Branson Missouri Government

Having breathed freedoms sweet air my whole life - being born an American citizen it's hard for me to believe the Republic of Congo mentality of the Branson Police Department could actually exist in this great land of ours. As for me, I cannot find a greater cause this friday morning than encourage the leadership of Branson to restore adherence to the constitution - whose foundation was laid forth to keep us free from tyranny and corruption from both small armies and self-serving legislators whose fruits can only be the suffering of both citizens and the economy which provides livelihood for our families.

After making simple Sunshine requests to the Branson Police Department and continued adherence to a tradition to being forthcoming and providing advance notice to politicos whose deeds cannot be ignored for the good of the fine citizens leaders promise to protect I find myself in a complex circumstance. Such integrity was punished with outlandish pre-emptive action by Carroll McCullough and a rediculous democratic political hopeful Peter Tsahiridis.

When I print the goal of journalism is to keep us free and self-governed, I reflect the lofty sermons of Journalism professors throughout the state who use my materials to teach young students the tools available to keep the great tradition of news creation - even the 4th of state alive for another generation.

Let us not forget the our forefathers who escaped the reach of the King of England who chose to dictate both how citizens worshipped the almighty and to what extent a free press could operate. Lives were lost pursuing the civil liberties we have today and none could be quite as important as the very first amendment to our glorious constitution whose tenants Branson's government has chosen to ignore.

Some might ask, "Why was freedom of the press cited first by our forefather's as an unalienable right?". History provides the answer. The forefathers intentions were virtuous and exposure to such Godly ideals as prescribed by their written works, even the Declaration of Independence itself , threatened a government whose intentions were selfish and unbecoming to civic leadership. In essence, freedom of the press throughout the British Empire threatened exposure of the leaders folly. As a result, newsman of the time resorted to prose - fiction - to infiltrate ideals into the public debate. Unfortunately, it was not enough to stop the unnecessary incidents which took the lives of both British soldiers and American patriots alike. Contemporaries of the time believed lives could have been saved by preserving the rights of citizens to communicate peaceably through written and oral intercourse.

Come now some 232 years later Branson's new confederacy of dunces initiates tyranny in the name of Jesus Christ - a strange version - foreign to both the saints and sacred texts . The City of Branson has enacted code to assign city employees as prayer master, a false form of righteousness prescribed through new liquor laws and a police force without time for the dictates of law commanded by the state legislature.

Even the most devout atheists have a morality superior to the elected officials serving today. Such is the reason no theocracy has yet to righteously rule - through God we find freedom - through man oppression - And like so many before we find a team of self-serving bureaucrats enacting Godlessness in the name of God - no greater blasphemy has shaken the very foundation of the planet - no greater sin than mortals claiming holiness when the facts speak volumes otherwise. And no greater example have I seen then the two children being imprisoned falsely for a crime they didn't commit - one single mother and a child orphaned at the hands of our cities leadership. And no greater demonstration of unholiness visible though King Raeanne Presley - a willingness to prosecute the innocent and ignore the cries of the parentless. If the child were a Presley - no such atrocity would occur. It would seem the God they trust is apparent solely on the bills they steal from the city coffers and allocate towards their own business enterprises. As the Frenchman wouuld say, "prosque tout aimer richesses et pouvior:" (almost all men like wealth and power.)

The Branson City Administration and their counterpart - the Branson Chamber of Commerce is filled with fine - decent individuals -but collectively demonstrate the integrity of a giant rat eating the fields planted by tax payers inevitably destroying the very economy they are assigned to steward.

And yet, my job is to scribe not to be an activist with the exception of access to information that helps citizens remain free. The government of Branson's new policy of lawlessness, organized corruption, money laundering and infringement on civil liberties accessible through the very documents required by the Missouri Constitution to keep should be retrievable on request. And though by law a response to my Sunshine Requests is required in 72 hours, another two weeks have passed where the Constitution is ignored.

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist myself needing a firsthand account in my thirst for truth - but from what I've seen over the past two months - very little could surprise me. Curiosity killed the cat but earned the reporter his wage.

It would seem the Branson Chief of Police has positioned himself as a dog protecting the citizens of Branson from information needed to assess the department. Perhaps, expressing my sentiments could help alleviate the Branson Police Department's need to send threatening phone calls, issuing false reports and collaborating with silly political wannabees - such as Peter T. I'm only trying to access the information and the City of Branson's terroristic practices have now cost significant time, money and undue damages.

I believe the people have a right to know what their government is doing in the simplest, clearest most honest way possible. Accessing citizens complaints to the police department is the nature of my request. In addition, opening the documents and transcripts of police activity as the law demands and filling the City of Branson's obligation to those they promise to serve benefits all of us. In the event the police chief was just being a nuisance rather than a common criminal covering up the tracks of his mob cohorts would be beneficial.

As for me and mine - my family has evaded Egyptian Pharaohs, King Herod and the third Reich. Certainly the corruption and threats of a third rate inbred political structure is small in the scheme of things - but it means everything to me as I pursue the goal of obtaining truth and dispersing it to the citizens whose responsibility it is to manage and ensure the reign of kings does not return and threaten the soverity of our community.

I can only ask and hope that the practice of the City of Branson of urinating on the American Flag and begins to subside rediculous threats and report returning to common sense, common decency and restore the spirit of the text placed on the side of the Branson Police Vehicles - integrity - which today - the leadership of Branson so severely lacks

Branson Police Chief believes he's above the law

Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough continues his battle against the Sunshine Law this week by failing to respond to a second request for complaints made to the Branson Police Department involving harassment against innocent citizens.

In order to block access to the documents police chief Carroll McCollough helped file false documents in cahoots with Peter Tsacharidis - who is currently running for the local Missouri congressional seat...

Having received documented terroristic threats which caller id identified as coming from the Branson Police Department Carroll McCollough has been asked to remain 100 yards away. Another request for compliance which McCollough has failed to obey.

"Governement ala Douchebag"

Documents to follow

Sunset over Lake Taneycomo (Photo)

Lake Taneycomo Sunset (Photo by Darin Codon)
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Bob Huels - Commercial 1 Brokers (Photo)

The photo above was shot earlier this year when Branson was declared Missouri Capital for a day. Presiding Taney County Commissioner Chuck Pennel stands to the left and Bob Huels to the right.
Commercial 1 Brokers was the only corporation who donated to the 2008 Taney County Republican Party Lincoln Days event. The company regularly distributes a Branson real estate market intelligence report. Today happens to be Bob's birthday
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Taney County Democrats (Photos)

Over the next week I'll be posting photos of the campaign trail. The photos above were taken at the Taney County Democrat Club Debate forum several months ago.
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Celebration City to Close in 2009

Celebration City will close Saturday night and won't re-open in 2009. The Herschend Family Entertainment Website posted this tickler:

"Thanks for your interest in Celebration City! Please know that Celebration City closes at 10pm on Saturday, October 25 and will not reopen for the 2009 season. Park hours are from 3pm to 10pm Friday October 24 and Saturday October 25, 2008."
Springfield Business Journal's Dee Dee Jacobs published a follow up on-line just a couple hours ago:

"...Celebration City's closure will eliminate 18 full-time positions, and Herschend will find new roles for most of those employees, Rau said. Another 250 seasonal employees will be given first opportunity to interview for an anticipated 400 open positions in 2009 at nearby Herschend attractions Silver Dollar City, White Water and Showboat Branson Belle. Herschend properties employ more than 2,000 year-round and seasonal workers."

Full Story: Herschend Closes Celebration City

Missourians - Process for filing an absentee ballot

How to file an absentee ballot

Rural Southwest Missouri Political Headquarters - McDonald County (Photos)

We're well into the final stretch and it's been quite a ride. Over the last year I've made hundreds of stops into political camps and headquarters. The photos above are from McDonald County's Pineville Democrat and Republican Headquarters.
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Missouri's Governor's Race 2008

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt had a tough fight ahead of him before he dropped out of another bid for Missouri's top position. Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon was well into the fight when Republicans searched for a candidate to battle. A number of people were willing to leave their posts including Lt. Governor Peter Kinder who slinked back for a repeat for his seat.
At a huge disadvantage already a brutal primary with Sarah Steelman, the Missouri Republican Party was the elephant digging a hole with its trunk when it came to producing a viable fight for the state's top seat. It appears the disjointed Republican party never emerged with the thrust needed to stop Nixon's Momentum.
Polling over the last few months shows a Nixon lead in the double digits except for a brief period where the Republicans, particularly John McCain, gained momentum. While John McCain was up by 9% Hulshof still failed to upstage Nixon even marginally in polling numbers.


McCain Vs. Obama: Missouri Presidential Race Polling Stats
Nixon Vs. Hulshof: Missouri Governor's Race Polling Stats

The press release below was written at a time when the race seemed much shinier for McCain - one for the scrapbook.

Public Policy Polling Press Release August 20. 2008: Full Study PDF
McCain, Nixon lead in Missouri
Raleigh, N.C. – John McCain has expanded his lead over Barack Obama in Missouri,
according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling.
McCain’s advantage is 50-40, a seven point increase from PPP’s July poll, which showed
him leading by just three points.
Obama’s biggest issue is with white voters, who support McCain by a 56-35 margin.
“There aren’t enough black voters in Missouri for Barack Obama to win it if he can’t
make things more competitive among white voters,” said Dean Debnam, President of
Public Policy Polling. “That’s going to be his challenge if he wants to have any chance at
winning the state.”
McCain leads across every age group, and has the advantage with both men and women.
Obama will need a good margin of victory with women if he is to take Missouri but for
now that’s not coming through.
The news is better for Democrats in the Governor’s race. Jay Nixon leads Republican
Kenny Hulshof 48-42. In other statewide races Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and
Secretary of State Robin Carnahan hold double digit leads, while in the open seats for
Attorney General and Treasurer Democrat Chris Koster and Republican Brad Lager each
hold a narrow advantage.
In a look ahead to the 2010 race for Senate, it appears both Russ Carnahan and Dick
Gephardt could give Kit Bond a run for his money if they chose to seek the seat. Bond
leads Carnahan 46-43 and Gephardt just 44-43 in hypothetical match ups. PPP showed
Robin Carnahan within the margin of error against Bond last month as well.
PPP surveyed 750 likely voters from August 13th to 17th. The survey’s margin of error is
+/-3.6%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may introduce
additional error that is more difficult to quantify.
***The closest poll between the two candidates is the Facebook Friends Indicator which shows Hulshof below Nixon but still in the running.

Joe Allen Pitched as "White Obama" by Talking Points Memo (Video)

Missouri's United States Congressional District 8 Democratic Challenger Joe Allen received national coverage today from Talking Points Memo in the video above.
Allen is challenging the 27 year Emerson Dynasty with a shining endorsement from Cathy Hilliard.


Chambers of Commerce from Branson, Forsyth, Hollister and Table Rock Lake Area along with Stone and Taney Counties Republican and Democratic Clubs will host a Meet the Candidate Forum.

The forum will be held on Monday, October 20, 2008, at the Crystal Hall located in the Lodge of the Ozarks, 3431 W. Hwy 76, Branson, Missouri at 5:30 PM.

This forum is designed to provide each candidate the opportunity to inform area voters on positions, beliefs and qualifications for office.

The candidate will be allowed to speak at the forum according to guidelines. “Candidates will answer questions or discuss concerns”, said Wyli Barnes, Table Rock Lake Area Chamber President/CEO. “There are numerous candidates running for office, so each candidate that participates in the forum will be allotted a specific amount of time to present their positions, beliefs and qualifications for office.”

Casting Call - Midget Wanted For Branson Production

I know it's nearing Christmas season and the demand for "little people" is on the rise. Though your presence at Branson City Hall is symbolic of the mental midgetry of Branson's Current Municipal Leadership, the job requires substantially less humiliation than dressing up in an elf costume. Must have bad attitude and slight hint of arrogance. Temp Job: Three days over two week period.

Email with photo, resume and desired salary.

King Presley axes more city employees

The reign of Branson's new Dictator Raeanne Presley is in full force - good news for the folks at Skaggs Hospital and bad news for Branson taxpayers who are footing the bill for Presley's "political purchases" which yield no return on investment. This past year Presley has dedicated nearly $2,000,000 to the County Health Department and Skaggs Hospital where political allies can help push her to a run in Jefferson City - at the expense of Branson residents.
Presley continues to launder political resources through a private e-mail address posted on the city of Branson website which she refuses to deny in Sunshine requests. Breaking the law isn't new to Raeanne Presley who used Alderman Sandra Williams to leak confidential documents from Branson City Hall for years. During campaign season, Presley's political partner - pretend journalist - Gary Groman - violated Missouri Ethics Commission rules by not reporting ads on Branson Courier - a website managed by Groman where political propaganda was seeded to throne the city leader.
The current Branson administration continues to violate the Missouri Constitution by failing to release documents requested under the Sunshine Law. But Branson tax payers aren't the only ones being thrown under the rug.
Competent city leaders continue to receive the ax including Presley's latest victim - Assistant City Administrator Frank Shooneboom. City leaders plan to waste a few more employees over the next few weeks.

Branson Passes New Liquor Regulations

Branson City Council's passage of a fiscally irresponsible alcohol ordinance is tarnished by a conflict of interest and a continuing tradition of poor management of city funds. When questioned Mayor Reanne Presley didn't know the economic impact of the new set of laws designed to thwart city council member's competitors in private businesses

Steve Danner Circa 1994

The newspaper advertisement posted above was located during a political tour of Southwest Missouri. Steve Danner's mug is on the upper left of the Democratic Ad placed in the Joplin Globe.
The Joplin Globe serves as a regional paper in McDonald County where the archive was found at Democratic Headquarters. The Obama campaign is expected to arrive in two days to canvas Pineville which is the McDonald County Seat.
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Branson Police Department - Investigation Continues

I thank God I live in America and had two ministers to accompany me to the Branson Police Station on friday (thanks Peggy and Randall).

I wonder how many people have been harmed by the Branson Police Department who didn't know their rights or how to use the tools that ensure we continue to live in a democracy.

Digital Video cameras recorded my entry into Branson City Hall - one minister ran flank to the Branson Police Station information window while another accompanied me upstairs to where sunshine requests are usually made.

A third party within Branson City Hall kept watch as operation "Restore Democracy" continues. As I made a simple sunshine request upstairs a small army of Branson Police Officers swarmed in like they were the FBI and I was one of Gary Groman's "the spokesperson o the Presely regime" partners in a time-share scam bust. Five officers swarmed into the small room while I filled out the documents.

No warrants - no arrests - just another action to incite fear into a journalist who dares to love the American way.

For two months the Branson Police Department has engaged in acts of intimidation as a tool to block access to documents indicting the Branson Police Force isn't following the dictates of the Constitution- Chief Police Chief Carroll McCollough making personal threats - threatening phone calls from the Branson Police Department to my cell phone and posting threatening comments to my blogs which originated from Branson City Hall Computers.

The documents indicate the Branson Police Police Department has been conducting illegal searches and filing false reports - we can only hope this isn't business as usual.

I have to hand it to them - they're thorough in their work. It would take testicals of massive proportions to battle an agency of Mayor Presley this corrupt .

In late August, after Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough denied access to the files -which he's required to make available according to state statute. Troops were dispatched throughout Branson for two days going door to door pretending they were looking for me and couldn't find me. Though no warrants were issued the operation wasn't about administration of justice - it was about slander - it was about stopping the wheels of the Republic - it was about terrorizing another innocent citizen.

Of course my apartment was a block from city hall - a stone's throw - and published on over 30 documents at city hall where I have been going everyday for years to continue investigative research on the money laundering operation known as Branson's current administration.

The Presley administration needs to create a problem where none exists. They need to create the perception that "alcohol" is a major issue to institute a set of prohibitive policies that will damage Presley's financial competitors and it appears a few crooked cops and a few Godless politicians are up for the task. If they're successful severe damage to the entire Branson economy will ensue.

If you've been illegally pulled over or have or have been a victim of harassment by the Branson Police Department you can file a report at Branson City Hall or contact the Missouri Highway Patrol. Several citizens already have taken action and an investigation is being conducted. Don't be a victim - you have the right to live without fear from criminals with a badge and a gun.

To the police officers that are upholding the law and keeping Branson safe regardless of the cruelty of Chief Carroll McCollough "The Crooked"- thank you for your hard work and dedication to keeping the citizens and tourists in Branson safe.

Distpatch to Branson Police Chief McCullough

Dear Branson Police Chief Carroll McCullough,
I hope life is treating you well.

It's been a while since we've had one of our "special talks", though I can't say that I miss them much. Though it is a pity our friendship must end, for me, I must admit, it is not with sorrow.

Let's keep our direct conversation with the presence of attorneys in our upcoming meetings with the court.

I'll be sending a request tomorrow for your telephone records as an effective internal investigation within Branson City Hall seems to evade you. To imagine, that a crime could be committed at Branson City Hall at 9:01 September 1st 2008 using your very own digital equipment and you can't even track it?

Though it's impossible to induce whether incompetence or corruption is the cause of your failure - it seems probable that we have a combination of both before us.

I believe raising the cost of Sunshine Requests for my media corporation from 100 dollars a year to $425,000 thousand a year is both excessive and illegal. However, curiosity often gets the best of me; the two documents trailing your personal "corrupt collaboration" with - what's his name - Peter Tsackofsheetis - in addition to the record of "Dirty Branson Cops" making threatening phone calls to citizens well worth the price of dinner and a movie as you've proposed - so, I'll bite and fork out the cash at the premium you've quoted. (I'll be picking those up soon).

But the purpose of this dispatch is not pleasure - oh no! This is to ask for your services.

I may need actors when the book I'm writing becomes a low budget film.

Now, my laywer tells me that it's important to inform you no likeness of any character is made after a real person - living or dead ! In fact, one of the Chief Characters - Police Chief Carroll "Boss Hog" Mangina has nothing whatsoever to do with you though his likeness is very similar. When the movie is being made I'd love to hire you for contract work (I'm sure you're familiar with these types of arrangements).

There is going to be a particular scene where Carroll "Boss Hog" Mangina defecates on the grave of a veteran and wipes himself with the Bill of Rights (both of which I believe make the same point).

Your experience with the Branson Police Department under the Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley's administration this year proves you're suitable, qualified, experienced and perfect for the role.

Sincere Regards,
Darin Patrick Codon

KISS Concert in Branson?

Jennifer McCollough caught up with Tommy Thayer in Branson who proposed Branson consider Rock and Roll.
Link: Video Interview

Hershend Family Entertainment Promotes Brad Thomas

Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) issued a press release last week noting Brad Thomas was elevated to a Senior Vice President position at Silver Dollar City.

In a written statement HFE's CEO and President said, "In recent years, we've been building upon our attractions strategy while creating a leadership team of some of the most respected people in our industry," said Manby. "Bringing talent and expertise together within the corporation, while ensuring each region has strong leadership on its own, is making us a better company all around. This business is all about people – and with these moves, we are placing very strong leaders in the most senior operating positions in our company to assure we continue to provide outstanding, wholesome family entertainment in the future,"

FUll Story Posted Last week on Branson Agent: Herschend Family Entertainment Announces Promotions
From Kansas City
My 40 Days and 40 Nights is coming to an end and I'm rising like Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang:

I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies
and hypothesis can't define how I be droppin these
mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery
Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me
Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics

Daily food supply. Photo by Darin Codon

Branson Tasered Teen Charged in Drive by Shooting

The Christian County Headliner broke the story of the Branson boy tasered by Ozark police:

A teenager who prompted a highway patrol investigation after Ozark police used a Taser on him 19 times has been charged by a Taney County Circuit judge for two counts each of felony armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon in a drive-by shooting in Branson.

Full Story

Biden's Last Stand

Video Shot by Darin Codon "Joe Biden's Last Stand" Dec. 2008
Tonight, the Vice Presidential debates will ensue. The video above was shot after I was able to penetrate Dem headquarters in Iowa at the fist presidential caucuses. Biden was the first to concede and offer his support for Obama - the deal was struck early. The video moves from the backroom to network interviews with a snappy exchange with a FOX talk show host.

Branson Weekly Arrests 9/19 - 9/25

***All persons are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. This is not a complete documentation af all incidents recorded by the Branson Police Department; however, according to their offices this is a complete list of people arrested.