Branson City Council (2 of 4) Actions Taken by the board Oct 22, 2007

New shopping development on Forsythe Boulevard
A bill for a planned development for Tanstone Plaza at Forsyth and Roark Valley Road. The 57 acres, which has already been cleared, would include a shopping district, restaurants, condominiums, affordable housing apartments and water features. The property owner, Tanstone Group, is also working with the city to redirect Forsythe Boulevard to eliminate the steep grade and put in a roundabout in the middle of Forsythe that will connect with Oak Creek Drive that extends westward to the Tanger Mall.
Grant money for new trails
An agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) for grant money to construct an additional hiking and biking trail in Stockstill Park. The trail would be on the south side of Roark Creek near the pedestrian bridge and extend to the west boundary of the park. Eventually, this trail will continue westward to connect with the Henning Conservation Area along Highway 76. The total cost of the trail is $110,000 with the grant money from MoDOT paying half, or $55,000.
Police get new bullet proof vests and new communications equipment
A bid from a St. Louis company to replace nine body armor vests for the police department’s Special Operations Squad. The cost of the armor is $14,000, which was budgeted by the police department in the 2008 fiscal year budget. .
Aldermen also approved a $150,000 upgrade to the police department’s communications equipment with $104,000 of that amount coming from a state grant. The upgrade will allow for additional radio frequencies to be added and give the department the ability to communicate with multiple other agencies in the event of a large- scale disaster or emergency.
Board approves agreements with local non-profit agencies
The Board approved the annual agreements with the Branson Arts Council, Christian Action Ministries and the Salvation Army. The Arts Council will receive $40,800 for providing artistic, cultural and educational opportunities to area citizens; Christian Action Ministries will receive $30,000 and the Salvation Army $5,000 – both of these agencies provide temporary emergency help to people for things like housing, utilities, food and clothing.
New fire truck bid approved
Board approved a bid proposal for a new aerial ladder truck for the fire department replacing an older truck. The low bid came from Pierce Manufacturing of Wisconsin in the amount of $692,000 -- which is $8,000 below the budgeted amount for the truck.
Amending the local taxicab ordinance relating to coloring of cabs
Board approved on first reading an ordinance amendment requiring taxi companies operating in the city to have a single color scheme on their vehicles, and that this color is different from that of other companies. This is a consumer issue to prevent confusion among riders who are looking to use a particular cab service in the city. Branson has one cab company and six shuttle services licensed.
Mayor and Board can sponsor bills
Board approved an amendment to an ordinance that allows the mayor and board members to sponsor legislation and present reports on the proposed legislation at the regular board meetings.
New auditing firm hired
Board approved on first reading a contract that hires the auditing firm of Cochran Head Vick and Company of Kansas City to conduct the annual audit of the city’s fiscal year that ended September 30. Cost of the audit would be $34,000.
Temporary wine store turned down
Board rejected a request by an out-of-town winery to install a temporary doublewide to operate a retail wine store, including wine tasting at 3125 Green Mountain Drive. The company is Mount Pleasant Winery based out of Augusta, Missouri, which plans to build a permanent wine store next year on the same property. Aldermen cited safety concerns since construction on the permanent wine center could interfere with customers driving in and out of the temporary store along a heavily traveled street, Green Mountain Drive
(Prepared by Jerry Adams Branson Communication Director)