Branson Missouri Real Politik Part 2 of 3

Branson's Mayor tore out a dozen pages from the Economist and passed me the article linked after the jump.
A Branson area priest stood at the Missouri Republican Convention and after politicians bent their head to pray he declared, "God, I don't know what side you're on, but the Republicans are on your side"

Of course, the pastor failed to mention the first American president to declare himself a Born Again Christian was Democrat Jimmy Carter.

In Taney County US House of Rep. Missouri 8th District Democratic Candidate Joe Allen is vying for pro-life endorsements in hopes to sway the Southwest Missouri religious vote. Allen believes he can gain the Christian Vote with a more stringent stance against Stem Cell Research.

Last month when Missouri Governor Matt Blunt came to town a member of the audience exploded, "Swearing in with the Koran? What's going on here, we're supposed to be a nation under God!". Blunt said, "I don't know anything about that."

Branson Communications director Jerry Adams fielded this phone call from a Branson Resident:

8. Jan 11, '08 Ed Hathcoat, Wanted to know if homosexuals are trying to take over city like they did in Eureka Springs.

1/14 Informed him city officials were not aware of any activity like this.

But as in international politics, the lines aren't very clear and the most visible aren't always the most shining.

Reporters from across the state have their eyes on Jim Bakker who has setup shop in Blue Eye just a few miles south.

Two books were released this year on the Branson Economy and Religion.

A third book released by blogger Randy Turner reveals a darker side. One chapter involves several highly-visible residents from Branson who invested in an AIDS cure that "wouldn't cure gay people. "God wouldn't allow that", professed the "inventor" before earning a prison sentence for fraud.

In Branson a religious culture has emerged and private organizations have linked hands with government entities to slow drug abuse rates and combat poverty. Two of the most notable are Church Army and Christian Action Ministries (CAM). Both organizations are funded by private and public funds.

Here in the 3rd Richest County in Missouri we also rank 3rd highest among people living in poverty.

(The Photo above was taken from Mayor Raeanne Presley's political library, accessible at city hall. The photo was banned from a British Art Exhibit)

To be Continued.....

Branson Missouri Real Politik Part 3 of 3

Journalism? this is the Media Mafia, the age of the Netizen.
Patrick Summerfield

Back in the early 1990's Democrats weren't receiving the cash flow they needed to make our area important.

Democrat Missouri Governor Bob Holden changed that. On the street in Jefferson City it was rumored Holden desired a seat at the 2002 All-Star Game in Milwaukee.

Enter Rick Huffman, Principal HCW, a Branson based company with a hunger for a $50 million tax rebate to builds a development on Lake Taneycom stretching along the White River's shore front.

Parachutes were removed from Huffman's private jet. Huffman planned it out, allow Missouri's Governor to chill and enjoy the game. Fly him in 1st Class to the Major League All-Star Game to the best seat in the house.

Two hours in, two hours back. Huffman could bet on Holden's life he'd have unfettered face time.

Plenty of time to close a deal.

In the background Huffman had a pep talk to give a few friends on the other side of the aisle. He needed them to increase funding for upcoming elections.

On Monday July 28, 2008 Huffman was asked, "Is this right? , Is campaign finance tied to support?"

Without a flinch, Huffman says,
"I don't think it's right, but I think this has been the way it has always been since the founding of the nation".

I have a campaign finance story to cover and Huffman reflects on a Missouri Ethics Commission violation for not reporting a stamp expense neither attributing it to a Political Action Committee. nor Lou Schaefer the candidate he was backing at the time. "They made me donate $1,000 dollars to a charity of my choice, " informed Huffman.

I'm hot on Rick Davis's trail. I believe a mailer blanketing Branson's District 3 wasn't properly recorded. As a public custodian of fact, if I have knowledge about it, I'm obligated to report it. Unless of course Davis acknowledges me as a priest, doctor or attorney. I know this much, the people that sent the mailer aren't willing to spend time in prison by perjuring themselves in front of a judge and that itself is enough information to pursue the story.

***Personal Bias: I cancelled an invitation to watch football with former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney in Iowa before the Branson Alderman elections like a stood up prom date.

In one sentence I can explain the media mafia to you -

News it's what we say it is

Huffman has chosen his horse in the Missouri Gubernatorial race backing Congressman Kenny Hulshof who has recieved substantial financial support from Branson residents.

Hulsohof's in for a challenge and Huffman's committed to financially supporting the Congressman before and after the primaries next week.

Hear Media Mafia Member MMM © Quote the Wall Street Journal:
Happy happy joy joy for Jay Nixon, Missouri's attorney general and Democratic candidate for governor. Nixon's a terrible public speaker and uninspiring gubernatorial candidate. But in this campaign cycle, all he needs is a pulse to be competitive. Ron Davis's Chatter on Jay Nixon
Elections are Hunting Season. Politicians have to make themselves appear, openly debate. They spend cheddar on our media outlets. They feed our children by making themselves open to scrutiny. In return, we help them communicate their ideas.

Davis, canceled my hunting season last April, but I'm a little more irritated with the Taney County Election Campaign management who delayed my right to vote.

Rule #2 Follow the Money.

Fortunately, we live in a democracy and campaign finance documents helped me follow Rick Davis on the campaign trail.

Unfortunately, since elected, I can always tell how he's going to vote by looking at his campaign contributers view scape ™.

Over the past couple meetings Branson's City Government committed to over $500,00 in payments , it's flowing like water - millions in the works - infrastructure, bond payments , contract fulfillment on NID's, CID's, TIFF's. lawsuits, contract fulfillment and funding special interests such as the multitude of Psuedo Government Entities demanding payment.

Earlier this week Branson City Leaders spent $90,000 to have a consulting firm babysit the cash. When they met to discuss it, no one from the press showed up.

Branson is a Billion Dollar Economy affected my international labor law.

In meetings, Alderman Stephen Marshall has focused discussion to international labor and immigration policies.

Twice an immigrant, Marshall has first-hand experience with the process.In Jamaica, the country of his birth, they have a word for Caucasians without "black native assistants" - Canadians.

Importing labor is part of Marshall's business. The 2008 season provided a low supply of the usual Russian workforce shifting focus to ex-Soviet satellite states - Ukranians and Lithuanian college students are easily identified throughout Branson by their stark blue eyes and blond hair.

In higher supply is the Romanian and Hangarian worker variety. These countries produce women of a harrier lineage contrasting sharply against those from former U.S.S.R. proper.

"Only Mexicans want these jobs", asserted Marshall to the Branson Daily News.

In the Meantime FBI Director Robert Meuller informs me:

"The majority of victims in FBI human trafficking cases are woman and
young girls from Central American and Asian countries. They are
primarily forced into the commercial sex industry and, like the young
teen from Haiti, domestic servitude. Men and boys are typically
victimized in the migrant farming, restaurant, and other
service-related industries. However, there are an increasing number of
young males being forced into the commercial sex industry as well."
Link: FBI Report - Today's Human Trafficking and Slave Trade

To Be Continued.....

Congressman Kenny Hulshof Debates in Branson Landing Town Square

(Photo shot at the Branson Landing Tuesday July 29th by Amy Page KRZK Kenny Hulshof and Branson Missouri Chief Typist Debate in front of Hilton's proposed Beverage Shack)The hourly burst of methane fireballs with fountains shooting to accompaniment at the Branson Landing started early in honor of Kenny Hulshof who visited Branson Tuesday July, 29 with campaign manager Chris Baker, Rick Huffman and Ross Sommers.

Hulshof has strong support in Branson and was last seen at a press conference with lobbyists and political leaders where Roy Blunt announced his support for Hulshof. The gubernatorial hopeful has made several appearances in Branson this year including Missouri’s Republican Convention at Chateau on the Lake where Senator Kit Bond announced his support in the primaries for the congressman.

Hulshof looks well rested, a rare sight, unseen since Taney County Lincoln Days in Branson last April where he appeared with St. Louis Dispatch reporter Tony Messenger.

This is the final stretch. Hulshof’s already made his play, aquired donations, launched media ads, built websites - primaries are just a week away, he’ s relaxed.

Seasoned politicians and attorneys have a way about them. They can talk in length without answering a direct question, somehow leaving you satisfied. Tuesday at the Branson Landing Hulshof was evasive.

When asked, “Does your team always kneel in prayer before a debate.” Hulshof replies, “I really wouldn’t call it a debate”, referring to the technical format of a televised forum organized by the Springfield News-Leader and KY3 last week.

Branson Businesses Who Were Ticketed for Selling Alcohol to Minors

Hilton Promenade Hotel, RBDR - 165133
Bar Louie, RBDR - 167804
Pure Country, OPL - 110205
Branson Star, OPL - 110341
Pancho Villa, RBDR - 162957
Canyon Springs General Store, OPL - 123348

According to Missouri's Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control the businesses listed above sold liquor to minors during last weeks compliance checks.

Update: July 23rd - I started getting Kooky Comments after publishing this article. The article was initially published in the wake of rumours indicting businesses that weren't involved in the raid = or had passed inspection from undercover police officers.
In honor of the momentous event this post will carry a repository of hate mail.

Missouri Liquor Control Sweeps Branson - Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Control Cite 6 for serving alcohol to minors

Joe Hodgin, District Supervisor for Missouri Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Control, confirmed the legitimacy of an email citing six Branson Area Alcohol Distributers were busted in a sting operation over the weekend.

The E-mail was sent to Branson Police Chief Carroll McCullough and Mayor Raeanne Presley who refused to release e-mails funneled to a personal address using city resources.

Last week Mayor Raeanne Presly denied a sunshine request for communication recieved digitally marketed through city resources including the city Website and Business Card's purchased at tax payer's expense.

Two operations cited in Hodgin's e-mail occured at the Branson Landing.

The establishments were Liberty Tavern, managed by the Hilton Corporataion and Bar Louie.

The Hilton Corporation plans on opening a beer garden at the Branson Landing promenade when permitting is complete. The booth where Hilton will be providing alcohol to patrons,who must sit in a roped off area, has sat empty for nearly two years.

The action taken by Missouri's division of Alcohol and Tabacco Control occured on Friday July 25th and Saturday July 26th, three businesses were ticketed each day for a total of six busts altogether.

The City of Branson is hosting a forum on underage drinking tomorrow, planning to execute an extensive liqour control policy over the next few weeks and passed an ordincance last night Monday July 28th to increase enforcement of drinking on private property.

Branson City Alderman - Personal View - Editorial

Due to the political behavior witnessed over the last six months; Branson City Council will come under serious scrutiny on this website.

Before the upcoming reports are published
I believe that we should take a moment to consider some of the positive attributes of Branson's sitting city council.

Alderman Sandra Williams - Williams is a an activist after my own heart. Her perspective on politics comes from a government watchdog background. Her expertise as a city clerk provides something unique - the only person on the board who has worked as an employee of the city.

Alderman Stan Barker - Barker knows how to keep his mouth shut. This unique political skill has enabled the city leader to maintain position while his peers were politically executed.

Alderman Stephen Marshall - Marshall is a true player demanding respect through his intellect and world experience. Marchall has a broader view of international politics than perhaps any other businessman in the community. While many of us were given American Citizenship through grace, Alderman Marshall had to earn his opting to become a citizen five years ago out of choice.

Alderman Cris Bohinc - Bohinc learned through personal experience how frustrating government can be for average citizens to access. She's a joyful person to be around, friendly and concerned about things many politicians would see as little. There is an innocence about her more seasoned politicians seem to lose.

Rick Davis - Davis contributes substantial time for charity work - fiercely loyal to his friends.

Alderman Bob McDowell - Always seeks wisdom. McDowell is courageous with his contributions to the marketplace of ideas while maintaining a strong view of limited government.

Mayor Raeanne Presley - Presley's politics come from a regional view. She's passionate in her quest for knowledge aggressively studying anything she can get her hands on. She's responsive and strives hard to accrue input on civic matters.
Of all the Branson Board of Alderman Presley has the best chance of emerging to the state and/or federal level. Viewing the world from a wide angle lens could make a great Senator or appointed Government liaison on issues affecting our state and nation.

Gary Groman issues Carpetbagger Report

The man who refers to himself as "The Ole Seagull" is up to his dirty tricks again filing stories that promote his business associates/politicians.

Unfortunately for Groman, the people are beginning to smarten up.

After finally being called out for having never lived in Branson, Groman is reported to be planning a move to a new home within the city limits he so graciously - and continually proposes we should raise taxes in. The Seagull will finally roost in Branson.

Having cashed in on some profitable deals involving businesses who participated in travel club scams, Groman is really rolling in the dough.

The Groman clan's last major deal was a transfer of intellectual and domain assets for political bribery donation expert Larry Milton - the mastermind and owner of time-share solicitation firms and

The retired government attorney - who has never held a license to practice law in Missouri - reneged on his meritless attack on the Branson Edge last week (plagiarizing content without giving credit in the newspaper)after speaking to his alderman/business associates. Apparently, the public appreciated the "heads-up" issued by Branson's Premeir Online News Source.

Groman's 180 in his opposition to the fine editorial product coming to you live and direct as we speak - comes with a disclaimer prompting the reader to keep in mind that Branson needs much more aggressive ordinances on businesses wishing to carry alcohol. Groman once again supports bigger government with increased spending.

Groman is "Yella"

Keep in mind that this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion - even if they're flying rats.

Unlike true journalists, Groman's stories are only opinions rendered with the precision a government sophist alone could conjure.

Though Groman's traditional sabbath day attacks are generally aimed at politicians - it would be wise to ask yourself -

Does Groman conceal the identity of Politicians posting under fake names on his family's website?

How much money does Groman take from politicians who have/are or currently serving in government positions?

One thing is for sure, Gary Groman showed his true colors last week - "Yella" when he took the King Presley approach to public dialogue and "Refused to Debate" in a public forum.

The government employee - turned government watchdog - turned government lapdog - flew in fear as management threatened to share a voice more in tune with the people and less with Groman's financial interests.

Anonymous sources report Groman took a stroll to his old employers office in fear he'd have to stand against reporter and Chief Branson Missouri Typist" Darin Codon.


"I wish he wouldn't feel like he'd have to starve my children," said Codon who promised to end the story with three nice things about Groman.

"It's hard to find people that are willing to openly support limiting social freedoms and liberal fiscal policies. Not everyone can endorse higher taxes and wasteful spending with such grace"

"He really married up, he was smart enough to find a wife with editorial skills and a conscience"


"For a fat guy, he doesn't sweat much"

Branson Landing Under New Management - Urban Retail Canned

Press Release From Branson Landing

BRANSON, MISSOURI, July 24, 2008 – Branson-based HCW Development Company, LLC, has awarded General Growth Properties, Inc. (NYSE: GGP) the contract for management, marketing and leasing services for Branson Landing, one of the premier shopping and entertainment destinations in Missouri and the Midwest. General Growth Properties, a real estate investment trust (REIT), is nationally known for its ownership and management of more than 200 shopping malls in 45 states and development of master planned communities and mixed-use properties. The contract will take effect on Friday, August 1.

“We put our heart and soul into the development of Branson Landing, and we knew the management company we selected would have to be the best,” says Richard E. Huffman, CEO of HCW Development Company. “General Growth is an excellent fit. The company has a reputation for high standards and delivering results and that’s exactly what we wanted. Area shoppers – our friends and neighbors -- as well as the millions of visitors to Branson depend on us to provide a quality shopping and dining destination and we look forward to working with GGP to further enhance Branson Landing."

“Branson Landing is a unique shopping experience, attracting more than 5 million visitors per year. HCW has done an excellent job in developing the property and situating it on the edge of Lake Taneycomo to create a compelling retail and entertainment destination with a delightful ambience,” says Kate Sheehy, senior vice president of partner relations and client services for General Growth Properties. “The $7.5 million fountain, located In Branson Landing's Town Square is a focal point and an attraction in itself offering visitors a dazzling water experience that synchronizes light, sound, music and fire. There are very few centers that compare to Branson Landing, and GGP is pleased to have been chosen to manage the property and continue the high standards set by HCW.”

Branson Landing is a mixed-use development with more than 420,000 square feet of retail, luxury condominiums, the Hilton Promenade, the Hilton Branson and the city's convention center. The center offers shoppers a mix of national retailers, including many that are a first for Branson or southwest Missouri. The center is anchored by Bass Pro Shops and Belk Department Store and boasts a line-up of sought-after specialty retailers such as Ann Taylor Loft, Brighton Collectibles, Charlotte Russe, Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, Hollister, White House/Black Market and more. For the younger set, Branson Landing has a Build-A-Bear Workshop, Children's Place, Justice- Just for Girls and Strasburg Children just to name a few. Additionally, RIDEMAKERZ, the ultimate car-customizing garage and the hottest new retailer in the country, chose Branson Landing for one of its first stores in the country.

Since its opening in 2006, Branson Landing has also attracted a variety of restaurants, from quick-stop favorites to a host of restaurants that offer more leisurely dining, including Bar Louie, Cantina Laredo, Joe's Crab Shack, Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse, Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Bass Pro Shop's White River Fish Company. Completing Branson Landing’s destination experience, the shopping center is home to waterfront entertainment venues including Gage’s Branson Landing Marina & Shoppes, the Branson Landing Cruises and Ride the Ducks.

HCW Development Company LLC. is a development company and a construction management company committed to preserving and accentuating the natural beauty and unique characteristics of the communities in which it works. Headquartered in the dynamic tourism town of Branson, Missouri, the HCW developments reach out to bring top-quality commercial and residential projects into several states as well as Missouri, completing over 1 billion in real estate development. For more information, please visit the company website at

General Growth Properties, Inc. is one of the largest U.S.-based publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REIT), based upon market capitalization. Best-known for its ownership and management of more than 200 shopping malls in 45 states, General Growth is also a leading developer of master-planned communities and mixed-use properties. It has ownership interest in master-planned communities in Texas, Maryland and Nevada and in smaller mixed-use projects under development in additional locations. Its shopping center portfolio totals approximately 200 million square feet of retail space accommodating more than 24,000 retail stores nationwide. General Growth’s international portfolio includes ownership and management interest in shopping centers in Brazil and Turkey. General Growth Properties, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GGP. For more information, please visit the company web site at

Alderman Stephen Marshall Votes to Regulate His Competitors

Last Monday night at Branson City Hall Alderman voted to approve the first reading of a liquor ordinance which would regulate the competitors of Hammon's owned Chateau on the Lake.

General Manager of Chateau on the Lake and Branson Alderman Stephen Marshall allows visitors to walk around freely with alcoholic beverages on the resort he manages- a privilege Marshall doesn't believe his competition should have.

The apparent conflict of interest was of no concern to Marshall who voted in favor of regulating alcohol distribution and consumption as it relates to his competitors.

Branson's Tanstone Development to continue blasting

Branson City Engineer reported more blasting to come at the Tanstone Development Mid 76 strip.
The construction site's burn operation was shut down today for the development companies failure to follow procedure.
Miller reported Branson Fire Chief Carl Sparks was helping make sure blasting and controlled burns occur according to city procedures.

Missouri HR District 7 Race - Richard Monroe "The Anti-Blunt"

Roy Blunt, Missouri District 7's representative to the US House is one of the most powerful members of the Republican Party. During the past two elections no candidate has truly threatened his position.

Facing light opposition in the Democratic Primary, former Federal Prosecutor Richard Monroe hopes to overcome the curse of Democrats vying for Blunt's seat.

How is he trying to do it? At this point he's an unknown trying to get face recognition by introducing himself to the Democrat's party faithful at gatherings including the rural caucus held in Branson last month.

Meeting in town hall settings and knocking on doors has helped Monroe find his greatest asset, "He's not Roy Blunt". As a result Monroe launched his first Internet ads with the tagline, "The Anti-Blunt.

The ad is slated to run on Missouri Netizen which is currently in beta and launching full force this week.

Branson City Government - 5 Questions

Will Branson City leaders eliminate public comment?

Will Branson's Mayor grant herself the right to vote?

Will Branson's leaders fiscal irresponsibility drive the city into bankruptcy?

Will Branson Leaders adopt an ethics policy?

Will Branson enact a new charter?

Branson Area Homeless - 130 Found

Most people try to avoid them, but seeking out the poor was the goal as the Point in Time event identified 130 of the areas homeless during a vigorous search which included weekly hotels and temporary camps in wooded areas scattered throughout Branson and Hollister.

Multiple groups participated in the evet including Christian Action Ministries (CAM) and Church Army. Active members of Church Army, a local charity primarily focused on rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse, reported they found 130 homeless people who were subsequently given care packages.

Branson Missouri Poltics - State of the Polis July 2008

Mayor Raeanne Presley under heavy fire this week. The Branson Daily Independent called it "Mob like control" (see headline above) addressing a proposed liquor ordinance to what, after serious criticism, public pressure and lobbying Gary Groman was pressured, for the first time in two years, gives way to criticizing an action by Presley's new regime in a piece dubbed Liquor Czar.

Branson City Hall

Attempts to answer the basic questions, "Can I breastfeed my child at Waxy O'Sheas" and "Can I spank my child in public?" stump even Dr. Paul Link.

In lieu, Link promised he'd offer interpretation of the nuances between a "nipple and aureoles".

Meanwhile, Alderman Sandra Williams has become the Public Records CZAR personally addressing employees at the City Clerk's office.

The City Attorney now points to the board as well - he has seven new bosses -who can fire him at will if they don't like his legal advice. The new administration is good at one thing - increasing their power.

Economic Power and Political Power.

Presley is an organizer running retail political strategies with the precision of Obama. Constant Politicking.

Politically she's a "Swinger" pushing money to the Democrats and Republican alike. Presely's politics come in the wake of what Randy Turner dubs a money laundering scandal - stumping for Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Sarah Steelman while donating a C-Note to Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jay Nixon.

**The Presley family donated more money to Republicans than Democrats this political cycle.

When pressed on funding Dems while stumping for Republicans, Presley doesn't hesitate - she supports her friend and Missouri's Former Bill Clinton Campaign Manager Katie Danner.

Danner also lobbies Branson City Council on behalf of the "League of Theaters" through her company Athena Consulting LLC.

Rumor is Danner's husband is being pruned for a General position.

On politics Danner says, "My husband serves in the military for both Democrats and Republicans alike."

This is show business, but how good is it?.

Business could be better. Maybe it's the headlines - At the hot dog stand Friday, July, 18 fifteen inquiries for Bud Light trickled in.
"The Mayor wants to promote family values" provides tourists an unsatisfactory answer.
.They all give the same response, "Why can't we have both?".

Branson Chamber of Commerce and the Art of Fake Debate

Two years ago I told Alderman Jack Purvis not to ask Ross Summers any questions when the Chamber asks for money. Questions from politicians to the Branson Chamber of Commerce always exhibit the art of fake debate.

Money Laundering Central?

Two members of Branson's City Council are direct beneficiaries of the organizations activities. Unlike normal chambers, the Branson Chamber benefits from millions in tax dollars.

The Internet is controlling the dialogue, and the Chamber of Commerce isn't having it. The Chamber explains why they need to spend serious cash to quash "Uncredentialed Journalists".

Vice President of Marketing since 2003 Dan Lennon visited my website at 8:59 last Wed.

Soon after I called him.

Lennon is a true statesman coming onto the board in a time of intense turmoil and was somehow able to tie together a small group of very powerful families with conflicting interests - special interests who want the publics cash.

Branson residents are active - vocal - and Lennon came at the peak of turbulence in the community - Oct. 2003.

The Chamber of Commerce wants to control the Internet and is willing to spend $300.000 not $400,000 to do it. All the money funneled outside of Branson to control a free-press.

Does Branson Have 8,000,000 People?

Simple answer - probably not - It's highly likely the people that generated the figure don't really believe it.

Whose Family's Values?
One interpretation is the Presley's the Mabes the Herschends. As far the most powerful taxing District in the region, the Tourism Tax Board - they're opaque. Not to suggest that they dress in red coats and sacrifice children, however, if they did, nobody would know because they don't make a habit of announcing public meetings too loudly.

Meanwhile :

A Casino opens near Joplin and Missouri's Senator Nodler debated in Branson last month that neighboring state's legislation has a profound affect on the regions economy. Nodler wants us to be easier on the Corporations.

An airport moves to the south and Hollister is about to level Rick Davis's "ViewScape".

Meanwhile, rumors of a Casino in Berry County Ark., surface. Perhaps, it's like Pete Herschend said, "It grows like a cancer".

Lights Going Out on Sunshine Law in Branson.
The City of Branson's message board was once littered with various taxing entity meetings - TDD's, CID's NID's TIF's and other psuedo-political bodies.

Mayor Raeanne Presley stalls on a Sunshine Law Request for email's transmitted through the address posted on the City of Branson's Website and officially published literature. We use to do things on the record - not anymore. The missing documents have now been cited in meetings. by Mayor Presley.

There has never been this much money involved in Branson Politics.

Due to reporting irregularities, total funds dumped into last April's election isn't clear. But, if any councilpeople failed to report in-kind contributions an alderman could lose an office. One thing is for sure, more money was spent during this last election than ever before.

Larry Milton double dips on what some refer to as a time-share front company - Branson.COM and the Branson Tourism Center.

Republican insiders claim Milton was a catalysts in moving the Branson Hills TIF forward.

With appointments to the Branson Chamber of Commerce Internet Committee, Milton helps set prices for Internet Advertising on the taxpayer funded website - always making sure to buy top spots when they become available.

Milton doubled on the maximum donation to Alderman Cris Bohinc as specified in Missouri Ethics Rules. The loophole legally allowed the donation twice above the limit due to the fact both of his private Internet domains Branson.Com and the Branson Tourism Center are under different corporations - each a corporation unto itself.

Branson Convention Center
Just to make sure everyone gets the story straight, Branson City Council met with all department heads offsite for a "retreat". Far from print and broadcast journalists Branson Alderman define legislative priorities and a few fruedian slips offers more clues to what we are to see.

**Retreat ? This is a democracy - no white flags - no more retreats from the press.

Branson Landing

The Branson Landing is two years old.
Historic Downtown Branson

So close to the Branson Landing, so far from benefiting financially.

Missouri Republicans - Democrats Target Southwest Missouri Voters




PCPI Average Annual Growth Rate 1986-1996

Per Capita Personal Income

State Rank *

Per Capita Personal Income

State Rank *



















The influx of new voters to Stone, Taney and Christian counties provides the problem of identifying party loyalties to both Republican and Democrat Candidtates as a result the tri-county area will continue to be a hotbed for campaigning until the election ensues.

John Combest

John Combest controls the Missouri Press. While covering the Missouri Republican Convention every reporter gazed upon his website.
Perhaps, the magic of Combest's power is in the fact he's admittedly not trying to portray himself as a journalist. A simple list of links guides the journalism community to a central collaborative location that lets citizens know what the press is doing in the easiest way possible - links.
(Photo by Darin Codon as Combest gazes upon his glorious apartment building)

Taney County Politicians - Debates to Ensue

It's on....can you smell it? Can you smell the sweet aroma of open government? Can you taste the sweetness of open debate.

Since most Branson area politicians run on a Republican ticket the primary Aug. 5th 2008 primary will determine many of our next leaders at an expense in excess of $500,000 in taxpayer funds.

When local candidates are called on the phone to debate there is only one answer:
When and where? This is American Politics - Cowards need not apply.

Anything else is unacceptable.

First to step up to the plate and agree to debate was Roy Combs. Combs and Danny Strahan will fight for Eastern Taney County Commissioner. The debate was originally to occur Saturday but Strahan said he had four funerals to attend. Both men will be contacted shortly. Come hard or go home.

In the Western Taney County Commissioner race Ron Herschend will battle Jim Strafuss. Steve Willoughby of KRZK asked me to make a note that KRZK is not endorsing a candidate. Strafuss, who was endorsed by the Earls, raised eyebrows in the Herschend camp. The Earl family patriarchs stumped for Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. When Missouri Governor Matt Blunt endorsed Mitt Romney we questioned him on the campaign trail earlier this year. The family leaders have passed the company down to their children who have not endorsed either dog in the fight.

We humbly ask Willoughby to permit filming of the scripted debate and have encouraged more balanced and aggressive coverage. In fact, we ask permission to record just to make sure this type of behavior doesn't occur. The citizens have a right to know.

Strafuss has been hard on the campaign trail fearing people will vote for Ron Herschend based on his family name's brand recognition and not his platform. Herschend laid low for months while Strafuss met citizens at house parties and community gatherings. Having backed away from early debates Herschend was recently asked if he would attend future debates. Herschend responded, "As long as I know when and where."

Strafuss has been mulling over the $90 million Taney County Budget and wants to bring the public dialogue to state influence and economic development issues.

It's Donkey Kong.

Mayor Raeanne Presley and Lobbyist Chip Mason

Political Season is in full force and those seeking a job sucking off citizen money have to come out of the closet and debate.

It's likely that 417 Magazine will feature the best political coverage of any print media in the area.

Still, it's often private money that funds campaigns and the relationship of corporate interests has a profound affect on local politics and some argue - too much influence on politics in general.

Lobbyist Chip Mason backs local campaigns to place Branson City Council members, local judges and appointments to quasi-government entities. His wife Dawn Erickson currently has paid positions with a county economic development and the Downtown Branson Merchants association.
Oh yeah, did I mention - she also works as a reporter for the local radio station.

Unfortunately, the debate format hosted by Steve Willoughby works something like this: Willoughby interviews the candidates and gets the dirt - then the candidates are given the questions Wiloughby will ask. Some take the questions back to a lobbyist such as Mason who will draft answers. After one - highly prepped debate - a couple soundbites will repeatedly run by the station. To be continued

Springfield News-Leader - Endorsement of Jason Wert to Editorial Board

Jason Wert can cover a municipal body with his eyes closes but his passion is religion. We have citizen journalists - perhaps its time for citizen clergy.

It could also provide good fodder to AP Religion Wire.

His knowledge of politics provides good opportunities to explore the social intersection of faith and politics.

Tri Lakes Tribue Editorial - Beer and Nipples

The opinions contained in the post below are not the opinion of this media outlet but rather the opinion of Gary Groman aka "The Old Seagull" as published in the Tri-Lakes Tribune Sunday July 13, 2008. The Op-Ed article is in response to the Branson Landing Chicago Hot Dog Stand post last week.

In terms of availability and volume, the internet is a wonderful source of news and information. The world of blogging and internet message boards,

Note: After winning "Best News Blogger" two years in a row, Groman asked the members of his website to start identifying themselves as bloggers.
where anyone can post what they want when they want,

Note: Gary Groman's Message Board is highly moderated; often the entire body of work of specific authors are altered long after they are posted. As a result I rarely visit the site unless I want cookie recipies and reprints of stories written by authors other than the posters.

present the sometimes daunting challenge of separating the wheat from the chaff. The posting of just one post from one blogger this week, about the city of Branson’s proposed new regulations, illustrates that challenge.

On July 8 a blogger said, “Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and the Chamber of Branson's Merry Politicians will introduce an amendment to Branson's Charter relating to alcohol.”

Note: The important word in the paragraph below is the word "If". Of course we weren't talking about the meeting Groman cites. There were a number of meetings most of which Gary Groman didn't attend.

If the blogger was talking about the meeting held on July 8 starting at 5:30 p.m. in the city of Branson’s council chambers and the official posted agenda for the meeting was accurate, it was a meeting of the Branson Liquor Task Force Committee (the Committee) for the purpose of the “Discussion of proposed changes to the liquor ordinances.”

Note: Gary Groman is a politician. He served as a TIF commissioner where he vigorously worked to stop the Branson Landing development. His efforts failed and he spent years as a thorn in the side of Branson's City Administration with a small column published in the Branson Daily Independent. Groman regularly issued attacks on the city administration and Chamber of Commerce. The thrust peaked in 1993 where a battle between the paper and the Chamber resulted in written responses drafted by Chamber CEO Ross Summers. When I say Politician, I include Gary Groman.

Obviously the Ole Seagull has no idea of what the blogger was referring to by the term “Branson’s Merry Politicians.” He does know the Committee was composed of at least Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley, Alderwoman Sandra Williams, past Alderman Jack Purvis, Captain Ron Key, Salvation Army, Chris Lucchi, MG Hospitality - American Bandstand, Steve Scherer, Grand Hospitality, and Chris Vinton, Weiss Commercial Reality.

The proposed ordinance, based on the recommendations and desires of the Committee, was drafted by Attorney, Richard Bryant from Kansas City, who was retained by the city to work with the Committee and provide specialized legal knowledge and expertise in the area of liquor control law. During the meeting, while introducing the amendment to the community, through an overview of the ordinance, Bryant said, “The underlying goal was to give the city the ability to effectively regulate liquor.” Interestingly, contrary to what citizens had previously been told, he pointed out that the city has the right to regulate how liquor is sold and consumed within its city limits.

Note: Gary Groman hasn't criticized or scrutinized any action taken by the current administration. In fact, when a solicitation ordinance was passed criticized for its limitations on free speech Ward II Alderman Cris Bohinc asked Groman's permission begging, "Will this ordincance hurt your newspaper?" Groman recently joined the Tri-Lakes Tribune a month old startup publication.

The blog goes on to state, “The 100 something page document…” Both copies of the draft ordinance, available at the meeting and a copy on the city of Branson’s web site, show, including the signature page, the document is only 49 pages long.

Note: Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley admitted in an open meeting that there were in fact more pages distributed in meetings that we attended but Gary Groman did not. We asked the Mayor to send Groman the missing documents.

Note: Groman has been criticized for failing to follow the Professional Journalistic Code of Ethics. His failure to cite sources is a direct attack and blatant failure to follow minimal ethical standards.

The blogger says the document “covers everything from how nipples of nude dancers can be displayed…” Actually Section 10-55 of the proposed change doesn’t contain the word “nipple” or anything else that a reasonable person could construe to say how the “nipples of nude dancers can be displayed.” In addition, subsection 10-55(b) contains verbiage virtually eliminating “nude dancers” from the equation.

Note: The section Groman cites does in fact regulate nude dancing and verbage relating to breasts. The City of Branson's Attorney promises to issue a response.

The blog goes on to state that the ordinance regulates “how late underage citizens can spend in establishments serving alcohol.” Section 10-71 entitled “Sales-by-drink premises; minors on premises” contains no restriction on how late any person, under age, citizen or otherwise, can be on the premises of establishments covered by that section if that person is accompanied by a parent or lawful guardian, the premises is an establishment such as a golf course, bowling alley, or a theatre, or the person is providing or assisting in providing entertainment upon the licensed premises. The only restriction in the section is a person under 21 may not be in one of the covered sales-by-drink premises after 12:00 midnight unless accompanied by a parent or lawful guardian.

Note: As Groman's article states, "how late underage citizens can spend..." is covered in the document. The circular argument is meant to confuse the reader and to issue an unnecessary attack.

The blog nears conclusion by stating “The amended liquor ordinance came as a result of Chicago Hot Dogs selling Beer at the Branson Landing.” May an Ole Seagull suggest the Chicago Hot Dog incident might be what triggered public reaction this time, but the proposed ordinance is the result of factors transcending the Chicago Hot Dog situation.

Note: The ordinance came under Branson City Council's scrutiny after the Mayor attended a Branson Landing concert where alcohol was being served.

If an Ole Seagull were a betting Seagull he’d bet the ordinance is the result of situations going back years. One that comes to mind was when citizens complained to their elected and unelected leaders, in the previous administration, about the incursion of the serving of alcoholic beverages into Branson family friendly theatres and the city’s senior unelected leadership told them nothing could be done because the state regulated alcohol. If nothing else, the proposed ordinance and its development process prove the fallacy of that logic.

Note: Alcohol in theaters has been brought up numerous times and does in fact transcend the legislation spurned in response to the Chicago Hot Dogs Stand selling beer. Some believe Branson needs to enact ordinances to help brand Branson as a "family friendly" city.

Blogs and bloggers are like an Ole Seagull and his column. Readers should recognize them for what they are, the opinions of the writer,

Note: We don't prescribe to the writing methods of Gary Groman and have repeatedly asked him to add ethical approach to his liberal sprinklings. Our post was based on fact - not opinion.

and give those opinions only the credibility that their common sense, intellect, experience and knowledge deems appropriate.

Note: We're really not sure what Gary Groman is getting at here; however, we have logged more hours in city meetings; government hearings and political functions than "The Old Seagull" if a comparison is being made.

Branson Daily News Drops Price

The surge in revenue derived by the Branson Daily News per issue price hike to 75 cents didn't pay off in the long term.
The Branson Daily News has the highest overhead of any paper in the tri-lakes area due to physical press management costs. Publishing the paper on-site requires specialists. Citizens of Branson ranked the Branson Daily News the 4th most likely place they would look to obtain information about city government.
The Branson Daily Independent, a local free paper owned by Ozark Mountain Newspapers ranked #1 among residents surveyed by the city. The organization also produces the Taney County Times and the Stone County Gazette.
A month ago, a new free paper launched in Taney and Stone County. The publication named the Tri-Lakes Tribune serves the same geographic region.

Branson Attorney Russell Schenewerk reveals secret to fighting credit card companies

Russell Schenewerk claims odds are favorable for those who fight credit card companies in court.
Perhaps you're let on a credit card payment or perhaps you haven't paid on the card at all. Perhaps the cost of gasoline tripled while you were struggling to make your house payment and it was the one expense you failed to pay. Perhaps....
Eventually, before the credit card company can write off your debt as a loss they'll have to stand before a local judge.
The attorney for the credit card company is most likely a local lawyer working for a small fee. He'll make up the loss in volume. Because few people dispute the credit card company's claims the judge flies through them with a rubber stamp.
Few people would bother to call an attorney in this case. But, if you did, it's likely the credit card company wasn't prepared to see you. Shenewerk never told me whether or not his client was guilty; but, because an appearance by an attorney is rare - Shenewerk suggested he has pretty good odds of winning against card companies.

Sam Page Democrat Lt. Governor Hopeful Visits Branson - Video

Missouri District 82 Rep. Dr. Sam Page visited Branson yesterday to meet with the Branson Veteran's Task force Board of Directors.

According to witnesses present:

Page delivered an informative speech voicing concern over misdiagnoses of traumatic brain injury from soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Page attributes an alarming rise in suicide attempts by soldiers returning from the International War on Terror to government's failure to provide adequate medical treatment .

After the meeting, Page joined me at the Branson Boutique hotel on the Branson Landing. Page refused to eat the Chicago Dog I offered him (for medical reasons I'm certain).

I was too tired to stand but am grateful Page took time to visit Branson.

Lesson of the Day: 120 oz. of Starbucks Coffee does not make up for two nights of lost sleep.

Little attention has been given to Missouri's Lt. Governor race overshadowed by a high profile Republican Gubernatorial Primary, a historic Presidential race and rumors of scandal within the states leadership propagated daily. Republican and Democrat organizations fire accusations as frequently as possible.

Page contends that those who donate to his campaign are misled if they think their endorsement will lend them a stronger hand in legislation and claims the majority of his support is coming from life long friends and doctors he's known for years. Of course, his campaign is just beginning and part of his media strategy is to drum up support and donations which is catch-22. He has to get press to let people know he's running and money to buy ad space - press.

Campaigns cost money and the current system - by government dictate runs similar to the mafia.

Technically - legally, campaign donations can't buy legislation. Lobbyists have to give money, favors, gifts - "no strings attached".

The problem is this system lacks common sense. Try going door to door and asking people for money. When they ask why assert "cause I'm a great guy. If you do, don't quit your day job - you'll starve.

Logically, a lobbyist don't freely offers money. Later, he'll have some information to share with you - information that could affect legislation. The lobbyist isn't buying "legislation" per se - a felony - but rather access. Access is influence - a saleable commodity those who wish to influence government are willing to purchase.

See Press Politics - Institutional Bribery

Branson Landing - Chicago Dogs - Day Off

(Video From Branson City Council Alcohol Task Force Early May 2008)
Politics is a contact sport and today the Branson Missouri Editor-In-Chief will be sitting on the sidelines working on making the perfect hot dog.

Ummm...Chicago Dogs.

Democratic Lt. Governor Primary Candidate Sam Page has been invited to join me for a conversation about political bribery and war stories from the campaign trail after he meets with the Branson Veterans Task Force. (He's being seduced with a free Chicago Dog).

While I'm at the Chicago Hot Dog Stand Center Stage Branson Landing - Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and the Chamber of Branson's Merry Politicians will introduce an ammendment to Branson's Charter relating to alcohol. The 100 something page document covers everything from how nipples of nude dancers can be displayed to how late underage citizens can spend in establishments that serve alcohol. The bill also allocates enforcement funds to the Branson Police Department for monitoring alcohol related violations in Branson.

The ammendmended liquor ordinance came as a result of Chicago Hot Dogs selling Beer at the Branson Landing. Chicago Dogs was permitted to sell beer until the Hilton Corportation could get in on the action planning to sell beer an adjacent booth. The Hilton Corporation never moved thier plan in motion leaving the Branson Landing "Beer Kioskless".

In addition to regulating the cosumption of alcohol; Branson City Council will have a "brief" review of the municipalities ethics policy.

4 out of 5 Downtown Branson Merchants Don't Trust Branson Chamber of Commerce

Talk about a twist of irony.

Quite frankly I find some of the marketing activities of the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Convention Center's Bureau unbecoming of a tax payer funded entity; but , as it turns out - I'm the biggest fan in Downtown Branson (apart from those receiving cash, high paying un-elected positions for twice the regional average pay)!

Selling the integrity of the Branson Chamber of Commerce Quarterly (Scroll Down to View 70 Page )report ended up being difficult to peddle.

And though - it would appear - to a more cynical person that you'd have to donate to a political candidate to receive the multi-million dollar jackpot - perhaps only the top 6 donors; I trust the numbers.

Historic Downtown Merchants and Downtown Branson Main Street Association

The Downtown Branson Main Street Association (DBMA) made enough headway to threaten the continuation of the Historic Downtown Branson Business Owners association (HDDBBOA)an effort supported by some of Branson's City Leaders.

Wife of Legislative Lobbyist Chip Mason, Dawn Erickson has proved to be a uniting force successfully moving downtown merchants agendas forward while keeping the purse strings within the DBMA.

The DBMA when led by Gayla Roten, focused primarily on State and Federal Grants and lobbying for Economic Development Funds. Roten has since moved to the state level after heavy criticism from Merchants operating in the Downtown Branson Area threatened the future of the DBMA.

PROBLEM: The Downtown Branson Historic District hasn't been monetarily benefiting from the Branson Landing and Convention Center admitted Branson's financial consultants in a report delivered last week to the Branson Board of Alderman.

Though Histroic Downtown Merchants have been crying foul play for three years since the Branson Landing opened; the development was supposed to increase not decrease total sales in Downtown Branson's oldest tourism district.

Branson Landing Not Economically Beneficial to Historic Downtown Branson Merchants

A complex matrix of special taxing boundaries puts the Branson Landing at an advantage; but much of the outdoor mall's success can be attributed to special events and interactive elements such as the fire and water show and paid live street musicians (much reduced this year).

Two years after the Branson Landing launched Downtown Branson's Historic District, Business owners are struggling to re-institute what was once the heart of the city.

Business owners took matters in their own hands marketing regionally without the help of the Tourism TAx District controlled by the Branson Chamber of Commerce. The merchants joined forces and purchased tens of thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing last year.

Branson Chamber of Commerce and the Press

Since Mayor Raeanne Presley and a new group of Alderman took office the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Convention Center and Visitors Bureau has become a much more closed organization evading Sunshine Law practices instituted by former Branson City Council. In fact, both districts no longer post notice at city hall when holding meetings.

Leaders meet privately, off the record weekly.

One of the primary objectives or the organization is to reduce the negative effects of bad press in a "Tourism Marketing 2.0" world. Travel journalists are often granted subsidized and/or free vacations courtesy of the Branson Chamber.

The Branson Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitors Bureau is more than a "Business Owner's Association " they're one of the most powerful Quasi Government tax funded agencies in Southwest Missouri. In Branson, they own the Department of Revenue franchises.

The most noted effort to control media is a $400,000 Internet Campaign raising the cost of entry for journalists writing about Branson.
Due to the nature of an auction market - it could also raise the cost of entry for businesses trying to capitalize on the online tourism market.

Though such a massive campaign will help the publicly funded agency gain media power - how will it be dispersed?

Though I disagree with many of the Branson Chamber of Commerce / Convention Center and Visitors Bureau spending policies and lobbying efforts - I withhold the tax district number in the Branson Chamber of Commerce report are accurate. It's just funny that I have to convince so many people - the majority of Downtown Branson Merchats

Taney County Election Deadline Near

Taney County residents have until the 9th of this month to register.
Many of our county's top positions will be chosen in the primaries as their are no Democratic challengers.
The county's top leadership - the Taney County Commissioners will be chosen on August 5th.
This month we'll be covering the elections thoroughly. Make sure you're registered to vot. Contact the Taney County Clerk's Office through the number listed below to check if you're registered or to register for the first time. Feel free to email questions for the candidates to the address on the sidebar.

This is the true exercise of Independence - why the bombs were bursting in air -

Taney County Clerk 417-546-7200

Branson Map 1990's

(Swapped Map)

Matt Blunt signs Clean Water Legislation in Branson

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed clean water legislation in Branson yesterday. (Click to See Official Press Release)

Photo: Governor Matt Blunt in Branson Convention Center. Photo by Darin Codon

Branson Missouri Flood Free

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt issued several press releases regarding support for 10 Missouri counties affected by floods.

Though flooding occurred earlier this year they were contained inspiring more tourism to Branson than obstructing visitors.

Branson is currently flood free and ready for the onslaught of tourists coming into the city for the 4th of July weekend.

Downtown Branson Time-Share Comic by John Logan

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Roy Blunt Stumps for Hulshof in Branson

Congressman Roy Blunt and Kenny Hulshof joined forces on the campaign trail for the second day in a row - today the target was Branson.
Congressman Hulshof clearly has the Republican machine behind him as he battles Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman in Missouri's Republican Gubernatorial primary. Steelman infused $1.5 million into her own campaign to combat the machine failing to yield to pressure from what promises to be a tight race in the general election.
In Branson last month, Steelman stole the "mantle of Reagan" reminded press in attendance that Senator Kit Bond campaigned against the former president during the Repubican presidential primaries. (She made the statement after swallowing two handfulls of Jelly Bellies)
Hulshof's spoke to integrity and the importance of trust in politics in response to a question about "Wholesale Politicking", a dangerous practice once common place in America where politicians take cash in exchange for endorsements and even votes. In addition, Hulshof condemned the Supreme Court decision last week shooting down the death penalty for child molesters. Governor Matt Blunt has been verbal endorsing the death penalty for sex crimes against minors under the age of 12.
Congressman Roy Blunt lauded Hulshof's success being elected to represent Missouri's 9th Congressional District which is better known for their sympathy for "marijuana reform" than conservative politics.
Blunt noted Hulshof isn't the first Republican to be elected from the district, but is the first to be re-elected to serve the district. The statement reflects and promotes the idea that Hulshof can gain bi-partisan support during an election cycle that promises record Democratic turnout.
In a speech to the Heritage Foundation after the 2006 elections, Blunt said, "The Democrats didn't win this election, the Republican's lost". In 2006 Senator Claire McCaskill beat Jim Talent pulling Southwestern Missouri voters with a well orchestrated campaign. While Talent focused on votes in Missouri's urban centers, McCaskill campaigned heavy in rural districts - a strategy that paid off.
While Hulshof and Steelman exchange blows, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon has continued to gain headway polling high among Missouri voters. Five weeks from the primary neither Hulshof nor Steelman are relenting promising only a little more than a month to rally support for a Republican Gubernatorial victory after the primary.

Branson Area 4th of July Party Guide

Zane promises explosives, mini-bikes and a general monopoly on Branson Area Independence Day Debauchery. Click on Poster To See Details (Hat-Tip Dawnell Kennon)

From Branson CVB Release:
Branson is a spectacular place to spend this Independence Day! Area cities will be lighting up the sky this 4th of July with fireworks and festivities. Table Rock Lake provides a great location for families to enjoy some excellent lake activities by day and great viewing by night. Can’t make it on the Fourth? There are five other opportunities to catch the Independence Day spirit.

June 28th (Saturday) FIREFALL – Springfield (near the airport)

Activities begin at noon (there is a charge for parking)

June 29th (Sunday) College of the Ozarks – Lake Honor Lawn

Picnic 4:30 Entertainment 5:00 Patriotic Concert 8:00

Fireworks at Dark Free Watermelon

July 3rd Branson Landing’s 1st Annual Liberty Light Up Activities all day

Concert by Bucky & The Boys at 7:30 p.m. Fireworks at dark

Celebrations on the 4th of July

Friday, July 4th Big Cedar Lodge Fireworks Display at dark

Branson Spirit of 76 Independence Day 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Branson Landing & Stockstill Park Free Flags

Sponsored by Branson Veterans Task Force

Cape Fair Fireworks display – Flat Creek Resort

4:00 p.m. BBQ / Food & Fun Begin (417-538-2222)

Hollister 55th Annual 4th of July Celebration Old Hollister Elem. School Fireworks at dark (longest running fireworks display in Taney Co)

Kimberling City Fireburst 2008 Fireworks Display at 9:30 p.m.

Activities to be held at Summer Fresh Parking Lot

6:00 Kids activities 6:30 Entertainment (Rain date July 5th)

Rockaway Beach 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular Circus-themed activities

Food & Fun at 3:00 p.m. Fireworks at Dark

Shell Knob 33rd Annual Fire & Thunder Fireworks on the 4th of July

Sponsored by Shell Knob Chamber 417-858-3300

(in case of rain, will be rescheduled for July 5th)

Springfield 11th Annual I LOVE AMERICA Celebration sponsored by James River Assembly

Springfield Underground – 65 & Division Gates open at 11:00

More info at


July 5th Chateau on the Lake Fireworks Display at dark

July 5th Fireburst Flotilla on Table Rock Lake (Pt. 6 Cow Creek to KC Bridge)