack campaign on Jack Purvis - all were issued on Sunday - some when Purvis was serving in a Prison Ministry - something Groman didn't acknowledge as it didn't help with the character assassination of the former Alderman.

9. Not only was Groman involved with the Travel Club/Time Share industry, apparently he's still using 1branson.com to push unsuspecting citizens into Time Share tours through Getaway Savers.com.

10. Instead of acknowledging and disclosing his activities, Groman decided to issue a deceptive campaign to slander the messenger. Usually, these hateful articles are delivered on the Sabbath. Groman doesn't like people getting in between him and his pocketbook.

A bird is an animal with a very little heart, little brain and no visible genitalia.

Groman decided not to repent but rather to attempt another harmful attack to cover up his mistakes. Recently, Groman's boss was contacted again by letter - Letter to Tri-Lakes Tribune Editor Sam Clanton.
Due to the fact, Groman dishonestly covers his slanderous posts, we don't use his resources very often. However, if you see Groman take him to task on the points above - force him to disclose his business transactions with companies he's writing about and his involvement with Branson.CON. Perhaps, it would be beneficial to force disclosure of his financial dealings with current and former alderman.
As always, any corrections are appreciated - in the event their are errors or misunderstandings with the records obtained. To maintain editorial integrity it would be great to fill in the blanks - mainly - how big was that payoff?