Liquor in Branson - Presley says Sex Offenders OK - Free Market/Responsible Government Not Ok

The Branson Police Department admitted in an open meeting that a mere five minute check could help determine whether or not an employee working at a bar had a history of sexual offences. Police Chief Carroll McCollough admitted on the public record that such a check was standard during routine pullovers. The reality of actually keeping Branson safe in a responsible way didn't help Presley's political career thus a 48 page document was created instead - another huge expense to taxpayers - or should we start calling Branson taxes - Presley's Personal Purse.

The strategy of licensing an ever-changing flock of temporary workers would have been a responsible move - but Dictator Raeanne Presley has shown little respect for taxpayer funds issuing millions to her political allies. The common theme for Presley is hatred for competition - disposition for a new crop of investors who reject inbred politics. It's been a long rise to power worthy of a soap opera.

Presley's rise to power is marked with corruption starting with Alderman Sandra Williams who as a city employee perpetually leaked documents to politician Raeanne Presley after voters rejected Presley's first bid for Mayor. The triumvirate of Presley, Gary Groman and Sandra Williams is marked with lives ruined - depots.

During Branson.con, Groman's partner drained the life savings of innocent tourists through a time-share scam. The Groman's continue selling time-share on a message board where slanderous posts are made against political enemies and those who Groman hates the most - ministers.

In Jefferson City Presley worked vigorously to slow down the economy badmouthing businessmen who weren't allied with Presley Industries.

Groman made a series of sideshows pretending to be a reporter while working as a subversive politicians - colors just now beginning to show through as money-laundering activities are repeatedly ignored - playing a cheerleader and collaborating and promoting the illegal activities of a regime whose banner is hatred - anyone who isn't inbred.

The Republicans at the state level rejected Presley and so she started bankrolling liberal democrats to gain allies - a move she continues today stuffing the pockets of anyone who'll help her elevate out of Branson and onto a higher stage- last donation - Jay Nixon.

Presley - To gain allies- the Branson economy is drained pimped out to special interests - the city has record income with millions flowing. The money flows out everywhere except to the residents of Branson - except to those who truly own the purse strings. One resident begs - "Are we going to start holding meetings at Skaggs Hospital?"

Even Skaggs, under Presley rule iwas stained with the highest death rates the facility has ever experienced. Wicked leaders = wicked results.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt wouldn't even shake her hand on the last two visits to Branson ignoring her - shunning her for her behaviour at the capital. His actions demonstrate how detestable he holds her.

Alas, even with record income - taxes at an all time high - tourists are beginning to reject the Presley Inbred Jubilee. They want the Branson Landing - they want something new and though the majority of resources are spent to promote the dusty theaters with comedy routines which make fun of Branson's poorest residents, the tourists are beginning to reject these shows - to Presley's dismay. An increase of funding in the millions responding with a 2.7% overall drop. Sales tax up - Presley's down.

So the tourists are punished. The tourists are punished through the Presley regime for not bowing down. The tourists are punished with limitations legislated by Presley specifically to thwart the success of the Branson Landing. Specifically to limit competition - specifically to limit freedom - specifically to regulate and discourage free enterprise. To thwart the competition King Presley has fought so hard against - in Branson - in Jefferson City and through her illegal "Canvassing Practices" - through her illegal attainment of an e-mail databases through the city website - through illegal search and seizure - through denial of the Missouri Constitution which doesn't permit the closed government practices branded by the current administration.

Forget probable cause cries the Branson Police Chief - and a record number of tickets are issued. They'll teach those tourists! How dare they have a beer instead of paying $36 to hear "Fake Christians" shout praises at the Presley Inbred Country Jubilee.

But most telling of all is the employees of the Presley theater who whisper their hatred in fear of retribution. Poverty is what King Raeanne Presley has given them - no insurance - no benefits - unless they breed with the family they have very little rights.

And so comes the liquor ordinance - the anti-Branson Landing - anti-tourism - anti-free market economy initiative where it's legal for child molesters to serve alcohol - but where Presley's competitors have to report their every move to King Presley herself . After all, if they aren't visiting the Presley theatre - what good are they?

Still, it's better the tourists suffer in the name of Presley than the last child Mayor Reanne Presley helped ruin in the name of Jesus Christ

Kansas City Mayor Funk

From Kansas City
The photo you see above is "The City of Branson Official Guide" with Kansas City Mayor Funkhouser under heavy stress from Kansas City's latest political fiasco - aka "Mammygate" - where for a moment - it seems - the record death rates - 46% increase in rape of and the fact there hasn't been a murder reported in the Kansas City Police Eastern Division in two days is something being bragged about about - was overshadowed by a vote determining whether or not the Mayor's wife could volunteer at city hall.
Racial divide seems the common denominator characteristic of the urban layout - the once bustling strict east of main is as dark in color as despair - poverty - crack - rape - murder - and tension over accusations the Mayor's Wife's, a now rejected volunteer (city council overturned the mayor's veto last night) reference to a city employee as Mammie.
The Holy Grail of Kansas City Politics is a light rail system - of which - according to our interview - the Funkster promised to deliver on. Either way, when you wake up in the morning and on the front page is something - perhaps not so flattering - it tends to hamper your day.
In midtown, one of subjects I've been following passed away. His death wasn't reported and I've had trouble getting information since I only know him as Captain Dan. Having lost most of his toes last winter he'd been wheelchair bound. A local philanthropist who assists the chronically homeless - Mr. Woo - was working on purchasing Dan a new wheelchair.

Branson Government Runs Sideshow To Block Exposure of Incompetence

Branson Government Officials have systematically eliminated city employees that have dared demonstrate feats of competence since a new regime took office nearly a year ago. Reporting according to the dictates of his pocketbook, Gary Groman, aka "The Dirty Birdl" has been playing "Branson Minister of Misinformation and Propaganda" scoring an assist with the political execution of ex Lathrop and Gage Attorney Paul Link just two weeks ago.
A series of unsuccessful witch hunts intending to undermine the achievements and hard work of Branson's past city leaders came not only at a high cost to taxpayers but has also introduced consultants with questionable credentials and experience. Lucrative contracts inspired by political favors has left the financial IT (Information Technology) skill sets lacking. As a result, anyone with information and expertise utilizing the legacy system for counting city cash flow and assets is no longer on city staff promising more wasteful spending to hire consultants or ex-employees.
The current city of Branson Board of Alderman has proven great efficiency in spending millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses and no way to count just how miserable a failure the current fiscal policies of the city are.

City of Branson moves From $12 million Surplus to Near Bankruptcy in One Year

By Darin Codon - An Investigative Report
Chick in Bikini Bianca Beauchamp Sponsored by Tony's Kansas City

Skeptics finally have an achievement from Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley - a 12 million dollar surplus at the beginning of Presley's dictatorial reign to a promise of higher taxes and higher utility rates.

At least her friends are making out well.

By Command of Alderman Marshall = "Let's Find Out Who Is Responsible"

Raeanne Presley Enterprises Inc.

1., Branson Tourism Center, Larry Milton Inc = $X
2. Branson Chamber of Commerce = $X
3. Ole Seagull Enterprises = $X
4. Democrat Attorney General Candidate = Jay Nixon = $X
5. Lobbyist Campaign Donations = $X
6, Skaggs Hospital Contributions = $X
7. Republican Committees = $X
8. Real Estate Acquisitions = $X
9. Other Campaign Funds - $X
10, Inbreeding Promotion Fund = $X

City of Branson
1. Lobbyist Campaign Donations = $X
2. Skaggs Hospital& IDA Slush Fund = $550,000 (Minimum Count)
3. Political Payout & County Medical Payout = $X
3. HCW = $750,000 (Courtesy Ole Seagull)
4. Unscuccesful Political Witchhunts = $X
5. Bridge to Build Hollister Economy = $X
6. Blogger Censorship & Anti-Press Police Fund = $X
7. Ministry of Religion = $X
8. Constitutional Suspension Fund = $X
9. King Raeanne Presley Personal Expenses = $X

Branson Missouri Editor Profile - Frequently Asked Questions

You've stated you're a priest, can you explain?

Yes, I have an Irish and Hebrew lineage. My Hebrew lineage is of a special line - the literal name is High Priest. In the Hebrew tradition as outlined in the Torah/Old Testament Priests are born. No matter what I do - good or evil I remain a priest.
The lineage is that of King David and Solomon - my literal ancestors. Born a Priest and a Prince is a blessed heritage as stated in the scripture. As I read the Bible it has special earthly meaning to me - more than a sacred text it's the history of my ancestors. According to the Bible my line is blessed forever. Having relatives that escaped to America from the Holocaust and wicked ruler led Holocuasts throughout the ages I feel both blessed and reminded of what a great heritage and priveldge I have as I walk the earth.
My religious affiliations are separate from my Hebrew heritage - I'm fortunate enough to have been saved through Grace and all of us that are have a special responsibility to be ambassadors of God. I've also been ordained by other churches - you could say I'm a priest times 4.

Are you really in Kansas City ?
Yes, I'm currently in Kansas City serving the homeless. I've committed to spending 40 days and nights with the homeless - a challenge from a friend. Before leaving Branson I was threatened several times by the Branson Police Department for making Sunshine Requests (information requests) that the Branson Police Department didn't like. I first left in fear for my life.
The city of Branson is experiencing a period of extreme corruption and many of the citizens are afraid to speak up - when I remember the plight of my relatives I become more committed to seeking truth even if I"m in danger for it. I've sought help from other media outlets to restore the rights outlined in the Missouri Constitution in Branson. We live in a Republic and have protections in the Constitution that dictate how government can behave. The current Branson administration has suspended many of these rights won by the blood of our nations ancestors. Thus far I've tried to reason with leaders into having these rights restored but this has proved ineffective.

How are you surviving during these 40 days and nights with the homeless ?
I've been blessed in ways that have really strenthened my testimony in the God of Abraham - the God of my ancestors. The first four days I didn't know what to do - I didn't have a phone or ability to get a hold of my friends. I called two people whose numbers I had. Both really let me down. One of them owed me a large sum of cash and chose to gossip with the other friend instead of send the owed money - I felt truly alone - angry - scared - helpless.
I think God uses these times to humble us and force us to prayer - when we have no where else to turn. The first four days I walked and prayed until I passed out. The shelters were closed. The only person that offered help was my father. I went to a hotel room and he called in a credit card. The hotel wouldn't take it because I didn't have an ID - remember I had nothing - 1 cent a t-shirt - shoes and a pair of shorts. I remained without a place to rest.
I rolled with it. On the fifth day - under serious pressure the friend that owed me money wired part of it. I purchased "the tools of the trade" a laptop - small camera - gear and sought the homeless. These are neccesary tools for a journalist - to record what is happening - to share the truth. I started organizing resources for the homeless and each day the amount of food and resources grows.
Last week a church asked me for blankets. I laughed with joy - people are now asking me for help. God is amazing and I'm tickled that I'm able to be in the position I'm in. I'm even grateful that Branson has crooked cops, that my friends abandoned me, that Branson has a corrupt government. If it wasn't for the rejection I'd never have seen the miracles that I've seen. It's changed my life and my strenthened my faith. It's helping me become a better man and servant to my fellow man.

Your blog changed format pretty drastically for a few days - people were shocked - What was going on?
The Associated Press (AP) format keeps the dialogue moderated - in extreme circumstances this doesn't give the true story of what is happening. I was in danger and needed help from a dedicated journalism community - we don't have that in Branson right now and the Springfield media has chosen to abandon us. I currently reach one of three Branson residents but needed more voice to hear a cry for help to ensure my safety under the circumstances.
Under Missouri Law the Chief of Police is defined as a government body. They are subject to the same types of "Sunshine Law" requests as any other government body. The Branson Government is in a very wasteful spending patern which includes the construction of a new police facility which no one has reported yet. Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough threatened to have me "arrested" in an alternative court if I pursued the story and attended meetings. As a journalist I need access to city hall - public postings and the meetings that occur. In Branson I've attended more meetings than any other "practitioner of the journalism craft". McColloughs threats - one of many he's made since Decemeber - threatened both my livlihood, personal safety and the safety of the citizens of Branson. When I posted notice of what he'd done - no one responded so I shouted louder.
I've won the Sprinfield Bloggers Best News Blog award two years in a row and am known as the only journalist in the area who produces core documents. McCollough's actions threatened my livlihood and my life. The shout was to get attention of the news media as to what was going on. Needless to say, I've lost a lot of faith in the broader media community. In Branson the media isn't functioning properly. It's unfortunate - but instead of serving a common cause of truth they've lent themselves to serious corruption promoting personal businesses before the public.
The change was also to show the citizens the value of the resource I provide. Citizens know they'll have the full story without bias when they stop by this "News Scratchpad". I try to facilitate voice instead of controlling dialogue - everyone deserves this - we're all children of a common God and deserve to have our voices heard. The break caused a massive jump in traffic - a leap of several thousand increased viewers - but no one got the hint even though the back dialogue explained what was happening. The most corrupt journalist in our area is actually a political operative directly undermining my activities for over a year with misleading and intentional ommissions. The man is a living example of why we need to abide by a code of ethics - fortunately, the deception of the man is coming to the surface - hopefully before the city of Branson is bankrupt. He's created a "brand" in his image instead of purveying truth. Since he sees my "truthiness" as a threat - he's actively worked to undermine it. The citizens of Branson are beggining to understand this as they're being forced to personally pay for the corruption and payouts made by the current government body. The posts I made were outlandish on purpose - easy to identify as sarcastic and parody. Because my reputation for true report is so great - people reacted differently than I'd hoped.

You've had some nasty comments and challenges to your credibility through comments lately - explain.
This year alone my materials are being used in lectures at a minimum of three Universities. My integrity honor and credibility are unmatched as an innovator in the industry. The comments came from four individuals that were instucted to do so - in another case an angry person that didn't understand the situation, method and intent of personal communications lashed out.
I kept the comments to track the users. One of them was from the Branson Police Department another a "Worshipper" of the aforemetntioned pretend journalist. As a journalist the public often thinks they own you. It's not uncommon for me to get yelled at for not covering "x" on my way to a coffeeshop. I always back up my work often with core documents and videos. This is an imperative that I believe is even more important at times then what I have to say about it. My competitors in the field have a lot of questions to answer as they don't follow even the basic tenants of the journalistic code of ethics. Local politicians and judges see me daily seeking a firsthand account of the truth. My reputation is in tact.
A good example is the wasteful spending practices of the current Branson administration which I've been shouting about for nearly a year. Now that the citizens of Branson are being forced to pay higher taxes it's hard for "The Dirty Bird" to continue decieving the citizens. When it hits peoples pocketbooks they begin to wake up. The nastier comments are being removed after tracking and verification of source is proved. People aren't as anonymous as they think on the Internet. The tools I use to track are very sophisticated. A simple tool on the sidebar was placed this week. The widget has really slowed down the three individuals that were regularly posting nasty and blatantly false commentary. The tools I have installed are far more sophisticated but it takes time to utilize them - at this point - knowing what I already know - It's becoming less important to me to track users.
If people behaved as if there was a God watching us - we'd have a better society. Unfortunately, people don't believe in God - this is where tracking and cameras come in handy. I'm glad people question - and readers should always question the authors intentions - In my case - I've helped facilitate the opinions of both Republicans and Democrats - believers and athiests - I've actively worked to create windows instead of mirrors and have a reputation throughout the state of being unbiased in my reports. As far as my detractors go - I've challenged them and continue to challenge them in public and they cowar - I'll keep doing that until they get it or it becomes obvious to the public.
My ancestors invented debate - seeking and exploring truth in public settings is a personal passion I'll continue to pursue. This is an important and vital component to creating and preserving a free society. Those that refuse don't deserve leadership roles.

What's Next?
I'm in prayer and meditation on the topic as we speak. I'm very concerned about what is happening in my hometown and want to help as a cataylst for positve change. I also feel moved towards the call of ministry which is a very different task. As a journalist I often privately tell leaders - when I see corruption - to fix their path and do the right thing. I'd rather see a better society than get a good story though I'm not afraid to speak up when I see a problem leaders aren't willing to fix. I'll likely write in new formats - perhaps books , produce more videos and enable more interactive elements to my websites. I'm not exactly sure but I'm excited about the future.

What If Jesus Came To Branson - Opinion/Editorial

Branson Mayor Reaanne Presley would charge $36 for Jesus to hear praises at the Presley Theater.
Larry Milton would offer a discount to the Presley Theater Jesus Celebration if Jesus went on a time-share tour through his personal time-share booking sites and the Branson Tourism Center.
Captain Ron Keyes would call the Salvation Army General to see if it was ok to clothe him.
Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough would arrest Jesus for turning water into wine on private property at the Branson Landing - then go home and drink the wine.
Gary Groman would write an article that it was all HCW's fault that Jesus was arrested for building the Branson Landing.

After Branson City Council found out that Jesus had arrived.

Raeanne Presley would issue a formal statement stating her money laundering operation "The Branson Chamber of Commerce" did such a great job marketing that Jesus decided to come.
The Branson Chamber of Commerce would then take the laundered money and build a giant statue of Presley at a cost of $20,000 at tax payer's expense to honor the Mayor that served while Jesus went to Branson.

Mormon Massacre and Apology

John Logan launched a new piece in the Tri-Lakes Tribune combining written and cartoon editorial. A section of his latest editorial included a section on the Mormon massacre of Missouri and Arkansas travelers and a reunion. If memory serves me correctly seven of the citizens killed were from Taney County.
The Mormons having established territory and attempting to create a state called Deseret under the direction of Brigham Young at the time were under constant attack from United States forces interrupted by the Civil War.
The editorial says it was the "biggest massacre" of its time which we'd like to formally challenge. The bloodshed of Mormons in Missouri far outnumbered the wagon train headed towards modern day California. Having faced rape, torture and murder for their religious beliefs it's understandable - not excusable - that the Southern Utah Mormon Saints would be on the offensive. Until Missouri Governor Kit Bond rescinded Missouri Governor Boggs extermination order in 1976 it was legal to kill a Mormon in Missouri.
Here's - now U.S. Senator Kit Bond's apology to the Mormons:
WHEREAS, on October 27, 1838, the Governor of the State of Missouri, Lilburn W. Boggs, signed an order calling for the extermination or expulsion of Mormons from the State of Missouri; and

WHEREAS, Governor Boggs' order clearly contravened the rights to life, liberty, property and religious freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, as well as the Constitution of the State of Missouri; and

WHEREAS, in this bicentennial year as we reflect on our nation's heritage, the exercise of religious freedom is without question one of the basic tenets of our free democratic republic;

Now, THEREFORE, I, CHRISTOPHER S. BOND, Governor of the State of Missouri, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Missouri, do hereby order as follows:

Expressing on behalf of all Missourians our deep regret for the injustice and undue suffering which was caused by the 1838 order, I hereby rescind Executive Order Number 44, dated October 27, 1838, issued by Governor W. Boggs.

In witness I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the State of Missouri, in the city of Jefferson, on this 25 day of June, 1976.

(Signed) Christopher S. Bond, Governor.

A more detailed apology was issued by the Illinois Legislature - copies of the text can be found on Branson Agent - Mormon and Illinois Extermination Order.
The initial order and Mormon settlement was just a few miles from where I'm typing from in Jackson County, Missouri.

Recently Vonda Sheets wrote a piece regarding her genealogy collection. A fact omitted is her use of the Mormon Church Archive to acquire information about her family. In fact, a Mormon was hired by the White River Valley Historical Society to tap their massive resources on the topic - the largest in the world.

Tri-Lakes Tribune Issues Statement on Branson Alderman Developments

The Tri-Lakes Tribune issued a brief on Branson Alderman Developments. It should be noted that the rate increase was plotted by Mayor Raeanne Presley long before any utility rate increases went into effect.

More on the "Wicked Bird Idol"
The coward Groman issues an attack on the administrations past - once again - ignoring the millions in new expenditures the wasteful Presley administration is passing. If fat was integrity - he'd have some.

Let's Review:

Ten Points Gary Groman Won't Fess Up to
Journalist Tied to Time Share Fraud

For A Classic -
The Vulture's Holiday Proposal

Gary Groman - always willing to give a business partner a hand. Coward yes - journalist not hardly. By the way Gary didn't you tell me Craig Donze and your boss Mr. Lewis watch gaye porne. And, why were you looking a gaye porne?

Though Gary Groman ran gaye ads on his websites (the gaye rainbow flag with Eureka Springs on it) we were never really concerned with his orientation; however, since he made fun of people that were gaye - we thought we'd go ahead and run the story. Making fun of people for something they can't help isn't nice. Fat people can diet, therefore we don't consider this something off-limits. It is important to state that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins - the least of the vulture's transgressions.

Branson Leaders Leave Child Parentless

Reports from the courthouse confirm Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and the Branson Chamber of Commerce have allowed a single mother to go to prison over damage done to tax funded Christmas Lights.

The young lady sat in the backseat while two other teenagers did extensive damage to the lights six years ago. Under threat of prison one child has been forced to make monthly payments or face jail time. The young lady is a single mother whose child is now left parentless.

Instead of forgiving or correcting the fatherless teenagers the young woman seating in the backseat - who had little to do with the incident is being forced to pay the entire $45,000. The young woman has already paid over a third of the bill (Over $15,000) and had trouble continuing payments.

The issue was brought up in a city council meeting and Presley openly ignored the cry for the young girl. The incident has shown the true Anti-Christ spirit of Raeanne Presley and how far she'll go in the name of politics.
There isn't a foul word in the English language to describe the hideousness of the Branson leaders who've allowed this to happen.
This is an embarrassment to Branson city leaders who are well aware of and refuse to remedy the situation but do a great job lining their own pockets.

I'm done covering up for your perverse behavior. May God have mercy on you. Special thanks to the local media who've helped ignore this child's cry.

Informed Polticos:
Ross Summers - 6 months looking into the matter
Dann Lennon - 7 months looking into the matter
Raeanne Presley - 6 monts busy laundering money
Gary Groman - Busy worshiping Presley & lying about finances
Charlie Gerken - ?
Darin Codon - Secretly asking leaders to help the child

Groman Pulls another Bait and Swith - Endorses Tax Increases Again

The Ole Seagull pulled another bait and switch in a multi-year effort to bring down the highly successful Branson Landing. The Branson Landing development is experiencing an upturn in revenue while outdated entertainment venues in Branson are catering to a 80+ crowd at a cost of millions to taxpayers. Through committee an old watch of politicos control Branson's purse strings who do a great job protecting their pocketbooks and little considering the future..
Gary Groman, a failed politician who poses as a journalist, wrote a piece discussing the terms of the Branson Landing debt arrangement to avoid openly discussing the new tax increases his business partner Mayor Raeanne Presley is getting ready to implement. Instead of addressing the millions of dollars in new debt Prelsey has pushed to her political partners the "pretend journalist" played a sideshow to undermine HCW and their achievements in Branson.
Groman has endorsed every tax increase proposed by geo-political entities in the Branson area over the past five years. Contrary to "public awareness" a utility rate increase is in the works as well. The raise isn't from utility companies but rather a tourism tax that Presley believes should be spent more towards marketing her personal business interests - Presley Theater - instead of helping Branson residents with lower utility bills.

40 Days and 40 Nights With Missour's Homeless - Day 18

From Kansas City
When we look at at the Homeless on the Street we often think of them as "others" rarely as a brother or sister of a common father-in-heaven - rarely as someone we could possibly be. I've been shooting photos of Andre today and have been documenting a few of the people that I've spent time with.
At this point, in the Kansas City Midtown area I'm familiar with most of the people living on the street. I'm reminded daily that they allow me to survive - keep the possessions I have and keep me safe through prayer and physical safety. In exchange I provide food and whatever resources I can why I'm here. We have a symbiotic relationship.
Until Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough allowed officers to threaten my life, I didn't ever really think I could be one of these people. Until McCollough and Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley suspended the rights of the United States and Missouri Constitution I figured as a journalist I'd be protected. I now know what a Godless regime can mean to the people oppressed by wicked leaders and what the suspension of a free-press can mean.
I feel fortunate, blessed and have been provided for in ways I can't thank God enough for. I have an abundance of food, clothing and shelter from the storms that are plaguing the homeless here. Churches and libraries offer temporary shelter - a safe haven from Kansas City's fifth season - here in KC there is Summer - Winter - Spring - Fall and Monsoon.
Though it has been raining constantly - the rain is warm. It's winter I'm most worried about. On Sunday I'll be recieving the first round of Freeze Proof blankets - a church is providing them after hearing my cry. If anyone in Branson has a mummy bag they're willing to donate - you could keep a fellow child-of-God alive this winter.

For a full size image see the Branson Edge Photoblog - Andre Sleeps Under Kansas City Bridge

Missouri Political News Service Tackles Lynn Berry

Missouri Political News Service picked up on the Branson Chamber of Commerce aka "Mayor Raeanne Presley Marketing and Money Laundering service" effort to censor the Branson Blog.

The threats originating from the Branson Police Department weren't mentioned in the story, nor the false arrest that occured to halt publishing of the Presley money laundering activities. The Branson Police Department claims "no arrest" ever occured.

The irresponsible fiscal activities of the Presley regime are forcing the city to raise taxes on Branson residents. The new tax levies are currently in the works.

Branson's current multi-million dollar budget isn't large enough to support the amount of money being sent to Presley's political and business partners which include Gary Groman and Larry Milton.

The rise of Larry Milton and Gary Groman came in the wake of a time-share scandal where many senior citizens were bilked out of their savings.

Groman was partners with "Ozark Ticket and Travel" - eventually shut down after the fallout of an FBI investigation forced the company into bankruptcy.

Though many experienced severe damages Groman got paid in full for his equity in which Larry Miltion purchased for pennies on the dollar. None of the proceeds went to helping the families whose lives were destroyed.

Groman, not a person known for the attibutes of honesy and integrity, continues to hide the amount of money he exchanged with Milton. Both Groman and Milton continue to sell timechare on 1branson and

Branson Citizens should ask themselves - "Why hasn't anyone told me about the new taxes" and "How much money are we willing to pay in support of cronyism and corruption".

Calling Out Eric Farris

Eric, I traced some slanderous posts back to your office. Be a man - stand up - you've been a coward long enough.

If you want money at any costs - keep defending child molesters - If you want to be a leader - change - consider justice not sophistry - otherwise you're a curse on the community if you hold public office.

We need people that are willing to protect our children not hurt them. I understand everyone needs protection under the law - but this isn't God's law. And we need leaders that aren't willing to do anything for a buck. As long as you're making cash off people hurting little kids - don't even run for office - don't.

In school we're taught that the Greeks invented philosophy; this of course is false. The Hebrews invented Philosophy. Philosophy is the study of Wisdom.

As my Great Grandfather many generations backed professed in the Bible, "Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge". The Judicial system as defined in the Book of Leviticus was ruled by priests - Judges in the Hebrew system were born - selected by God.

In the Hebrew system those who hurt little children were put to death.The Greeks celebrated and institutionalized pedophilia.

The Greeks Homosexualized the system of Justice. Under the Greek system women weren't really viewed as important other than for breeding. When Socrates was to be sentenced he didn't even acknowledge his wife nor attempt to limit her suffering. The Greeks viewed women as lacking reason. True love they viewed was between men and to create the Athenian Homosexual society they systematically abused young boys at an early age.

The Gods in the Greek system were somewhat of a joke, but the rituals at the temples involved perverse acts as well including prostitutes who carried diseases passed virally among cult believers.

While the Hebrew system required citizens to stand before judges the Greek system involved professional liars - ie Sophists - whose job was to create the best argument to avoid prosecution.

Both the Hebrew and Greek cultures have attributes that we utilize in our judicial system today. In my opinion, the Hebrew system of wise judges ordained by the God of Abraham who worked for free to hear a case beats a system where a Sophist is hired for great sums of cash. The former seems to promise greater justice.

Oh yeah, less children were harmed in the process.

Raeanne Presley Laundering Activities Promise To Bankrupt City of Branson

Mayor Reanne Presley's dictatorial regime is marked with millions of new expenditures, decrease in civil liberties, increase in regulations and total disregard for the Missouri Constitution.

Millions are being poured into the pockets of her "business associates".

In a special meeting last week the fiscal policies of Presley forced the city to admit continuing the path they're taking promises bankruptcy for Branson.

The only noted succesufll economic engines are the Branson Landing and Branson Hills - two places Presley doesn't want you to know about.

The dismal failures of the Presley administration are beginning to come out regardless of her efforts to silence the press - with the exception of Gary Groman - who enjoys a special relationship with common "business interests".

Mike Merrell Apointed by Raeanne Presley as Judge

Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell's father and former Democratic 38th Circuit Judicial Candidate Mike Merrell was appointed as a Branson Judge through action taken by the Board of Alderman Monday night.

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley Launders another $550,000 to special interests

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley sent another $550,000 of taxpayer money to Skaggs and the IDA - her political partners on Monday.

The fiscally irresponsible activities of the current administration promise suffering for Branson residents for many years to come.

The action promises to pass without a fight two weeks from yesterday.

City mourns death of former Branson mayor Lou Schaefer

Lou Schaefer, who served as Branson’s mayor during the biggest growth period in the city’s history, died early this morning at the age of 80 following an illness. Family members say he passed away at a rehabilitation facility in Springfield.

Schaefer was mayor of Branson from 1995 to 2007, and he was the first mayor in Branson’s history to be elected for six consecutive terms. He served two years on the Branson Board of Aldermen as mayor pro-tem prior to his election as mayor.

He was a strong supporter of economic development. During four years of his administration, 2004-2007, Branson experienced unprecedented growth with new construction topping $583 million and major economic developments such as Branson Landing, the Branson Convention Center and hotel, and Branson Hills opening.
Schaefer’s top priority when first elected mayor in 1995 was to see a convention center built in Branson. During the groundbreaking for the Branson Convention Center in October 2005, Schaefer called the event “…a dream come true for me.”

During his tenure, Branson’s city limits expanded from eight square miles in 1995 to 20 square miles in 2007. And by annexing, hundreds of dangerous old septic systems were connected to the city’s sewer system.
Schaefer has been called Branson’s First Ambassador because of his tireless efforts in promoting Branson as a vacation destination “where you can take any member of the family to any show or attraction and not be embarrassed with the content.”

Always quick with a smile and handshake, he enjoyed being around people and was especially popular among city employees, according to city administrative assistant Vicki McFarland, who worked with Schaefer during his 12 years as mayor. “He was so polite to everyone and a true gentleman,” she said.

Schaefer placed high importance on environmental issues. He organized a regional water quality conference in 1996 that eventually led to the formation of the James River Basin Partnership. Under his leadership, Branson became the first city in Missouri to install phosphorus removal equipment on its wastewater treatment plants, and Schaefer continually encouraged other cities to add this equipment to the point that he became known as “Mr. Phosphorus.”

A veteran of the Marine Corps, Schaefer especially anticipated the annual Veterans Homecoming in Branson that featured a week of activities and special events honoring military veterans. Schaefer attended practically every event to which he was invited, and for many homecomings, that meant 25-30 appearances in a seven-day period.

“I am so proud to be mayor of the city that has taken the national lead in paying tribute to all American veterans,” Schaefer said at a Memorial Day Remembrance in 2000.

His accomplishments as mayor earned Schaefer the prestigious 2008 Missourian Award that he was to receive September 27 in Jefferson City.

A native of St. Louis, Schaefer moved to Branson in the early 1950’s where he co-owned a wholesale business, owned hotels and later developed property. He is past president of the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau and served on the boards of Silver Dollar City, College of the Ozarks and the former Security Bank.

Visitation will be this Friday from 6-8 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church, 221 Malone with services Saturday 10 a.m. also at the church. Burial will be at Snapps Bearden Cemetery on East Highway 76.

The right to remain silent

As I secretly told Ross Summers, and Dan Lennon to help the poor mother who was being unfairly persecuted in the name of "Jesus Christ Lights" - I reserved my right to remain silent.

As a mother of 14 filed a report against a Branson Police Officer - I reserved my right to remain silent.

As a politician defended sex offenders - I reserved my right to remain silent.

After I received threats from the Branson Police Department - After I watched Lennon, Summers and Presley do nothing about the single mom whose life is ruined - After I watched these individuals to this in the name of God - I couldn't and can't with good conscience remain silent.

I believe Carroll McCollough will do whatever it takes to silence me - including my life with his weapons and consider his verbal statements and actions a real threat - however - I'd rather die doing the right thing then remain silent while the citizens of Branson are being robbed from, threatened and treated in an unjust manner.

It's come to my attention that certain politicians are posting the same repeated slander in an attempt to discredit my factual statements. These posts will be moved to a place where slander is allowed - however - I don't feel a need to facilitate corruption, fraud and untruth - particularly if it isn't generated in an interesting way.

In addition, some posts will be edited to "clean up the language" many find offensive.

I do however find it appropriate - when the Mayor of Branson consciously allows the most vulnerable citizens to be harmed good reason to shout and good reason to shout loudly.

The only reporter who is covering politics - Gary Groman - seems to use God's name only in vain - has no integrity - and repeatedly endorses his business partners. There is a long history of dishonor with this man and if you believe a word he says you've been duped. He won't debate publically and he refuses to be a man of true report. Read him with caution - challenge him regarding his involvement with time-share fraud and hold the journalism community accountable - including me!

I won't remain silent and I won't delete posts made in an appropriate manner - but, I won't support political campaigns made anonymously - without the integrity the citizens deserve from their reporters and their leaders.

The city coffers are being emptied, sunshine requests denied and money being laundered in Branson for political favor. It's time "We" take a stand for the future of the community.

Why death threats are being tracked - comments will be closed. This blog is being opened to members of the community that want to post and open posting/comments for registered users - always. Send an email if you want permission to post.

Branson Police and Peter Tsahiridis

Later this week we'll be posting the correspondence from the Branson Police Department due to popular demand.

The Branson Police Department detained me after demanding I report to Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough. Being he didn't have a warrant nor reason to detain me the e-mail was ignored.

McCollough, as he did in December threatened to detain me if I reported on the Branson Governments documented corrupt activity. This was done without probable cause.

Threats ensued directly from the Branson Police Department which were tracked back to the Branson Police Department phone line.

A report was issued by Democrat Candidate Peter Tsahiridis in the wake of a discussion on a public street where Tsahiridis was criticized for making anti-Semitic remarks. Usually, these types of discussions are kept off the record in hopes the politicians will change their behavior. Tsahiridis was also asked for antibiotics for an eye infection.

The cowardly politician decided to file a false report to the police department under the direction of McCollough.

Tsachiridis has made many outlandish statements during this campaign season regarding "Aliens and the Lost City of Atlantis", justification for the murder of Hebrews and a theory that time is moving more rapidly.

During a medical evaluation a doctor looked at Tsacharidis's statement and laughed questioning, "Is this guy a Democrat".

It's understood that Tsachiridis made additional threats to a business owner after submitting the ridiculous false report in collaboration with the Branson Police Department.

McCollough is trying his hardest to hold the document due to the fact it's so revealing.

Peace from Branson to the Ethiopian Jews

While the Hebrews were divided in captivity there was the tribe of Judah who lived liberated in Africa, many are returning to Israel.
The music is from Matisyahu an inspired Hasidic Reggae artist

Branson Daughter Found on Streets of Kansas City

This weekend I found one of our own and am helping guide her to resources to help get her on her feet. The yound girl - mid twenties - from Branson is homeless in Kansas City.

Her parents are taking care of her child while she gets her life in order. The gossip and hatred of Branson residents nearly led her to suicide.

Remember her in your thoughts and prayers tonight and be kind to those around you - you never know whose life you could save with just a simple - "I love and care about you".

Mother Teresa said America was the most impovershed nation in the world. True poverty she said was feeling unloved.

I Am My Brother's Keeper

What does it mean to be our brother's keeper?

What does it mean to love our neighbor's?

My thoughts and prayers are focused on these topics today. Last night I chatted briefly with Heather Turner to discuss the transfer of owed funds. I was informed she needed to purchase school books and would be stealing the money for a while longer. As a result, my phone will be down for a couple of days and food will be scarce.

What is the proper response?

Today is the 14th day of 40 with the Homeless. On Sunday, as a missionary tool I handed out free water - a metaphor for grace. Some took the free water, some didn't.

Hate mail is on the rise as apparent through the comments. It's amazing that five extremely corrupt individuals being exposed could cause such an upheaval!

Gary Groman still hasn't revealed his direct involvement in the Larry Miltion, Raeanne Presley time-share fraud scandal.

Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough still hasn't sang I'm a little teapot to save the carreer of one of his officers.

It's sad how far people will go to avoid saying two little words, "I'm sorry".

Branson's Sons - Stay away from Whores and Tricks

Young men - a brief message for you today.

Please stay away from sluts, whores and tricks (chicks who have sex for money). This is a deadly practice leading to death for sure.

Remember - AIDS doesn't kill people - infected people do!

Health Department reveals increase in venereal disease. Fathers - please speak to your sons - don't encourage them to destroy themselves through fornication.

I realize the city leaders use city money for political prostituiton - but, we don't have to follow their example. We can be better than that - and to us that do - long life!

Have a nice day!

Eric Farris - Branson Alderman - Conflict of Interest

Jack Purvis noted Eric Farris was not on city council at the time the city purchased the land from the Australians thus no conflict of interest occurred.

Though Purvis may be correct that Farris was not on city council at the time the land was purchased - we want to note that he was on city council when closed door discussions occurred involving the acquisition of land which was eventually purchased by the city.

Farris gave confidential information to his father-in-law also known as "the man with his penis surgically attached to his face" to rape city coffers at a substantial cost to taxpayers. The land was negotiated and then sold to the city. Farris cost the city a great deal of money laundered back to his family through insider knowledge as an elected steward of the city.

Since Farris was working for his family rather than the citizens we withhold their was a major conflict of interest.

In addition, Farris has failed to respond to our call proving he's a coward unqualified to serve as a publicly elected leader.

Actual Purchase amounts to come

Missouri's Homeless in Kansas City Could Use Your Help

Danger lurks everywhere on the streets of Kansas City. At this point I believe that I'm lucky - perhaps a miracle just to make it out here for 40 days.

There are people that I've met that will die if they don't get proper supplies in the next month. Over the last five days three of them have left exensive rain.

Supplies are hard to come by. If anyone can help with tarps, rain coats, mummy bags (below freezing capable), wheelchairs or computer equipement - they'll be put to good use.

If you're rich - don't give money - pray for me.

Thanks for all the emails, support and intercession.

Remember, with the economic policies of Mayor King Raeanne Presely - soon this could be you.

40 Days and 40 Nights with Missouri's Homeless

Thanks for being a "Christian Hypocrite"
Day 12 - 40 Days and 40 Nights with Missouri's Homeless

Branson Economy

After visiting the Power and Light District in Kansas City I'm convinced we're blessed to have the Branson Landing.

The reality is the Branson Landing is bringing prosperity to Branson while Mayor Raeanne Presley has been bilking millions to campaign supporters and taking action very harmful to the city. This is the most wasteful regime Branson has ever seen - wicked to the core.

She pays for lobbyists to fight against a stronger sunshine policy, workers - such as the police department to organize and continually uses city resources for her personal economic benefit.

We apologize in advance for using the words - Bitch - Whore - Cunt - all which describe a person willing to silence the voices of children and utilize public resources for personal gain.

More to come ......

Laptop Down - Day 11 of 40

While I was writing a list of needs this morning my laptop was lifted.

Still, I'm lucky. The first four days were the hardest. Begging Heather Turner to return the money she owes me (she's still holding onto $400 while I didn't have a place to sleep in the murder capital of the United States) was hard on me.

Writing will be sparse - but my cell phone is still on and my 800 number active.

Branson Church of the "Reformed" Crooked Cop

Branson Police Department - take heed - listen as I deliver "Weapons of Mass Instruction."

You have twice disrupted my prayers - laying hands on me while I summon the great El on private property. Fools!

Bullet proof vests, night goggles you have but no weapon can silence the will of my father.

Last week I received threatening phone calls originating from the police station and an faggots attorney's cell phone. "The Branson Police Won't Help!", said a man who sounded like Eric Willis speaking through a fan.

Since the faggot attorney would be disbarred for his actions he's been handed over to the local legal community. I'll let them deal with him appropriately. Personally, I like the guy, he's good with narcotics defense, "Blunts Anyone?"

Memebers of the Evil Dictator Raeanne Presleys Army
Do not follow the example of sissy boy Carroll McCoullough refusing to hand over documents indicting corrupt politicians!

Do not search people without probable cause. These are my brothers and sisters, children of God bestowed unalienable rights granted by God but respected by men through the blood of our forefathers.

You have been pulling people over between the hours of 12AM and 3AM with false reports of events you have not witnessed. The story is always the same and multiple reports have been filed by the public. You claim to have seen a car swerving - usually where they haven't been driving.

I understand 2:00 AM is a time people leave bars but this does not constitute probable cause. To cover your actions up you've delivered threats, posted nasty commentary and solicited the help of a faggot attorney.

What you do not know is that I have been negotiating with your enemies behind closed doors. The Branson Army is a petty army and though you threaten to not protect me i plea to a higher authority. Men of law love me; because I love Justice. You too should learn to love justice. Fear Guns? Not I. Fear God - but right now this is too high for you. Fear me because I have loved you more. Because I spare you undeserving pieces of dung at my Rabbi's request.

When you meet a youth that finds himself in jail - ask for his dad. If he doesn't have one; you'd be wise to call me. Do not touch me with your filthy hands, particularly your women. It is against my religion to allow unclean women to touch me.

You know a bit about law enforcement and little about the Justice System - a system I have studied my whole life. Wise Judges comprise the history of my family. The law is not yours. You are but a steward, a servant of higher men who can just as easily convict you. Jail? I've been begging the Taney County Sheriff and Branson Police Department to let me into the jails to pray. I do not fear your tazers, vests, batons, guns, riot gear. But through the law we all fall short, so the new law is love.

Of course you are not worthy, to me you are like dirty tampons wearing a badge. We live in a Republic; a Constitutional Democracy - Justice is not yours to fulfill. Just as easily I can disarm your weapons with a restraining order and try you in front of elected judges. You are but peons with guns. A mere nuisance to "the man with the biggest balls in the world". But though your wives seek me - do not fear - I will not touch them - they are as filthy as you to me. I like pure women for wives - clean. Yours kill their own children and call it a civil rights - by the law, your rights should be aborted.

Since you have followed the dictates of King Presley - who denies the cries of suffering children - you owe me an apology. When you arrest me while I'm praying, you make a public statement that you are greater than God. Wait until I'm finished and bring me to your army General Chief Carroll McCollough. By doing this, you show that you too are humble to the almighty God.

To the officer that has been falsely filing reports the faggot attorney cannot help you, but I can. I've been pleading to the Mother of 14 Children you disrespected in front of her son. You assumed she was drunk, created fake evidence and terrorized this family. But the mother is forgiving - she's convinced a 40 page essay on respect and a verbal apology is enough.

She is kinder than I.

You are to dress in nice clothing and respectfully ask for her forgiveness. If her children are ever in need - she should know she can personally call on you to plea her case to the powers that are.

An email is in que to the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol. It's delayed for 12 days and likely to result in an investigation - which I will demand if you do not clean up your act.

Mr. Carroll McCollough - your sins are especially raunchy. You have accused and imprisoned an innocent man - me.

You can fuck with single moms, bastard children, homeless people - you do all these - but you were dumb enough to threaten a journalist - a purveyor of truth - a watchdog against facism.

As a result, you must sing "I'm a little teapot" in front of your troops. I will personally hold three officers personally accountable to testify if you have properly repented. I reckon you ougtta listen.

Now gentlemen and gentleladies with guns and uniforms. If you are saved through grace - good - great - eternal life is yours. But, if you want prosperity on this planet love justice, love the law - fear God.

********Ron Davis of KSPR********
You do not have approval to discuss this story. You were terrorized by the accusation delivered but you didn't stand up. I need the Bob Finical file, please help by faxing the probable cause statement to 800-520-0852

Have a nice day!

Branson Landing - Branson Police - Don't Like Dion's Special Sauce

Branson Vlogger Dion Sansoucie got kicked out of the Branson Landing due to thier no film policy.

Rick Huffman's army of Orangeshirts has been enjoying an unholy relationship with the Branson Police Department. (More to Come)

Content Poll Completed - Eric Farris Most Asked For

Photos of Kansas City 3 (5%)

Photos of Branson 2 (3%)

Branson Money Laundering Operations 12 (23%)

Eric Farris Attorney at Law Report 23 (44%)

Corruption of the Branson Press 7 (13%)

Branson Chamber Press Releases 3 (5%)

Arrest Reports Taney County 5 (9%)

Theater Tickets For Sale 0 (0%)

Chicks in Bikinis 21 (40%)

Video of Kansas City 1 (1%)

Discussion About Branson and Christianity 2 (3%)

Losing My Religion - Press Politics

The greatest most flatering comment I've read on this blog is "You give Journalism a bad name"

If journalists had a god it would be a gold statue with an afro, 20 eyes, three breasts, one arm, half a vagina and two assholes.

Darin Codon