Happy Halloween and a little Holiday Advice From Branson Local Bill Lennon

Bill LennonJust a heads up. If you want to see some fine Halloween fanaticism go on up to my nephew Mikey Cathcart's house tonight. On Skyline about a 1/4 south of Safari Rd. Can't miss it.
Mike's work has been featured on HGTV's "Extreme Halloween" for the past 3 years.
Halloween and 4th of July are sacred in the Lennon Family...we have developed skills.
You might try 229 Country Bluff Drive also, if you are interested. I pull out some of my mummies and robots and whatnot leftovers of Halloweens past. I'm usually done by 8 or 9...Mike go's a little later

Shake Up at Wirestreams - ICIS Freezes Accounts

John Steele is a carpenter from Kentucky. His business involves creating custom cabin entry for clients throughout the region. Transferring funds to vendors and receiving funds from buyers proved cumbersome until early this year when John began using a money service business owned by Branson local Wayne Hicks. With a name and email address funds could be transferred and money orders printed from the receiver’s personal computer. The system served John well until the last few weeks when $30,000 in money orders bounced.
Apparently the system was a little too easy to use and proved a lucrative means for money laundering ventures. Hicks reports several "suspicious account activity" reports have been sent to the federal government over the last three years in compliance with Federal law and that all funds have been frozen while an internal audit takes place. Hicks also assures there is no correlation with an IRS audits dating back to May of this year.
Throughout the chaos, Wirestreams appears to be intact. Many Wirestream ventures were scaled back and some disappeared altogether however employees are recieving paychecks and the Libertarian News Network launched last year has been picking up pace with a new facility established on the north side of town opened earlier this month.
Though John has been cleared of any wrongdoing his $50,000 dollar account has been frozen indefinitely.

Abusing the Badge - A Branson Runaway and a Reporter

At 10PM Thursday night I received a call from a distressed mother. A young Branson resident of 13 was reported missing. Though reports were made to local authorities the child's mother was restless.
The phone call I received was in regards to specific digital tracking technology which may have helped locate the missing child. I had a meeting with an editor of a local newspaper and a photo requested by another area publication which could have proved profitable for my career but both were put off as time was of the essence as the child's intent was to flee the state where it would be difficult to find her.
I'm not at liberty to speak of the details as the incident involves a minor - but I will say this. The child was recovered after a 48 hour investigation and my press pass was a great tool in helping find the child.
The press pass gave me access to areas that the police would have trouble infiltrating. There are rural elements and subcultures whose code of ethics doesn't necessarily involve honoring the law.
A press pass gave me access and representation in a non-threatening manner and the child was brought home quickly.

**Local Authorities and a couple detectives went beyond the call of duty granting advice, personal time and compassion.

Editor's Comments:
Unfortunately I cannot share the details for the protection of the child and the legalities involved with laws regarding children - however, I've developed new respect for one of our local agencies and how the 2nd Amendment can serve the citizens of our country.

Michael J. Fox and Conservative Response to Stem Cell Research Initiative

I’ve written about this before and find it humorous that during certain political season’s politicians frequently gain a deep southern Missouri accent and the word Mizerah seems to slide out of their mouths almost by accident. The stem cell research initiative will be a major issue on the ballot and Talent was a bit gun shy about addressing this issue until be pressed repeatedly by the media. The response from Fox didn’t happen until Talent ultimately took a stance against the initiative. Ironically, neither politician has a say in the matter as it will override previous legislation and will be determined by voters directly.
Conservative Christian activists have started a media blitz including local radio ads and the well publicized Michael J. Fox ad was published online to help McCaskill gain support in the Southern Missouri region where it looks like the vote will ultimately be determined.
The first video is a parody response ad followed by the MJ Fox original.

Branson to Springfield - A day in the Life

It’s a sacred responsibility and one that I’m reminded of on the way to Springfield. If you’re a regular reader you know my political affiliation is aligned with the interests of my daughter and the kind of world I want her to live in.

After extensive research I’ve found common denominators among good reporters – exceptional instincts and a love for the truth. Integrity is our certification – honesty our credentials.

It’s the Ramzan Festival which means little to anyone that doesn’t have employees working overseas. To me it means a night without sleep before an action packed day of reporting local news.

First stop –Taney County Courthouse to see Honorable Judge Williams – I’m scheduling a video interview believing a quick stop is on the agenda – but the judge opts to speak with me. I wait in the lobby with anxiety as only a half hour for the scheduled political lynching of Rockaway Beach’s Mayor – which constitutes the death of gambling in the Branson area only to be resurrected when local leaders decide civility trumps personal gain when it comes to managing the city government. Perhaps, they have no idea what’s really at stake.

The judge summons me into his office. He’s preparing to leave for Missouri Judge’s college with the Honorable Larry Luna who will serve the circuit in Ozark as Judge Orr moves into the presiding position. Many judges will choose a summer session at the Lake but Luna and Williams will be attending the Kansas City Session an advantage as they’ll have the complete summary of the last legislative session to study.

Williams is signing warrants and wants to speak about the sacred responsibility of the press; particularly investigative reporting and its importance to society our culture and as a combatant against corruption. It provides a well needed burst of energy as I’m on 30 hours without sleep. A couple notes here – Williams became an attorney at 39 years old – views marriage and raising children as a man’s most sacred oath and became a judge himself after seeing flaws in the judicial system. More to come on this topic.

Next Stop – Rockaway Beach – A Beautiful city in great need of economic opportunity. I fill out a sunshine request to explore specific city counsel meetings. I know the answer to what I’m looking for – instinct – but need to prove it before I can report on it. I receive a copy of the fourteen point allegations against the Mayor which I’ve promised to post and offer equipment to the depressed city. Part of my job is to help government organizations serve the public by disseminating information vital to the citizens. Before I leave I offer to donate equipment that will assist the city in communicating with the public. By donating communications equipment I lower the cost of doing business for myself. Three weeks of gas prices alone will cover the cost. Regardless, I receive confirmation that my instincts are intact – speaking with the judge was a good use of time – an 80 year old Rockaway Beach Alderman with severe diabetes is too ill to make it to the meeting. Impeachment hearings for the mayor are put off indefinitely and so is the fate of gambling in the Branson area.
I have a lunch engagement with Gregory Mathews of Gannet’s Springfield – News-Leader. Greg is unique for a journalist/editor – he can write code and is part of helping bring the Springfield Newsleader into the 21st century. Greg acknowledges the changing face and challenges of the newspaper and the movement from Newspaper to news organization. A couple of weeks ago KY3 and the Newsleader hosted the Talent – McKaskill debates both hosted the video on their websites. The Internet is a common ground where communication forms are blurred.

Exhaustion overwhelms me as we enter the last half hour of our two hour discussion. I’m slaphappy and struggle to keep my eyes open – feels like a brick just hit my head – I can’t complain though – these guys work hard – I’m on my 34th hour without sleep.

The Newsleader has moved to a 19 hour production cycle . With RSS feeds reporters can leak news while it’s breaking which has advantages and disadvantages – without confirmation of all the facts the early reports have errors which are unacceptable for final columns. As we’re eating lunch my RSS reader rings like a doorbell….It’s the Newsleader calling – The Branson office has just reported that the Rockaway Beach meeting has been cancelled. Like I’ve been trying to tell you – instinct will prove to be superior technology to any creation the Internet will bring us. Greg was part of a three person team the paper flew out to attend training on creating and publishing new media. It’s been a challenge for them to put new technology in the hands of reporters as the skill sets are specialized – great writers – great reporters doesn’t necessarily make a great web author. What is exciting is that the paper was able to publish third party candidates that weren’t televised on the aforementioned debates. They’re coming alongin the digital front and new hiring will reflect the diversity needed as the paper evolves – the editor’s are committed to building great online content with the perspective that the money will follow. One particular challenge the paper is having is something called reverse publishing. Let’s say you have an abundance of great content – community reporting and data posted on/ your website ….How can you do the reverse and turn in into print content before deadline…the newspaper’s of the future need good code. Greg and I part ways before I head to area political headquarters but not before one final detour… 417 Magazine

I stopped by to get coffee on my way to the judges office where this story begins. I came across Colette Streasak a former salesperson for the Taney County Times. She’s in the process of starting a magazine called “Both Sides of The Bridge “. What’s important here is how she’s pitching it…”like 417”. This is local lingo for – you should pay me well because my publication quality is unbeatable. It’s unlikely they’ll be seeing competition of this caliber in our area. I say this because of something I recognized while at 417 headquarters– discipline. Everyone was working hard – not the glamour of other publication headquarters I’ve been to but the ethic was apparent. They’ll beat you because they work harder – It’s the American way.

Last stop of the day in Springfield….Republican Headquarter’s are empty. They have three offices and I’m told the office on Sunshine isn’t where the action is.In fact, when I’m there Rublican Headquarters are empty. Democratic headquarter’s prove to be more interesting and after my 6th visit they’re warming up to me a little more. I’m pulled to the side for one of the most interesting discussions of the day. An intern explains the real political process in Jefferson City. Forget what they told you in Political Science class - Here’s how it really goes down. First of all, no one hangs out in Jefferson City unless you’re getting an award, are a member of the press or a lobbyist. Lobbyist’s are everywhere and represent a massive diversity of interests. Some from corporations – some from schools – you name it a lobbyist probably represents it. They spend time seducing politicians both Democrat and Republican regardless of what candidates may want you to think. If you’re convinced as a state rep of a good idea it’s passed over to a panel of attorneys who create the draft of legislation to be approved. It’s somewhat of a cakewalk and the first month consists of little more than two hour daily sessions. This changes towards the end of the session and the last month is hectic. Democrats and Republicans work together and are less of enemies than campaign ads suggest. Support staff is important and one specific candidate Norma Champion is noted by “her enemy” as having some of the best staff in Jefferson City. (Complements from your political foes carry heavy weight in my book). Who I really want to speak to is an analyst and MSU professor who predicted outcomes of the last election by 1/10t of 1%. I don’t know if he’s a political analyst or a fortune teller – doesn’t matter it’s who I want to meet and will have to follow up because I won’t be satisfied until I get to the bottom of this story.

After my my 40th hour without sleep I head home thinking about something a publisher asked me last week. I have an answer for him now …I have great instincts, love the truth and write with integrity. I consider myself a journalist and couldn’t be more proud.

Branson Area Real Estate Firm Integrates Resistered Sex Abusers with Local Property Maps

It's a technology I've been flirting with for over a year and the site is now live. A subtle offender’s box lists the location of Registered Sex Offenders with local property for sale. What isn't so subtle is the use of skulls over the map.
Just as easily, a picture and links to a description of the statute violated by the offender could be integrated; however, for the purposes of this site it really didn't seem necessary - after all the purpose is to add an element of information that could be a factor in how a parent chooses to buy a home. The site can be viewed at 76 Realty and will be available to other realtors in the Branson Area who want to integrate this type of Geo-data on their web sites.

Heavy News Week in Branson

This is going to be a heavy news week here. Great stuff coming. This morning Rockaway Beach will begin mayor lynching ceremonies..oops ... I mean the "totally legal" impeachment process and a great victory for anti-gambling advocates.

The process - straight up ---Ruthless.

Branson Collector Car Auction

Let the bidding continue! A lot of interesting news items broke this weekend but none quite as interesting as the fact that over a million dollars in classic cars will be auctioned over the weekend at Celebration City.

I'll be shooting footage for the event today. Up on stage, my shots will be seen on the large projector. For the bidders this is the closest view they'll see during the auction. Most bidder's who are willing to pay 30k (some go for much lower) they proabably already know what the car looks like but the giant screen will focus on features of the car that reminds them of why they want to buy. They also get a view and angles they can't see when the car is on the stage.

I have some great clips of a bidding war I'll be posting later in the evening.

Branson Real Estate Market - Can the booming Branson Market Sustain?

Broker Mike Cooper of Equibuilder Realty asks can the pricing sustain? CNN noted Branson, Missouri is a great place to buy real estate. As the rest of the national real estate market has experienced rapid increases the Branson market was considered one of the top 10 places to buy land. Sales have been steady but inventory on the market is rising. Though the news firm suggests it's the low prices for lake front property local realtors have made another suggestion - Taxes...

Low property taxes make Branson look like a good place to retire particularly for people coming from markets such as Illinois where property tax is notably high. Mike also notes that though inventory is rising, sales are steady but nor rising with pace suggesting a rise in average time on market - especially if sellers want to see high returns.

City of Branson backs off Branson Sports Club Trademark issue

The city of Branson reaffirmed it's claim of the name Branson Missouri. The city dropped pursuit of the Branson Sport's Club on the basis of its original stance that any business that has used Branson in its name for over two years will not be challenged by the city.
The actual trademark specifically states that the city of Branson lacks exclusive rights to the name but rather the logo...(See actual Patent Applcation below)

Goods and Services IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Municipal services, namely, promoting trade, commerce, industry, tourism, and economic and residential developments in the area of Branson, Missouri. FIRST USE: 19981203. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19981203
Design Search Code 01.01.03 - Comets; Stars with five points
06.01.04 - Mountains; Scenery with mountains
24.17.13 - Clef symbol (musical); Musical notes; Musical staff; Musical symbols, including treble and bass clef symbols, sharp and flat symbols and notes
26.01.02 - Circles, plain single line; Plain single line circles
26.01.21 - Circles that are totally or partially shaded.
26.11.21 - Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded
26.11.28 - Miscellaneous designs with overall rectangular shape; Rectangular shapes (miscellaneous overall shape)
Serial Number 75624226
Filing Date January 20, 1999
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1B
Published for Opposition April 17, 2001
Registration Number 2594679
Registration Date July 16, 2002
Owner (REGISTRANT) City of Branson, Missouri CORPORATION MISSOURI P.O. Box 1309 Branson MISSOURI 65615
Attorney of Record DONALD R. SCHOONOVER
Description of Mark The mark consists of a circle enclosing a phrase of musical notes, the words "Branson Missouri" with a star in the "o" in Branson, and a design of a mountain range with a river running through it. The stippling is for shading purposes.
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

Roy Blunt Celebrates Son Charlie's Birthday in Branson

The Stone County Republican Club hosted an intimate gathering of Southern Missouri Republican leaders this evening in Branson West. Before the meeting began; Charlie opened presents including an Elmo doll which made a close second place to my camera as his toy of choice. Is it possible that we have a photojournalist on our hands? The charismatic young man had the attention of local leaders before dinner and a briefing to party leadership of the national agenda and importance of the upcoming election. He reminded participants that the upcoming election is likely to be decided by SouthWest Missouri voters.
Roy spoke to four points on the national agenda ..

1. National Security
2. Economic Opportunity
3. Energy Independence
4. Immigration

(A few highlights)
On National Security, Roy defended recent legislation stating the importance of being able to intercept phone calls to known terrorists without going through red tape. He also stated his one criticism of the Reagan administration was it's handling of Lebanon stressing the importance of maintaining a strong front to avoid future problems. Blunt explained we could've avoided problems by fighting back mentioning the first bombing attempt on the World Trade Center and the USS Cole. Regarding Iraq Blunt stated, "This is not a war on terror, this is a war on a Jihadist element of Islam who want to kill us"

On the Economy Blunt spoke about lowering taxes and the economic boost we're experiencing. "This is the highest rate of growth we've had in a long time with unemployment at an all time high. No one at the Washington Post - the New York Times - the St. Louis Dispatch - the Kansas City Star knows how we can do it".

On Energy Roy Blunt spoke of turning a problem into a solution and independence on foreign energy sources.” It’s one thing to buy something from someone you don't like and another to have to".

On Immigration Blunt descended from the president's solution saying the highest flux on incoming aliens occurred when Amnesty was being discussed. "In the past, Blunt explained, we've had a catch and release policy on illegal immigration. Individuals were asked to reappear on court date and no one did - now they're being deported".

On the democrats, "They've done a good job not telling people what they're for and if I were them I wouldn't either."

Rockaway Beach City Council Behaviour Delays Gambling Initiative for Branson Area

It was caluculated. This is the only conclusion one could come to when looking at the historical record of Rockaway Beach City Council's move to oust Mayor Tom Strom. Procedures put in place in December paved the road for Tom's political hanging.

The fourteen points submitted as grounds to replace the Mayor are severely lacking in substance. Rumour is, and I haven't yet checked the record, Sue Riggs was asked not to vote on a casino-land deal where she was one of the equity holders. If this is true; the Mayor was wise in asking her not to vote as her equity stake was a conflict of interest....

Here's the deal....Mayor Pro Tem Sue Riggs made a bid for power. After a vote the Mayor was suspended pending impeachment hearings. The sandbox is now Sue's but the Casino that was moving into Rockaway Beach was unimpressed suspending marketing funding to push the initiative ahead.

Ironincally, the initial grudge was about the Mayor being too careful in his dealings with the Casino. The end result is the Casino's potential pulling out of Rockaway Beach.

How's being Mayor feel Sue?

Taney County Times

I have a digital copy on my computer of the Taney County Times and will be publishing parts of it online later this afternoon. They have an interesting policy regarding letters to the editor which has been a topic of debate among other newspapers in Southern Missouri. Should a letter to the editor that addresses or criticizes an individual or organization be sent/shown or be subject to notification to the group it criticizes?

The Taney County Times Policy is yes. They give both sides a chance notice and a chance to respond.

Today .. the Taney County Times Reads:

Good newspapers have no friends! They are feared by those who desire you to have no rights, and respected by those who believe in God and the Constitution of our forefathers.

Branson City Council Meeting

A parlay or tiff over tiff funds ensued as Chuck Pennel took the floor in the last 1/2 hour of Branson's City Council Meeting. Chuck urged Branson City Council to write state legislators to equalize the power of cities and counties when it comes to Tiff funds. Chuck explained that the county could grant Tiff's but not without permission of the city. Taney County commissioner Chuck Pennel began by acknowledging and thanking the city for their charitable donations to various organizations then proceeded to asked the city to lobby legislators for changes in the state law asking for city council members to beg for a reduction in power...(Righhhht).

City Council fired back asking the question, "Have we increased sales this year?"

(Sales are up 10% for the city of Branson) Chuck acknowledged the upward trend and stated his hopes that the trend will continue.

Chuck's 10 minutes of fame in Branson's city council Meeting was stated in classic old school style. (JC old skool – Christian doctrine dictates thanking God before asking for something)

The City will now be limiting fame to 10 minutes passing a first reading of legislation limiting commentary to "topics at hand" in city council meetings.

Gary Groman took the stand next with copies of the cities trademark from the US patent office. The former attorney and editorialist explained the city had no right to limit the use of the term Branson. A handout of the cities Trademark filings were handed to every member of city council and city attorney Paul Link.

Lastly, a gentleman from the Orlando area identified himself as a conservative democrat who never lost a suit against a city...hmm.. He elegantly spoke about the trademark issue involving the Branson Sports Club, however, lost some footing after apologizing for saying "gosh darn" and failing to apologize for using an exploitative for female dog.

Next … the coup in Rockaway Beach –

Rockaway Beach Mayor - Fat Chance for a fair trial

Rockaway Beach Mayor Tom Strom told the Branson Daily News " he believes there are no impeachable offensives in the charges" which were brought against him Thursday. I haven't got a chance to read the charges; however, I understand the grudge.

According to the Aldermen Tom has been too conservative in his approach to the Rockaway Beach gambling initiative.

The question is - Will Tom Strom get a fair trial...considering the jury it's unlikely and unlikely the Mayor will stay in office. The same group that's trying to have him impeached is the same group that will determine whether or not he'll have to give up his position as Mayor - whether he's guilty or not.

The charges will be posted on this site later in the week...

State Politicians Fail to Keep It Clean - Unlike Branson Area Politics

An analysis of Taney County and Branson political contests might reveal a turnoff from voters who conduct nasty campaigns. This isn't the same at the state level nor for our sister Springfield to the north where things are getting heated.
McCaskill and Talent have had a pretty clean campaign until the last 30 days here. Once again I want to thank our local candidates for keeping a clean political race during our elections - I say this because there is no political opposition to speak of in November.

Last week Local KY3 journalist Dave Catanese commented on the shift in polls. Talent shifted from a 3 point lead to a four point drop. The national average after the Foley fiasco is a 12 point decline for Republican’s statewide.
was in Washington for Meet The Press interviews with Talent and McCaskill. Congrats Dave and thanks for the report...

McCaskill, who has been campaigning in the Talent stronghold of Southern Missouri, characterizes the incumbent as a veteran & single mother hating tyrant (Commercials given upon request).

Talent characterizes McCaskill as a Carpetbagger trying to cash in on false advertising and in a part of the state that she has has little to provide for.

Talent's ads are running on local radio stations launched earlier this week.

(I think this pretty much sums this race up)

One of the most creative campaigns has to be Doug Harpool and his Internet campaign addressing campaign contributions.

Dave TV Internet Campaign Ad:
Transcripts From Meet The Press Debates

BDN Reports Branson Area Festival of Lights Back in Business

The cover of the Branson Daily News yesterday was a pic of Larry Milton giving a 25k check - nearly 9% of the total funds required to make the Festival of Lights a success.

Branson Real Estate At All time HIgh

Mike Cooper's weekly Branson Real Estate listing index records an all time high in area properties available....good or bad? Mike promises to tell us later....

Ozark Man Builds Telescope

Phillip Eganhouse built this Newtonian Refraction telescope with his own hands. Southern Missouri is known for great craftsman but Phillip really outdid his peers. "What's really exciting is when people see the moon up close for the first time, many run home and grab their kids so they can see - that's why I do it". Phillip a theology student plans on taking his telescope to show Bransonites at the Branson Landing next month.

Here's a view quite less impressive than seeing it yourself.

Branson Responds to Media Accusations

Paul Link city attorney clarified the city's position today. No business's that have been working under a Branson related name for more than 2 years will be contacted for trademark infringement regarding trademark dispute. The city of Branson is not claiming a right but rather responding to outside counsel In addition the city has stated there the business being contacted is one of many and not an isolated case.

Will Branson Change it Motto to "Let us annex you or we'll crush you with our TIF-funded lawyers."

Tony Messenger from the Springfield News Leader asks:

A city suing a local business saying it can't use the city's name? Did Branson secede from the union and get annexed into the former Soviet Union when we weren't paying attention? Did Yakov stage a coup?

It's one thing to protect a business interest such as "Branson Landing". It's fine for universities, for instance, to protect their names and likenesses for licensing and marketing purposes. Branson, too, would be in reasonable company if they were stopping some other city or business from trampling on a trademarked phrase.

Say Branson, for instance, decided on this town motto: "Let us annex you or we'll crush you with our TIF-funded lawyers." Should some business try to steal that phrase for their use, sure, go after them.

But to target a non-profit organization near Branson and then offer them a quid pro quo annexation? What are they smokin' in them there hills?

There are a number of business operation in Branson and outside of the area (some making millions off the name) that fail to reflect Branson's family values. The question is .... Is the Sports Club one of them?

Do they have a bigger objective maybe ... A multi-million dollar timeshare ticked booking enterprise operating under the cities name? Nahhhh. Well, maybe - the city could recover millions in revenue and maintain its good name.

A Branson Citizen's Note to Matt Blunt

Mr. Blunt,

Forgive my directness, if you find it offensive, alienating or otherwise irritating. Your father's office visits my site much more frequently than you. Perhaps, we can change this - but rather - I wish you would ignore this site and consider our mutual constituents - the citizens of Branson - the citizens and tourists of Missouri. As the current Congressional races are proving, we are much more important than previously thought.
I have watched your polls decline recently and it's my hope that they recover quickly. Of course I say this selfishly as this would undoubtedly represent a marked improvement in the perceived policies of your office. Though your numbers statewide are far from impressive, you'll find your most supportive base to remain here in the southern part of the state. We clearly represent your most loyal base and it is my intention to improve relations with your champions of past.
Though we represent a much smaller portion of the manufacturing and commercial revenue provided to the Great State of Missouri - we command the lions share - 30% of the statewide tourism income. Considering Branson's per capita tourism revenue it shouldn't be of trivial nature that we are a marketing force none can reckon with.
Great concern has arisen from your recent appointments to the State Tourism Board. Reports of appointing representation from out of the state concern us, reports of a failure to provide representation from the most successful tourism force in the state should concern every citizen in the state. We have much to offer and have not held back in the offerings we have previously and continue to provide - I speak of course of your campaign coffers of past and ongoing support from representation we send to Jefferson City.
Let's cut to the chase --- shall we? I believe you'll find the sum of campaign contributions coming indirectly from Branson interests to exponentially exceed Leutkemeyer's contribution - which I understand is substantial. (Please take note of this a spreadsheet will be provided upon request). I also understand Ms. Raenne Presley's opposition to Luetkemeyer to be based upon his inexperience in the tourist industry.
As a journalist and consultant I'm often asked to provide intelligence on various happenings in our region, usually I charge -but for you my governor - my advice is free. Reanne Presley's reputation, understanding and knowledge of the tourism industry is unmatched. She's known as provider of knowledgeable and sound advice. You would be providing yourself a great service by reappointing or making her a new position in Jefferson City to advise you on how to manage Missouri's tourism cash cow called Branson. Branson has a great deal to teach Missouri when it comes to tourism her participation in the decisions involving allocated budgets should be inline with what she provides to the sector and the state in this regard. Our lack of representation in the state's tourism advisory group is beyond reasonable judgment and should be reconsidered and remedied quickly for the good of the state.

Your's Truly,
1 Branson Citizen

Raeanne Presley of Branson to the 10-member panel. He replaced her with a campaign contributor. Presley opposed Luetkemeyer, a banker and insurance agent who has no tourism industry experience.

Sky View Of Branson Landing

 This shot was taken of the Branson Landing while flying into Hollister's airport. Some of the best photography of the project can be taken from the east side of the bridge. The lower bridge is accessible to the Branson Scenic Train and having walked across it by foot wouldn't recommend you attempt this feat as if a train goes by you have a high probability of "having just taken your last tour of Branson". Posted by Picasa

Roy Blunt Coming to Branson Area

Roy BluntRoy Blunt will be coming to the Ledgestone Country Club October 13th. Sponsored by the Stone County Republican Club, Blunt is expected to address a number of national political issues in addition to expressing his support for Jim Talent. The McCaskill Talent Race is one of the closest in the nation with Talent showing a small lead over McCaskill.
The Republican rally will include an optional dinner for $15 and those wishing to attend can contact Kelly Swanson - 417-739-2315