Kirby Van Birch

Kirby's Tiger's Press Play Button to View

Three recently declawed cubs ran around the lobby of the Magical Palace preceding Kirby's weekend opening.

Several on hand staff in addition to other employees of Wire Stream subsidiaries boasted gashes from playing with the cubs. "But they're so cute!", was the common response. It's true they really are cute it only takes a few seconds of petting them to forget ...this little cub could probably kill me.

Kirby let the cubs run around to get use to their new home - which is Kirby's old home the magical palace.

This is the start of Kirby's 2006 Season - The Branson Edge has a huge photo stream and video clips of the last few momets before the kickoff.

Best Wishes for a Great Season!

Bye Bye Construction Worker Union's

"Fairness in Construction Act"

The union has never paid my bills - then again I'm not a construction worker. This bill on the Senate floor this moring bars Union affiliation as a pre-requisite for Missouri labor on government bids.

Is it legal to require companies to hire US citizens?


Tons of development in Branson this week - details and photos to follow..

Branson Real Estate

There's a lot of development in Branson these days and I have hundreds of pictures to show you. Unfortunately - it takes a lot of time to post them. I have a series called with Branson Landing photos. A hundred of these photos will be placed online at Branson Real Estate Community

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  • Reed Springs Man Angry At the Dumass Family For Speeding

    In a personal protest a Reed Springs man held this sign do you really feel? Full Story

    House of Rock - Road to Rock

    TUSK and the "Road to Rock" will be back early this year. The design you see above is the design of the Gaslight Theater...which will be renamed the House of Rock after the paint job is completely finsished.

    Grand Country - Year Round Attraction

    You really got to hand it to Glen Robinson. He's one of my favorite men in Branson. #1 His business model proves Branson doesn't need timeshare. His resort is open year 'round. His show is the "most open" show in Branson, this is, during the darkest winter months Grand Country has the lights on and the entertainment flowing. The theater boasts the most winter shows in January.
    Another thing I really like about Glenn is his story. He built his Branson empire for the ground up. From a parking lot gnome peddler (pretty much) to the least seasonal business in Branson - Glenn's story gives hope to any small businessman.