Tulsa Landing Tax Fails 52.5% vote no

Tulsa's tax proposal to help fund the Tulsa Landing failed yesterday. Fox news reports:
TULSA, Okla.) October 9 – Tulsa voters have spoken, and they do not want a tax to develop the Arkansas River.

The question: whether or not to raise the county sales tax by four-tenths of a penny to help fund that development.

The final results were 47.5% of the voters said “yes”, 52.5% said “no”.

Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor called the River Tax vote a defining moment in Tulsa history. She said the plan for 42 miles of improvements along the river, including new low water dams and pedestrian bridges, would be exactly what Tulsa needs.

Opponents to the River Tax say a four-tenths of a penny sales tax should not pay for river improvements when our roads are in need of major repairs. They also felt that even with a tax rebate for seniors and low-income households, the tax wasn’t worth development.

Hat Tip: Eric Farris