Taking a hiatus.

The Branson Missouri Blog will be on hold until my daughter, McCartney Codon is located. Any information leading to her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

The Christian County Sheriffs Department found her residence empty after a check on her safety and well being was prompted after she failed to show for a custody exchange. No forwarding address was given.

Obviously, locating my child is my top priority. I'm hopeful this nightmare will end soon.

***Back in the saddle - thank you to everyone who dropped a line of support.

Taney County Population Projection 2000-2030

The State of Missouri released a study today in regards to the state's projected population through the year 2030.
Missouri's overall projected population growth of 6% per decade is below the United States average of 10% per decade.but Taney County is projected to grow at a much higher rate.

Taney County Population Projection as released by the State of Missouri
2000 39,703
2005 42,943
2010 48,463
2015 53,982
2020 59,227
2025 63,955
2030 68,041

Click to see all Missouri County population projections

Branson's Pointe Royale Residents Up in Arms Over Utility Increases

Residents of a gated community in Branson, Pointe Royale, are organizing on Tuesday April 29th, 2008 to host an informational meeting regarding utility rate hikes.

Tri-States Utilities, L.L.C., recently requested a rate increase of, in their words: 140%. However, if recent meter change outs and a rate request for the "winter rates" are factored in, they gave themselves a 78% rate increase with a 459.4 % increase hiding in the wings.

Full Press Release

Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Resuts

Hillary Clinton led Pennsylvania over Obams by 10 points. Check out the spread via an embedded Google Map.

Branson Election Photos (April 2008 Photo 1-3 of 50)



The photos above were shot on election day. With camera I record the histories. The data card records high resolution video and photography. Versatile. (Photo by Darin Codon)
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Lake Taneycomo Flood Pictures (April 2008 Photos 4-6 of 50)



I have hundreds of pictures of the flood, here's a few that haven't been posted (Photos by Darin Codon)
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Jay Nixon in Downtown Branson (April 2008 Photo 10-7 of 50)



Jay Nixon toured downtown Branson before a fundraiser earlier this month.(Photos by Darin Codon)
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Lake Taneycomo Bridge (April 2008 Photo 11-14 of 50)




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Like I said, I never get tired of shooting this bridge. (Photos by Darin Codon)

Lake Taneycomo Bridge (18-15 of 50)




The eyes are never full of seeing and the Lake Taneycomo bridge connecting Branson and Hollister I never tire of shooting. (Photo by Darin Codon)
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Ride Makerz (April 2008 Photo 19, 20 of 50)


A new store where you can custom build a remote control car will open next month at the Branson Landing. (Photo by Darin Codon)
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Texas Land and Cattle Opening (20-21 of 50)


Texas Land and Cattle was packed on their opening day. (Photos by Darin Codon)
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Branson City Hall's Newest Residents (April 2008 Photos 23-22 of 50)


City officials watched the duck above lay eleven eggs which she is patiently waiting to hatch in front of city hall. Yards away sits a bluebirds nest. For years, former city employee Lynn Smith has been known to stop traffic on the heavily trafficked street to allow the ducks safe passage from city hall to Lake Taneycomo. (Photos by Dari Codon)
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Branson Prom Night (April 2008 Photo's 24-26 of 50)




The Branson Landing proved a favorite post-prom hangout spot. (Photo by Darin Codon)
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Texas Land And Cattle Branson Landing (Photo 27 of 50)


As we reported last year, Texas Land and Cattle opened at the Branson Landing. Sullivan's Steakhouse wasn't hitting the corporations target market. The grand opening was two days after this photo was shot. (Photo by Darin Codon)
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Branson Collector Car Auction (April Photos 28-25 of 50)




The Branson Collector Car Auction has become a Branson tradition. Jim Cox champions lodging options and venues that will attract a "pocket heavy crowd" and sees the airport as an opportunity to engage a wealthier client base. "Rich people have money, really rich people have airplanes", says Cox.
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Branson Collector Car Auction Spring 2008 (April 2008 Photos 29-32 of 50)




The Branson Collector Car Auction has a record number of cars moving off the auction block. Jim Cox, seen below, boasted a close rate in excess of 70%.
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Baldknobber Hanging Marker 1889 (April 2008 Photos 34,33 of 50)

On the lawn of the old Christian County Courthouse sits this marker in rememberence of a time when hangings were a community acttivity. (Photo by Darin Codon)
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