Taney County Tax Rates Increase

James Strahan is taking an advertisement out this week to address the increase in taxation Taney County residents will have to face as the State Tax Commission sends out notices.

Strahan said, "I'm not paying $750 to send a thank you card." Strahan has two versions which will consist of direct attacks on Taney County politicians including correspondence to the State Tax Board regarding assessments.

The magic number is 12 as in Taney County residents will experience a %12 valuation increase. Branson residents will have the most substantial increase due to the Branson School District levy increase approved by voters last election.

Even the corruption and false reports delivered by Branson Mediagate participants (two journalists who negotiated and lobbied for a sales tax increase on behalf of a private "historical organization" whose funds they control) looks like its in jeopardy.

The comic above was created by John Logan showing the State Tax Commission giving the shakedown to Taney County Residents. It would appear that Logan is acknowledging the sales tax increase is coming at the wrong time.

The good citizens of Taney County would be happy to help fund the "state owned" bridge; however, Proposition A is not about building a bridge.
It's about a few "ethics free" individuals who hate the community so much - they're willing to steal from its poorest citizen to line their own pockets.
I encourage the people who believe in the community to study the facts behind Proposition A and to stand up against corruption. The community and future for your children depend on it.