Taney County Proposition A - Is a lawsuit imminent?

Contrary to popular belief, lawyers are used for negotiation not winning, but the deceptive tactics, fraudulent advertising and loose language might put a barrier between an open $90 million dollar check county officials will receive if Proposition A pases.

Lobbyists working for two Branson newspapers were present at meetings where deceptive language was chosen to push for a new sales tax in Taney County. The tagline "Build a Bridge" was placed on a billboard near Hollister's crossing.

According to the Missouri Ethics Commission:

Elected Local Government Official Lobbyist
An elected local government official lobbyist is any natural person employed specifically for the purpose of attempting to influence any action by a local government official elected in a county, city, town, or village with an annual operating budget of over ten million dollars.

Later this week we'll be covering new plans the White River Valley Historical Society has for a large chunk of the %90 million dollars.

Taney County voters will choose if they want to write a 90 million dollar blank to the government on Nov. 6th.