Hollister Moving to Tourism Model and why the press isn't reporting it

Hollister Missouri will announce a major move into the tourism industry later this week. The fate of a massive development and 900 acres quietly annexed over the last month will be released with instructions from city officials on how to report the move.

The "forget the citizens" method of reporting sheds light on the anti-Branson anti-community and anti-democracy initiative two corrupt reporters drafted called Proposition A (a vote against Proposition A is a vote against corruption). The initiative involves a substantial portion of $90 million dollars in public funds to be funneled into the reporters pet project. Great efforts have been made to deceive Taney County Citizens so money can be laundered into the coffers of the White River Valley Historical Society which two reporters for Branson media outlets control through membership on the board of directors.

Records show correspondence published by unregistered Tax Lobbyist Vonda Sheets is limited to "Official Propoganda" published by Hollister's information officer. At every turn the citizens have been duped.

Documents obtained include detailed instructions on how to "sell a 15% tax increase to the public." A much lower increase at the county level was treated with "hateful disgust." Hollister increased their levy by 15% which they are allowed by state statute to pay debt.

Proposition A, which takes 90 million dollars from tax payers could also result in a massive increase in taxes as the irresponsible measure promises continued debt with no return. Contrary to popular belief, when municipalities act irresponsibly, they can increase tax rates without a vote of the people.

After a sunshine request was filled at City of Hollister administration offices the assistant city administrator demanded at 75 dollar deposit to release "instructions to the press" drafted by city officials. Officials claim the documents are only available on paper and "no digital records exist."

No official documents allowing reporters to admit Hollister is moving to a Tourism Destination Business Model have been released.

Last month, Hollister officials passed their first Tourism Tax.