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On the advice of Hwy-13 founder Grant Terry I found myself at the NOVA theatre, mid-town Branson strip.

Great entertainment for the under 50 croud in Branson. The show features antics from various actors, dancers and performers.

This type of show is good for Branson and gives artists a new venue to strut their stuff.

The NOVA Theatre engaged a number of potential buyers before turning the movie theatre into another Branson Show venue.

In general, the Theatre's entertainment options provide little to boast about. I mean, do we really need another 1 man show full of John Wayne impressions? I think not.

I think what's unique about the show is it's non-commercial appeal. It really feels like your watching a group of people who have something inside of them that needed to come out. They've found a place in Branson.

I hope to see more entertainment venues like this one in the future. It's good for our socal economy.

Branson - Bad Business

I’m often blown away by what people justify in the “name of business”. Somehow, this term came to imply working without a moral compass is justifiable. When we support these business’s or fail to support them we send a vote of faith or vote of confidence. Here in Branson, MO we’re on the cusp of some major changes. There are elements in town with some interesting proposals on how to re-create the city in the name of business. The question is “Who are we catering to ? The adage “the customer is always right” comes to mind.

Recently, I watched a local company treat a tourist in a manner demonstrative of a defunct moral compass. I couldn't believe what I was watching. The treatment of this individual was so obscene I had to ask myself “Why, how can the city allow and promote an industry with roots and continual proximity to the most fraudulent of marketing practices?” We have an industry here that fits the bill well. Everyday, I watch them invent new forms of fraud and disregard state law.

If you live here – you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t live here you might have read one of the many articles printed throughout local newspapers in our region. The game – time share/travel club solicitation. Unlike the recent article printed in the Chicago Tribune and echoed throughout smaller publication in the US, this industry represents what America “ought not be”. Back to the original questions

“Who are we catering to?”
This year Branson conducted an extensive marketing study. I won’t get into the detail of the study but the analysis included psycho- geodemographic profiling clusters. The Branson Chamber used PRIZM data to compile a profile of the Branson tourist market. 7 million people come each year. Typically they go to church, serve or have served in the military, and participate actively in family life. They come to Branson to enjoy family friendly entertainment.

There's an industry in town that finds this type of person - good prey.

There’s a lot of money in selling air; There’s a lot of money in selling a product for 10 times it’s reasonable value. Some of these companies consider the very lenient fines by the Attorney General’s office as a mere business expense. If it’s more profitable to cheat – If it’s more profitable to deceive – If it’s more profitable to destroy a town's good reputation for small personal gains – some business’s will do it. It’s just business – right?

It costs us millions in negative publicity. It sucks our brainpower and it encourages poor treatment of our fellow man. For the city – It’s just bad business.

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Branson News Wire - Eye Clinic Opening

A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for the Branson Regional Eye Center at 12:15 p.m. Aug. 3.
The center is scheduled to open by the end of the year and will house the Missouri Eye Institute, which has locations in Springfield and Joplin, and the Ozarks Family Vision center, which has locations in Ava and Forsyth. Both also have other offices in Branson.

The groundbreaking will be held at 1000 James F. Epps Road in Branson.

Reserve Direct Corporate Offices

This link leads to Google's Map service - View of Reserve Direct Corporate Headquarters.

Reserve Direct

Branson Direct from space.

Branson Springfield Airport

The Branson-Springfield Airport will lose anticipated federal funding. An increase in airport traffic demanded a change in FAA status from non-hub to hub. The net result is eligibility for a 68 million dollar terminal building will be unavailable.

Sen. Kit Bod, R-MO introduced legislation to extend FAA eligibility, noting Federal funds are neccesary fot the scpansion.

Airport officials were surprisingly confident that the airport will have a new terminal. The magic question is "Who will cover the tab?"

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Branson EDGE - Weather Forecast

Another hot day in Branson.

97 degrees partly!

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Office Report

It's been similiar to a nurses schedule. Im on three 14 hour days then I rest. I've promised myself a schedule which includes greater integration of party functionality. As you can see I've become a dull boy. It's a scorcher coming our way today. The skies - the skies will be electric tonight and with the full moon tonight will just be downright eerie. should have an unusual injection of livliness already apparent in the traffic jams easing things down to full halt on occasion - a rarety for midweek. It's probably a good weekend to get out of town. Perfect for a trip down a lazy river. Canoeing anyone?

Weather Report - Branson EDGE July 22nd 2005

101 degrees
Electric Skys

Reserve Branson

,Branson's #1 online reservation booking service announced expansion into the Gatlinberg and Pigeon Forge markets.

Branson Traffic

Branson Missouri was ranked as one of the top 10 most congested destinations in a report sponsored by AAA.

IMAX in Branson Missouri Going Private - Reported by Kansas City Star

ITEC Attractions Inc. plans to go private by buying out all but two of its stockholders for 27 cents a share. Shares last traded on July 1 at 21 cents.

The proposed transaction is a 381,246-for-1 reverse stock split. To remain an owner, each stockholder would have to turn in at least 381,246 of the company’s existing shares to receive one share of new stock. Those with fewer than 381,246 shares get cash instead of new stock.

Only Chief Executive Officer Paul M. Bluto and L. Ann Bluto, his wife and a director of the company, have enough shares to remain owners, according to the company’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission announcing the plan. The couple’s 7.9 million shares, which are two-thirds of all shares, would equal 14 new shares and about $9,100.