Hard News

Multi-Millionaire exotic car tycoon Jim Cox tells me yesterday, "Darin, you'd be a millionaire if you just quit blogging."

He's got a point, a really good point, but the inner world of a man's heart chooses the priority of battles we need to fight.

A little over a year ago, a journalist at a major publication in town started asking me about my political sympathies and affiliations. She wanted to know which I preferred the sacred donkey or elephant to which I put my hand my waste high and said, "My only political affiliation is a girl about this tall."

All politics is local. What could be more local than the interior of a father's heart - the love of his daughter?

We live in difficult times. We live in a day of moral relativity, of freedom - a day of renaissance and inquisition.

Every day I write not for silver but for life. When I'm not with my daughter I can only act to change the world she is to heir.

I ask Jim, "Do you read me everyday?." He says he'd answer but doesn't want my head to get big.

I love you McCartney. I leave you history and hopefully the world a better place.