Dirty political tricks

Welcome to the new political cycle - non-stop. Nearly 400 days until the next election (393 days) and politicians are waist deep in political battles.

Does anyone have time to actually govern anymore?

Governor Matt Blunt and Attorney Jay Nixon - both battling for Missouri Governor 2008 have paid "trackers" to annoy and document every move each other makes.

On Friday, State Treasurer Sarah Steelmen issued a press release telling Nixon he should "come to meetings and quit playing dirty politics." End dirty politics?

We posted videos released by the Republican Party last week of Nixon using a government vehicle to campaign. Eventually, Nixon promised to "repay the state" for campaign expenses. Giving the appearance of virtuosity, camp Nixon says they'll be going back to 2004 to do the same thing.

Any wages the seemingly defensive move is an offensive play to dig a little deeper in the mud?

It's coming to the point where it's hard to distinguish the difference between the government governing or politicking for the next election. One things for sure, we'll see lots of dirty tricks before the 2008 election since theres enough time to use just about every trick in the book and they seem to be learning new tricks everyday.