Branson Chamber of Commerce - Personal Response to Internet image Consultant

(In response to request for help from Branson Chamber of Commerce hired Internet Guns)
Thanks for your inquiry into my most sacred statistics and distribution tools. Because we love you (the Branson Chamber), we'll give you a peek underneath the hood of the most important web presence in Branson.

Reach - 1 out of every 5 people wihin Branson City Limits. Est. 15,000 regular viewers.

Outer Market - Our numbers for the year will top 100,000 users with millions of hits and page views in the hundreds of thousands. On an apple to apple basis we "Out Internet" the Branson Daily News

Depending on what kind of content we publish, we light up the West and East coast seaboards. Missouri viewers have the most interest, outside of our overwhelming readership within a hundred mile radius, Kansas City, St. Louis, Jefferson City and Columbia seem to enjoy our content as a means of acquiring news.

News networks also use us to acquire content which creates strong opportunities for PR agencies in Branson who need strong Internet partnerships. We made a special website for them called Branson Agent. Though features are hidden, this website has the same capacity to distribute and disseminate information. Unlike Branson, Missouri, Branson Agent is comprised of works penned by a variety of artists. As a courtesy, we've been distributing Chamber of Commerce press releases free of charge. In addition to press releases, we publish statistics and primary research - the fruits of our hard work we share with the press so they can report accurately on Branson.

We've recommended plans to the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitors Bureau in the past. One notable heads up was published in a local business gossip publication called the Springfield Business Journal nearly two years ago.

It's good to know the Chamber is catching up with the times and investing in the Internet. Though I'm not sure of the numbers, I imagine, considering the massive budget they have to work with that the redesign of the Branson Chamber of Commerce website will exceed $50,000 - I wouldn't be surprised if the number wasn't higher.

Though I'm' certain, I've spent more time at the table with Microsoft executives than any other candidates have in Interactive Marketing altogether - when I offered my services - I didn't get so much as a courtesy response.

We even put the Branson Chamber of Commerce as our top sellout pick!

It appears as if our commitment to editorial integrity, fact based reporting and demonstration of mad skills has angered the financial interests of a couple of the Chamber elite - so much - they feel a need to belittle us in closed session - while reading us for news every chance they get. I'm a forgiving man and hold no grudges - my broken heart will heal.

Still, I have a child to feed and need to charge in order to continue providing technical services such as those you've requested. Day rate $300 - Per hour $25. What you're looking for is achievable within a day but came at a cost of three years hard labor.

I stay true to my readers, continue publishing consistently, thoroughly, watch the numbers and publish with unceasing determination. My readers pay me back with time and influence.

The technical issue you're having is due to the constraints of Myspace. As you probably know, the general audience is children - very tribal and highly fragmented. The massive numbers boasted by the domain is relatively unreachable to any general viewer.

I'm looking for partners and our presence is about to explode again (a 400% increase this year).

New technologies are emerging that can help you utilize the massive research power the chamber has invested in.

Thanks again for your consideration, time and interest. May the Branson economy remain fruitful for generations.

Sincerely Yours,
The Editor

(P.S. We'll need to know what platform you're using!)
Excerpt From Branson Chamber of Commerce note:
I’m trying to set up a blog for the CVB targeting our visitors. While I was reviewing your site, I noticed you had a subscription tool, providing feeds from your blog to google, aol, yahoo, etc. How many people subscribed to that so far? Can you tell me how you included those feeds on your blog.