Branson Restaurant Manager (La Iguana) Indicted For Meth, Illegal Firearms

United States Attorneys Office Western District of Missouri (Press Release) 
July 24, 2013

(Follow-up La Iguana Meth Bust)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced today that the manager of the La Iguana Mexican Restaurant in Branson, Mo., has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to drug trafficking and illegally possessing firearms.
Jose Antonio Garcia-Gonzalez, 39, of Branson, was charged in a two-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Springfield on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. Garcia-Gonzalez is the manager of the La Iguana Mexican Restaurant in Branson.
The federal indictment alleges that Garcia-Gonzalez possessed 500 grams or more of methamphetamine on July 16, 2013, with the intent to distribute. The indictment also alleges that Garcia-Gonzalez was an illegal alien in possession of several firearms. Garcia-Gonzalez allegedly possessed a Jennings Jimenez Arms 9mm semi-automatic firearm, a KelTek 9mm semi-automatic firearm, a Springfield Armory 9mm semi-automatic firearm, a Spikes Tactical AR-15 (7.62X39) rifle and ammunition, all of which was seized by law enforcement officers from his residence on July 16, 2013.
Dickinson cautioned that the charges contained in this indictment are simply accusations, and not evidence of guilt. Evidence supporting the charges must be presented to a federal trial jury, whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.
This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Randall D. Eggert. It was investigated by the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection Unit, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Branson, Mo., Police Department and the Missouri Department of Revenue.

------------------------U.S Attorney Tammy Dickinson Profile
U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson is the top-ranking federal law enforcement official in the Western District of Missouri, which includes Kansas City, St. Joseph, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Springfield. She oversees a staff of 127 employees, including 64 attorneys and 63 non-attorney support personnel.
The office is responsible for prosecuting federal crimes in the district, including crimes related to terrorism, public corruption, child exploitation, firearms, and narcotics. The office also defends the United States in civil cases and collects debts owed to the United States.
Dickinson, a Kansas City, Mo., native, has been a trial attorney her entire legal career. She was the Chief Trial Assistant for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office from 2002 until her appointment as U.S. Attorney in January 2013, after working as an assistant prosecutor in that office beginning in 1998.
Dickinson received her J.D. in 1998 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and her B.A. in 1989 from Webster University. She is a member of the Missouri Bar Association and the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association

Branson's Largest Open Government Violation - Legal Fees and the Sunshine Law

There she is , the town whore (what the old timers call her referring the wayward youth from the trailer park days) , Ms. Presley herself sitting in the back of the courtroom as I'm accosted by the Sheriff. "Delete those pictures", barks the bailiff. . I slightly crap myself. He could throw me in jail for what I tried to do - document the Taney County Courthouse without KY3's express written permission.

Ms. Presley laughs, I can hear her to the back of me - back of the courthouse , all the alderman stand by and have taken turns watching the millions they've offered to an oblivious public.And I've watched them for three years - three years and 75 some odd published documents titled Coverdell Vs. Empire blocked by a partnership of politician and press.

Two Supreme Court Judges one for the city and one for Coverdell draining thousands of taxpayer dollars for every hour the team spends defending ownership of the Branson Landing - hidden from news report but at the cost of Branson residents. Mr. John Holstein one the most prestigious, glorious legal minds to ever set foot in the state of Missouri and to the right an equally larger than life Chip Roberston - Major League Litigation powerhouses.

All I really wanted was a photograph
Both men have stood at the highest position in the state - they have proved to be legal master in two things - Death & Taxes.  Against each other Holstein VS. Robertson the uncertain awaits an epic battle of multi-billion dollar proportion. If I have erred, fallen short of journalistic integrity it'd be not how ridiculously irresponsible our Mayor is , but rather simplicity in figuring out the endgame in the largest land struggle in the nation with an estimate outcome of $10 billion to the City of Branson's youth. In the sideshow, $5 million downtown, $100 million on the strip, $28 million in the Presley Sports Complex and whatever strange notions a politician might give when they have no chance for re-election and redoubtably a future in politics.

The initial price was $25,000 x 2 . but partlayed to nearly $4,000,000 in taxpayer cost , but we can only estimate because our Mayor and Board of Alderman believe they can be asked what legal contracts exist in an open meeting and not produce. An oral Sunshine Request live at City Hall published by the City of Branson for good keeping - perhaps as a middle finger to tax payers. KY3 adds a special notice at the bottom "We are committed to open and honest government".

The only reason I could get arrested for taking a picture is because KY3's Gene Hartley has decided that he doesn't want to honor my credentials. In three years Hartley hasn't sent one reporter in Branson with could cost a large percentage of Branson's annual revenue.

Taney County doesn't like Mark Orr. Larry Luna, an associate judge, managed a prominent lawfirm in Forsyth the Taney County seat but worked his way into Christian County. As a member of the Taney County Press I am slighted. Behind closed doors Hartley argues that the Internet isn't a forum for news - meanwhile - back at Presley TV/KY3 Headquarters, Hartley, who I've never seen at the courthouse gets to determine what censorship Branson residents should tolerate.

I've seen the Branson Daily News, The Taney County Times and occasionally local radio, but never KY3 - oh - unless some kids get molested at a Christian Camp.

I understand why Judge Mark Orr doesn't like Taney County, because Taney County doesn't like him. Still, I have a First Amendment Right to cover the courts. In fact, better we don't like each other.. Good for all. Be afraid not to love justice or mercy - and know the dam will break.

Tides change and the Missouri Press Core which honors the digital master - the online media king - and the same man who tell the Circuit Judge that digital media doesn't matter. Hartley, Presley and Orr did one thing correctly - they helped ensure there wasn't a report - no picture.

As I walked out the door I warned Presley - I will file a complaint to the FCC and there are many more coming. And at 3:00 AM on the 2014 day your license comes up for renewal - the dam will be broken for sure.

I really wish I had that picture but I think the public is beginning to get the idea.

Branson Remembers Joey Riley (Collection)

Video's Below After Cut\
Springfield News Leader 
Branson entertainer Joey Riley has died.
The death was announced Friday in a statement on the Facebook page of The Joey Riley Show.
“It is with the deepest sadness that I inform all of Joey’s fans, supporters and friends that Joey passed away last night,” the statement says. “He went to Heaven peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by those who loved him.”
“He will be missed by many, but we know he is in a better place, reunited with his mother and father and those who have gone before him. The Riley family can’t thank everyone enough for all the love, support and kindness you have showed us during this trying time,” the statement said.
Earlier this year, Riley was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.
Riley was a steel guitarist, fiddle player and comedic sidekick who had worked at the Clay Cooper Theatre, the Mickey Gilley Theatre and Music City Centre in Branson. He has had his own show for several years and had performed in Mickey Gilley’s show and in “Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express” as well.
In April, the Clay Cooper Theatre held a benefit for Riley, who was 43 at the time.
According to a press release from the Clay Cooper Theatre, Riley did not have health insurance, so proceeds from the show went to help Riley and his wife, Kelli, with his medical expenses.
The April press release said Riley’s tumor could not be removed surgically, so he was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
It also said Riley had planned to return to Clay Cooper’s show and open his show in the fall.

Friends, family and fans were able to say goodbye to a longtime Branson entertainer Monday morning.
Hundreds turned out for 43-year old Joey Riley's memorial in Branson.
The entertainer has performed with some of the biggest names in Branson for nearly 25 years.

He died last week from stage four colon cancer.

He was diagnosed just four months ago.
The memorial was all about remembering Riley as the funny man he was.
“Joey would be happy about how many people were here today, but the first thing he would say is that he hopes they didn’t get in for free,” joked Branson entertainer and friend to Riley, Clay Cooper.
“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I loved Joey as much as anyone and thought of him like my own son,” said Branson entertainer Mickey Gilley.
Riley will be buried in his hometown of Wylie, Texas. The family will hold another memorial for him there on July 29.
During his fight with cancer, Riley accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills that his family can’t pay. The entertainer didn’t have insurance. Despite multiple fundraising efforts family members say they are still raising money for those bills.
If you would like to donate, family members say you can drop off cash or checks to the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson or mail donations to the First Baptist Church at 200 N. Ballard Ave. Wylie, TX 75098. Donations and flowers will be accepted by the family.

Branson entertainer Joey Riley dies

Comedian loses battle with cancer
Posted: Friday, July 19, 2013 7:52 am | Updated: 2:27 pm, Tue Jul 23, 2013. Branson Daily News

Branson entertainer Joey Riley, who was diagnosed with cancer this spring, died last night, according to his Facebook page.
“It is with the deepest sadness that I inform all of Joey’s fans, supporters and friends that Joey passed away last night,”  a post on Joey’s page stated. “He went to Heaven peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by those who loved him. He will be missed by many, but we know he is in a better place, reunited with his mother and father and those who have gone before him. The Riley family can't thank everyone enough for all the love, support and kindness you have showed us during this trying time. Details about services will be shared as soon as arrangements are made.”
Riley, 43, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in late March

Memorial Services Announced for Joey Riley
By: Harold Smith
Posted: Saturday, July 20, 2013 (KRZK)
Update:Memorial service for Joey Riley will be Monday, July 22, at 11:00 a.m. at The Clay Cooper Theatre.  
** Original Story 7/19 **
Joey Riley has lost his battle with colon cancer.
A post on the Joey Riley Show’s Facebook page indicated that Riley had died Thursday night.
The veteran Branson entertainer’s health issues began in late March, according to his longtime friend and fellow entertainer Clay Cooper…
That was April 1st. Riley had no health insurance, so Cooper and others organized a benefit show later in April. Riley performed at that show. That was the last time he appeared on stage.
During his Branson career, Riley had appeared in his own show, along with appearances with Mickey Gilley, Clay Cooper and others.
No word yet on funeral arrangements for Joey Riley..

Branson's Crooked Mayor Raeanne Presley & KY3 (Media Aligns Contractually With Poltician)

It's no wonder the public has soured to media companies when wicked alliances are forged in disregard to democracy. While these types of arrangements are standard in fascist nations - under Raeanne Presley's Branson a minor dictatorship is solidified with the assistance of integrity free media outlets,  Iranian style. Remember, Presley wasn't elected in a normal fashion and couldn't have won an election fairly - unfortunately scruples aren't her strong point. Former Branson Mayor Lou Schaefer was having economic trouble and unlike Presley failed to feast like a pig on public tax troughs. Scheafer got behind on his taxes. An inside Presley loyalist at Branson City Hall had Schaefer removed from the ballot leaving Presley alone - old school USSR style. There wasn't a choice on the ballot. This is how her reign of terror on the Branson economy began.

Because Presley is so used to getting away with dishonesty this investigative research is being produced to demonstrate the basic blueprint for corruption and the marriage of Politician and the Press - not even a bribe - a straight partnership. It's been suggested that a phone call was made to Presley denying the allegation of collaboration with KY3. It is my intention to prove beyond any doubt that such a statement is an outright lie. Interestingly, there is a documentary about Prelsley called "We always Lie to Strangers". While Presley may serve the father of lies, this is not indicative of the community and brings such shame that the movie hasn't even played in Branson.

Having personally been illegally detained by Edict of Presley on numerous occasions (persistent violations of 1st and 4th Amendment rights) I pretty much have two choices. I can continue to let my family and community suffer or I can risk death and speak truth to action. I'm choosing the latter as financial mishandling threaten the future of Branson in a very real way.

Branson Visitor TV is co-owned by Presley but interestingly enough the mailing address is in Springfield MO at Schurz Communications Headquarters. The FCC filings indicate the address of Branson Visitor TV as P.O. Box 3500   Springfield, MO 65807. As you can see on the Schurz Communications website aka KY3 and  Branson Visitor TV are based at the same location.

Branson residents might remember the CW and note these programs are not available anymore. Instead, under the guise of tourist information; a storyline advertising Prelsley Theater as Branson's first entertainment venue (another ridiculous lie) can be seen. While the research has not been conducted the many hours of Presley Theater documentaries and advertisements are probably due to an operation where programming is literally paid for by state tax dollars through operatives in Jefferson City (a retraction will be made in the rare event that this isn't another money laundering operation so common under the Presley ethic) . This has not yet been substantiated but is being suggested based on the assumption that Raeanne Presley lacks any shred of moral fiber altogether. Back to the fornication of politician and press: (MISSOURI FILM COMMISSION)

While a marriage of politician and press may benefit the politician and help generate massive revenue for the media company its the public that gets screwed. For a broader view and the history of Schurz, KY3, KSPR and Branson Visitor TC you can review the Wikipedia page for K15CZ.

Branson Visitor TV actually is actually K17DL. The call letters are indicative of the license from the Federal Communications Commission which manages broadcast permits. If you notice, political office, KY3, Schurz and Prelsley's Branson Visitor TV are used interchangeably. The license was established in 2009 by incumbant Presley with the assistance of then sitting State Senator Jack Goodman. Here's more:

Branson Restaurant Raided 9 lbs of Methamphetamine Recovered on 76 Strip

Micheal Maples FB
Courtesy KSPR (Story Credit Mary Maloney) - with mad props for beating all other news outlets to the story 


BRANSON, Mo. -- A popular Branson restaurant is closed after federal agents found nine pounds worth of methamphetamine.

La Iguana is a California-style Mexican restaurant off the Highway 76 strip. Tuesday afternoon, witnesses said, federal agents raided it and an apartment complex about two miles away. A day after the raid, La Iguana in Branson and another one in Branson West had county signs in the window announcing its abrupt closure.

"This establishment is closed until further notice by the Taney County Health Department," read Tom Cisneros. His company, Ozark Window Tinting, worked on the restaurant's building. Cisneros is also a loyal customer.

"This is actually a great place to eat. I'm from California, so I know all the good Mexican food and this is authentic California tacos and food and it is the best," said Cisneros. "Whatever reason they had for closing, I hope they open up soon!"

Another man, Dennis Johnson, agreed with Cisneros.
Courtesy Matt Fisher FB

"They are all good people," he said of the owners. "I'm an ex-chef and my wife and I just love this place. It's inexpensive; the food is always authentic Southern Californian."

According to a public affairs officer with the Homeland Security Investigations department of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, special agents with ICE's Homeland Security Investigations, DEA and officers with the Missouri Department of Revenue, Branson Police Department and the Taney County Sheriff's Office all took part in a "law enforcement operation."

Witnesses said about 10 federal agents raided La Iguana around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. Most of the agents drove in unmarked black vehicles and some of them had DEA across their chests. Witnesses said they watched as a Branson police car blocked off an area of the parking lot to interested people passing by the busy street.

Tim Haynes FB
Neighbors said La Iguana is more than just a place to get something to eat. Owners also run a check cashing business, money transfer operation, and sell international phone cards.

"I send money back to my sister all the time in Mexico," one man said as he attempted to open the door.

Signs posted in English and Spanish also advertise the services.

Federal agents said the restaurant and a unit at The Vineyards Apartment Complex were part of the raid. An investigator said about nine pounds or four kilos of methamphetamine were found. Police believe the drugs originated from Mexico.

An agent said two people were arrested. Witnesses nearby report a familiar person being taken out of the restaurant in handcuffs. They said the man was born and raised in Mexico and is not a U.S. citizen.

No one has been charged in the raid.
 Graphic Credit Matt Fisher

-----------------------Branson Locals Chime In-------------

"La Iguana...where you can eat all the Mexican food you want and still lose weight!" - Patty Equality Tweedle

 "Speeeeedy Taco!" -  Carl Mazur

"9lbs that's it? Their burritos seemed bigger" -Shea Stafford 

"Authentico from Methico" - Robert Allen Campa

 "Our tacos will blow your mind" -  Kim Fino

Barry Williams aka Greg Brady Visits St. Louis Children's Hospital

Press Release - Branson, MO.  – Barry B Williams Enterprises, Inc. announced today that Barry Williams, aka the real Greg Brady visited St. Louis Children’s Hospital over the weekend.

Last year, five year old, Make-A-Wish Missouri child, Violet, visited Branson for an Ozark Mountain Christmas to make her wish come true.  Her wish, to visit Branson and meet “Greg Brady.”   “I would love to meet the real Greg, the one with the curly hair,” said Violet.

Violet originally underwent emergency surgery to remove a life-threating brain tumor located at the base of her cerebellum.  Although her recovery has been remarkable, she was back in the hospital for additional brain surgery on Wednesday.  While recuperating at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Barry Williams went to visit her. 

“Violet holds a special place in my heart and if I can help any child with a speedy recovery, then the trip was well worth it.  It’s all about bringing hope, strength and joy into the lives of children,” said Barry Williams.

St. Louis Children's Hospital has provided specialized care for children for more than 125 years. The hospital is affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine, ranked the number four medical school in the country by US News & World Report. In 2012, St. Louis Children’s Hospital again made the elite US News & World Report Honor Roll of the nation’s Best Pediatric Hospitals, in additional to receiving Magnet re-designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, the nation’s highest honor for nursing excellence. In 2009, Parents magazine ranked St. Louis Children's Hospital number five in the nation. St. Louis Children's Hospital is a member of BJC HealthCare.  For more information; or visit us @STLChildrens on Facebook and Twitter.

Joe Allen Signs with Tex - Signals Addittional Charges

Call him the "Johnny Cochran of Taney County". Joe Allen of the Schenewerk and Allen law firm along with attorney Michael Horn were retained to defend Tex , aka Kevin Clint Lee on charges related to a highly visible take-down that had many Branson residents accusing the Branson Police Department of brutality. Detainment is so rare in Branson that such acts are foreign to Branson residents.

Allen, a former College of the Ozarks baseball player and current Rockaway Beach Prosecutor is arguably the most talented trial attorney in Taney County. Allen scored front page press last year in the Missouri Law Journal for successfully earning jury trial acquittal for two separate cases involving child molestation charges.

Allen's courtroom prowess forces prosecutors to rethink settlement terms to avoid a courtroom loss. The contract is rumored to start at $10k which signals two things. First, Allen will likely seek a jury trial and multiple felony charges against Tex may follow, or another magical maneuver conjured reaping shock and awe.


Spending six days with Tex was a traumatic experience. I'm hoping by the time I finish perfecting this piece it will be sorted out in my own mind. The truth is the larger story will likely fade quietly into the night,away from the public eye,  but the realities of my personal experience will haunt me. Due to the legality of HIPAA the case will probably be sealed and its memory will fade except for those actively involved in the case and its legacy limited to those able to harness this unique case for change - be it good or bad. For a minute everyone wanted a piece of Tex - for love, profit or whatever the heart of men's unspoken desire.

My participation in the story started with several phone calls from community leaders, men I respect. Some knew Tex in passing and were in shock when they saw Tex taken down by four police officers at a busy intersection in Branson. Some screamed brutality others promoted the perfection and flawlessness of the Branson PD (as if police officers are a subset of humans perfected by the badge) . To be intellectually honest both groups are wrong. The Branson Police Department has been overzealous at times and the true mark of police brutality is far from what we've seen. Perhaps, one day, when we're fortunate enough to have honest leaders, the policies of the police force will change. As of now, we can't truly expect basic integrity from our chief of Police, less so our Mayor whom is financially intertwined with our working press.

Branson is a mild, kind and peaceful place. Brutality, or any  use of force is not a common occurrence. It's rare and not something people often see. Less of a reality is the internal workings of our justice system, even less so our mental health system that will one day seem archaic. Unlike the justice system, the medical system has no oversight and people are often treated as subhuman - unworthy of common dignity. Both use of force guidelines and medical treatment of the mentally sick require ethics we would be appalled at if they were applied to dogs. Future generations will look at our current policies in shock of our ignorance.

If I've learned anything it's this: to be treated like a dog is a privileged state - an honor few humans will ever have. Interestingly, I happen to own the cutest dog in the world. She's well behaved and everywhere we walk people want to love on her, pet her, feed her, take her home. To find someone with such compassion for a human is rare and to meet someone willing to love the unloved in such a way inspired me to dedicate time, energy and resources - which I extended beyond my capacity.

As I said before, the medical industry isn't the most compassionate - it should be, but its history tells another story. The Nazis relied heavily on doctors to torture and execute a wide variety of group - gays, gypsies and of course Jews. Science, the religion of the masses, was used to dehumanize groups of people enabling torture and genocide.  After all, it's was evidenced in the archives of science that these aren't "real
people" Even the Catholic Church was complicit, they stepped in to stop the Nazis when they took the whole experiment and slaughter thing too far; they had a moral issue with WWII Germans executing the crippled. A unique moral fabric is spun by every generation.

Someone cared about Tex which is why he isn't in a hospital at the moment, or in prison. I suppose Tex is lucky , luckier than most because very few people care about their fellow man - much less a homeless man.

My tenure with Tex began with a phone call and ended with the potential compromise of another person's safety. Not knowing if another was hurt eats me up inside. My job is to spread truth - even if unpopular - to afflict the comforted and comfort the afflicted. Journalism is an amazing and horrifying field. But it can change and save lives. Moreso, it can change the world by helping people reach greater understanding - it can be a catalyst for change. The goal of journalism is to give us the information we need to be free and self governed. As I've discussed in earlier posts, our Mayor's participation in media, particularly her partnership with KY3 undermines this goal.

Tex has two female handlers. The first is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She took me to meet Tex at an apartment paid for by her employer Pat Joyce, an eccentric multi-millionaire with firsthand accounts of police corruption - two police officers perjured themselves in court and when fraudulent testimimony was
Rudy Giuliani's Signature on Tex's Drawing
discovered by the prosecutor a deal was struck - one to limit the liability of the office instead of seeing justice was served.. He also has vast firsthand accounts regarding the treatment of the homeless in Branson.

The first handler has an autistic daughter and was appalled by the chance her own child would be treated in the way Tex was. The thought horrified her into action. She sought to understand and enable Tex. Unfortunately, the realities of Tex's existence may be greater than her best intentions.

After meeting Tex I was brought to his home. I don't consider Tex homeless because his quarters were actually pretty spectacular. He's lived in a shack which provides shelter from the elements with some unique decorations. He drew a picture of the World Trade Towers, it's actually signed by Rudy Guilliani. There is a functioning garden. One sign that stood out reminded him not to go to Country Mart. The fact he painted a large sign reminding him of his responsibility not to enter the store should inspire some compassion. I mean, he's trying - he wants to do good - but may lack the capacity. In fact, I think anybody who meets Tex would question his capacity to survive - perhaps that is a miracle on its own.

Compassion for Tex is counterbalanced by his defiant personality. He has a knack for ticking people off and if you want to see this side - ask him to to something - anything. Asking Tex to compromise proved an impossible task.

Besides logistical support I had no intention of being one of Tex's handlers. This was a huge task and even as a very qualified person - it takes a team - alone I was in over my head, something I can humbly admit in retrospect. If the second handler had acted with greater integrity this would have never been an issue. Unfortunately, like Tex, you can't control other people's action - or commitment to their promises.

Bullet Found in front of Tex's Room
I received a phone call from Tex's handler stating a bullet was found outside his hotel door. I immediately left my office and headed to the hotel. At this point I was looking into the brutality accusations. The first accusation against the Branson Police Department was that a video was deleted. An attorney no longer trying to work on the case happened to stop by my office.

I was only supposed to spend three days with Tex before backup came. To the handler that was supposed to take on the responsibility, there was only triviality. Having never spent prolonged time with Tex she couldn't known the toll it would take and was taking on me. I'm still recovering and in awe of what might have happened. .

Many people were outraged - they'd seen Tex - a homeless guy who chills with two dogs and an occasional cat outside an off-strip McDonalds.

One example is a press release issued by Ted Martin of the Branson Fire Department. An arsonist was reported to have started 5 fires - this is what was printed in the press release by the city of Branson. Tex spoke of 9 fires and sexual excitement derived from such activities. To date, Ted Martin believes there are 7 but there have been so many lately - Tex could be right. Tex said if the man isn't caught he'll become a full-blown serial killer. What this man may have done chills me.

The story you are reading would not be published in this manner except for the necessity required to protect the innocent. Due to an extremely arrogant and irresponsible individual I was unable to protect Tex and protect the community.

After 3 days of watching Tex I was supposed to have relief; relief never came and the handler decided it was perfectly appropriate that I spend another three days (6 straight) ensuring the presence of a man who is clearly mad. I lived with him in a small space with no outside communication (except for a cell phone) A young girl aged 17, according to Tex, was brought into a condo where Tex was being taken care of. Tex had two handlers, both female and both emotionally connected to Tex. One, which I will call "Sour Candy" , to conceal the irresponsible entered into the scene 6 days after Tex was in my care. After spending some time with Tex I realized this is an individual that needs monitoring. At first it was for Tex's protection, after it was for everyone's protection. "Sour Candy" exhibited a deep disregard for the situation, ignored security protocols and potentially allowed a young woman to be harmed. Personally, I don't know what happened to the young girl Tex brought into the condo. I was told his two handlers would be watching over Tex; they didn't, and it only took two hours for Tex to bring a guest into the condo - a young girl who to this day I haven't met.

"Sour Candy" was supposed to be my relief. A bullet was found in front of Tex's hotel room. I received a phone call and immediately left my office in a frenzy to make sure nothing happened to the "homeless autistic" man who put the community in an uproar. I stayed with Tex for three grueling days. The first day was brutal. At the top of his lungs he would scream commands in rants lasting at times for 30 minutes. He would repeat the same command in such a painful way I was obliged to comply. It was ruthless but ceded as time past.

My interpretation of Tex was that of a man reverting to an animal state. Over three days I was able to calm him considerably by bringing food into his condo every few hours. I spent two-hundred out of pocket in addition to other's contribution.. He ate incessantly while watching his favorite television - crime mysteries, serial killer documentaries and demonic pho-documentaries.

When "Sour Candy" re-entered the scene, several days after I started tending him,  she was shocked at Tex's transformation - calmer - softer - and yet chose to disregard methods which were bringing Tex into a more peaceful state. "I told Tex I would bring him to the store and I am". "Sour Candy" manages 400 employees in a field where arbitrage and manipulation reap profit. It's a tough job and one that requires disregarding objection. In this case the objections were for safety and the blatant disregard created a dangerous situation - one so dangerous I could no longer help - one where innocents might have been harmed. The thought of this still haunts me.

Her attitude was accusatory and defiant - not in the harshness of Tex but in a soft firm, "I'll do what I want" - and she did - disregarding my safety and the safety of the community. There is a difference between loving someone and wanting to be loved. "Sour Candy" wanted love from the animal and showed a tremendous disrespect for her fellow man. She marched Tex to the grocery store and assured him that I had no say in anything regarding his future. When I came back I met the animal I'd met days before - angry - defiant - insulting - brutal and violent in speech. Her venture and promotion of Tex's defiance killed the very opportunity that Tex may have had of changing the scenario he's currently in. She got her way - hurt me - hurt Tex and may have hurt a young girl. I suppose it's her raunchiness that makes her good at her job. Unfortunately, she wasn't willing to take responsibility for her actions and immediately left with her beer-bellied boyfriend , a subordinate, who participated in the arrogant taunts. It was my hope that enough food would be left to provide security for Tex but the suggestion was met with self-centered response. "Why do you get to choose ?" The answer - cause neither you or your boyfriend have the juevos to stick around and do my job. The inconvienance meant nothing to her - three extra days babysitting Tex and missing 4th of July with my family.

As I was trying to talk her out of showcasing Tex at the grocery store and undermining my job of watching Tex I mentioned Tex's threat to officer. What you read in the paper isn't the true story. The truth is so dark it was censored. Tex vividly described raping officer Williams daughter and wife, dismembering and cutting them up and feeding them to his dogs. It takes a skilled and perverted mind to even coujour such imagery - in fact Officer Williams almost crashed the police car as he was listening to an extended version of how his family would be tortured. "Sour Candy" responded to this intel in a baby voice, "ahh but he thought they were going to hurt his dogs". The image of her quivering lip and disregard for human life ills me. Anyone who would put human life lower than a simple animal doesn't know God. To a Christian - a thousand dogs for a human. Only a practicing witch with deep disregard for the almighty could conceive of sacrificing a human life for an animal.

Of all Tex's names , of the many he is called, his favorite is "Worthless Bastard". And Tex is a "Worthless Bastard" with the exception of two redeeming qualities.

Tex's first redeeming quality is an idea - one he probably didn't birth himself, but a good idea nevertheless. Each family of a fallen American soldier deserves to be honored with a place of solace. A bench in the city honoring each fallen soldier is of good report according to Tex. Because Tex has taken beatings from police across the country; he's learned respect for the US Military. They are the most compassionate police officers in America and can perform a takedown in a humanitarian fashion - a skill I hope the Branson Police Department learns.

Second, Tex holds interesting ideas which flow like the poetics of Hunter S. Thompson novel.

There is a long standing tradition in these parts called Shepherd of the Hills. The concept has deep spiritual and political meaning and has inspired some of the greatest men in US History. Republican legend Ronald Reagan is one of many inspired by the legend. While the story needs modernization, the legend goes something like this:

A man from the city comes to the hills, he combines hillbilly wisdom with urban sophistication and literary style. He takes down a gang of lawmen turned evil, converts the wicked only to find it's his own sin that is covered. Everyone lives happily every after and he maneuvers between urban and rural life. He uses words at the expense of wayward polticians. He writers the histories.

All the prophets cry for justice. The most political prophet is Isiah. Some 2700 hundred years ago he delivered a sermon instructing leaders on the way of the most holy: preaching passivise philosophy to military and political leaders:
"Learn Justice and devote yourself to her ways, protect and instruct the orphan; serve the widow. This is the true religion of the almighty. In the courtroom give equal weight to the cause of the poor" (NBV)
Considering the geopolitical structures of the time his advice is quite progressive, applicable to the modern age. Even the great atheist American forefather Thomas Paine succomed to his wisdom of Isaiah - justice.

If it wasn't for Pay Joyce's love of justice, a killer's cultivation could have continued. Joyce discovered a collaborative plot with public employees to thwart the cause of justice - flawed so greatly the Taney County Courts could have easily become the laughing stock of the legal community. Thanks to Joyce's courage the justice system and very integrity of our local government. There are times in Hillbilly history where justice was blinded raping every man in the community of dignity.

 There are families in the community with a secret history. When they find corruption, they call in a  Sheppard (there are many) . In Branson, to use Isiahic terminology, our mayor is the "filthiest rag". When corruption started becoming public, ancestors of Taney County Founders started blowing up my phone. For purposes of respect - the founders family names: Berry, Chandler, Gaylor, Maddox, Oliver, Patterson, Thompson, Branson, Cox, Hicks, McIntyre, Parnell, Price, Winch, Brudette, Fulbright, Kenney, Melton, Parrish, Sullenger, Welchel. It was a great honor to be called on to help - to participate in this great tradition.

Unless you're giving something or a female with some seriously twisted history Tex is the most annoying man in the world. He respects his fellow man none at all. I have never met a man who cared less for his fellow brothers and history. He hates mankind and prefers the company and essentially a marriage with his dog Bonnie.

In Tex's world view humans are below animals. He would kill for his dog and let his fellow man suffer. I have never met such a wicked man.

My introduction to Tex was the direct result of a calling by community leaders - otherwise I'd probably have ignored Tex. Street lurkers are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles but the lack of poverty in Branson led locals to intrigue with Tex. By default, I have none. Because so many humans love dogs more than their fellow man I know he'll always be fed - he has dogs. His dogs are his god.

Tex was taken down by Branson PD at a very public intersection. He refused to be arrested while at work. His work is sitting in front of McDonalds and allowing people to feel sorry for him. His wage is $20-$40 a day.  The community needs someone like Tex - they need someone to love. We are starved of people who live in poverty - luckily our local politicians are changing this shortage. Seeing a homeless man (and he isn't) gives people the opportunity to love the unloved.

Tex is a virus carrying messages of hate. He listens to people; since Tex isn't bound by a schedule he doesn't value time. He listens and plots. Many people love him, few understand him. Tex's original charge which resulted in his arrest was simple trespassing. After listening to employees of a supermarket complain Tex decided to wage a protest.

Talking to Tex is a horrific experience. On the first day he would ramble at a rapid pace. Any interjection would result in a major ass chewing. One learns to listen - listen for hours. The torture of having to listen to Tex is counterbalanced by the fact any interjection could result in a violent verbal out pour. He'd scream if interrupted.

Branson Police Department - TEX - Police Complaints - Independent Community Review Board (Draft)

Branson PD Not Guilty of Brutality (In this instance)
It's my opinion, Officer William Reynolds made three errors during his arrest of Tex. 

1. He jumped the gun by 30 seconds to see if he could take Tex (Bad Idea). Backup was in eyesight about 200 yards away when Tex was punched to stun. Officer Reynolds training at the Christian County Jail ; a facility with particularly tough protocols for handling humans. As a result of my report and potential damage to his reputation I contacted Hollister City Administrator Rick Zigenfuss and asked if we could find him a job. I also recommended he contact Missouri Adjucant General Danner for training on United States Army Police Action training which is much more humane than civilian protocols. It is my assumption that Reynold's Alpha personality may be beneficial to the State of Missouri or United States Government.  For Branson, forced deportation to a prisoner holding facility should be minimum. 

2. Reynolds put the heat on during transit of a prisoner causing undue pain and suffering further exciting the suspect. Reynolds was also forced to drive alone. Branson Police Department procedures should force prisoner transport accompaniment. No officer should have to make the trip alone; particularly the arresting officer proceeding a physical conflict. Tex applied undo stress with a violently graphic description of execution technique. 

3. Maximum force was used by police guidelines not minimum needed. We need a human rights metric and should acknowledge an unaggressive posture as surrender not resistance. If a man is in submissive protest: Watch in awe . Grab a hamburger, relax. A wrong move at this moment of an arrest could be the difference between a million dollar lawsuit and a peaceful capture. If you're busy and sick of waiting - grab a boom box and make him listen to Justin Bieber on repeat. He'll surrender - quick. Lastly, holding a prisoner is costly to taxpayers and actually ends up increasing crime in the long run.

Other than those three things I believe Reynolds is not guilty of "brutality" by any stretch of the imagination and should be held blameless; however, through the course of investigation it has come to my attention that some police officers have submitted false testimony at the courthouse, treated people with undue lack of respect and have acted in a way to generate a high volume of complaints. 

Those complaints are being purchased for nearly $1k and will be made available to a committee in Branson. The goal of the committee is to protect the integrity of the police force, review complaints, acquire input from a diverse group of Branson Citizens and increase resource provision for the best police force (small army) in America. It is not to punish but rather to make better.

Branson Police Chief Mischief 
Normal IL Police Chief raised Branson Police Department unit cohesion, implemented personell policies which decreased stress on the force; improved community relations and helped citizens organize voluntarily to reduce Meth Production. His strategy was effective however, his integrity has come into question. A police chief must be above refute and press releases organized in conjunction with media outlets and unqualified individuals damaged the City of Branson's reputation at a critical time. Most citizens don't understand the difference between a "formal complaint" and a "pissed off phone intercourse" with the Chief of Police. A nationwide press release was issued with the assistance of former co-worker "the Branson Public Relations Director"

Presley's and the FCC
A formal complaint was filed against Branson Visitor TV a partnership with Schurz (parent company of KY3 and KSPR) for impeding diversity in broadcasting. During the Coverdell VS Empire District Electric court proceedings Presley assisted Gene Hartley in blocking access to Missouri's  38th Circuit Court. Hartley, an interactive media manager for Shurz, denied courtroom camera access on the basis that Internet based news organizations do not qualify for camera access. Presley and the board of alderman appear at hearings and revel in their censorship capabilities. These expensive legal maneuvers are driving the city bankrupt.
FCC Submission Confirmation: 2000AAcknowledgement of Submission from Darin Codon on 07/11/2013, reference number 13-C00510535.Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional information is required. Please keep this information for future reference.
Editor's Personal History
At 8 years old my school teacher slapped me out of my chair. I barely remember the incident but started exhibiting all types of strange behavior - hurt people, hurt people. My school teacher at Maple Hill Elementary School was a Jehovah's Witness and didn't want to hang a flag in the classroom. I left my seat, marched to the principles office, requested the school charter and identified the ordinance requiring the teacher to hang a flag. My father, a prominent attorney, told the teacher he knew I could be a pain and didn't sue the school district. Later when my mom wasn't looking he said, "Good job son, you have a very special mission in life from your heavenly father, don't worry about what authority says to you, listen to God". I don't really remember being hit but I do remember the blessing he gave me.