Downtown Branson Main Street Association Fate Discussed Tue 11:30

The Downtown Branson Main Street Association (DBMA) issued a voting form to members last week in hopes of privatizing the organization. Business owners accusing the DBMA of ignoring the voices of downtown merchants caused tension resulting in the creation of a break-away organization earlier this year.

The current state of the DBMA is unknown as they are the second worst violators of the Sunshine Law in our area.

A sunshine request made Friday revealed several members of the Board of Directors jumped ship over the past few weeks.

Results from the vote to privatize the DBMA and discard the membership model will be read at the 11:30 meeting.

An announcement that the leadership team of the DBMA has accepted new positions with the state is foreshadowing that the attempt to take the DBMA out of the arms of members was a failure.