Branson City Council (1 of 4)

The city of Branson is bringing public comments from the back to the front of Branson City Council meetings. The move sends a signal to residents that their voices are important. The time citizens have the right to speak was reduced and a more interactive format was implemented.

The City of Branson sent this press release today:

Starting this Monday night, the Public Comment portion of the regular Branson Board of Aldermen meeting will be at the beginning of the agenda, instead of at the end.

The Board two weeks ago approved an ordinance moving Public Comment to the front so citizens wanting to address aldermen on city-related issues would not have to sit through the business portion of the meeting, which many times extended past three hours.

People wanting to speak during Public Comment will still have to sign the sign-up sheet located at the front door of the council chambers prior to the start of the meeting.

Speakers will have five minutes for their comments that must pertain to issues the Board of Aldermen has jurisdiction. Following the speaker’s time, the Board has five minutes in which to respond or ask questions.

The Public Comment is time for citizens to speak on items not on the regular agenda.

Citizens who want to speak on a particular item on the official agenda do not have to sign the sign-up sheet. When agenda items come up for consideration by the Board, the mayor provides an opportunity for public input and comment.