Branson Landing Restaurants Close/Change Format

The photo was taken with Rick Huffman HCW principle with executives from Sullivans before the company was bought out.
The fine dining establishment is switching brands next year. Management reports strong 4th quarter sales and confirmed new management has dictated the establishment will be replaced with a different brand. The store will change from Sullivan's Steakhouse to Texas Land and Cattle. Price points more fitting to the Branson demographic was cited by management as the reason for the transition.
Hilton managed Liberty Tavern has provided a headache for Hilton management currently in the process of reviewing candidates who will take the prime location on the Branson Landing and change management to a national brand. Great food and a good price wasn't enough to generate strong numbers. Hilton guests make breakfast a busy time however, the lunch and dinner crowds are lacking. Three major brands toured the facility last week. (We vote for Wolfgang Pucks)
Neither of the two establishments have issued press releases to date.
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