Missouri's 7th Congressional District Update

Last night during an interview with a leading area Democratic organizer issued an honest answer to the question, "What is a Democrat?" "I don't know", she responded
 When Branson's White House Theater was sold to Chinese Nationals, the official Communist Party published a press release. Having never visited their website, the headline, "China has taken over the Whitehouse", twitched my curiosity"
 I suppose with Branson's soon to be proposed, "Mayoral Stimulus and Tax Increase Assurance Plan" (Red Pit was mandatory research). Branson's "Bureau of Revenue and Tax Distribution spokesman," Ross Summers was quoted in the Communist press.

Now that Branson's economy had moved my browser directly into the written irkings of Communist  Chinese Propaganda, I clicked over to the history page. What I read knocked my political socks off.
The Chinese government publishes a five page history of the "great achievements of the party". It's commonly known that China has moved towards freer market philosophies but, this move in policy only now for the government spin.

The entire state published history argued that China wasn't moving towards capitalist models but rather bringing forth the Maoist dream through changes in "Official Party Doctrine". Hmm. Since we're all socialsts now, I thought I'd call a Missouri 7th District Congressional
The communists claim their new capitalist market isn't really capitalist at all. I'm confused. Apparently maintaining a two trillion dollar surplus is an ancient Chinese Communist accounting Secret. 
Thank God,

 But this is the problem of party worship. I understand you may have an idol of a donkey or an elephant in your living room that you want to stay true to but why? Does the iconic imagery match your beliefs?  If you take a close look you might be surprised.
Concerned that burgeoning free market economies were the result of Socialist Regimes moved far to the left I immediately connected a Democrat to my batline. Tim Davis, Missouri's sole District 7 Congressional hopeful (until yesterday's filing) pitched me his take on what's important for the nation in 2011.He said, balancing the budget. I laughed. Shortly after he left his position as Branson's city attorney, publicly battled against an illegal tax (one of many, Branson's corrupt mayor was attempting to levy).  So wait, here's an Oxford educated Southwest Missouri Democrat Economist that sets balancing the budget as the highest priority for the nation. And he fights taxes against a faux-republican politico? After he tries to sell me a textbook that he wrote on Economic Theory (published by his Alma Mater) he speaks of the virtues of Obama's agenda. He doesn't get into specifics but ribs, "Clinton was in office last time the budget was balanced."

 What if the holy Donkey Idol® magically started speaking and tells you to be fiscally conservative, or the  Elephant idol® tells you to take the US treasury and give it all to the bank and their private businesses?
Don't get me wrong, I'm all about freedom of Religion but, I'm weary of the ever-changing philosophies of political ministers.
Red State and Blue State,huh, Missouri is more, "The Color Purple" than Oprah Winfrey.

I hear this one all the time.


And I wonder, really wonder, what do these labelsmean?

I know a lot of corporations put a cross on their logo.but I'm not sure what that means either these days I'm doing research for a National Politics Blog on politics and religion.

Personally, I'm a  Netizen I and the people that work with me, firmly believe in the unfiltered expression of ideas, idealogy and religous faith.

I only beg for personal responsibility. You may hate my opinion, but don't think it's appropriate to send anonymous death threats to my phone because the candidates campaign you're running is hurt by a diatribe of pragmatic truth and dissemination of fact. Still, stand up for what you believe in, I respect people who do that. Put your PAC's name on my website too.

So, let's take a look. Obama says your primary political demography is "God and Guns."

Ooops All Candidates, libs, dems, cons, libs are Pro-Life/Anti Abortion and the majority are carrying members of the NRA.

I'm sorry to inform you , but if your greatest political concern is making sure Guns Remain Legal and Abortion Outlawed ; You're in good hands. And if you believe, a born again Christian should be elected to MO's 7th Congressional Seat, you can use your vote to buy a democrat too. ,

Here's your choice as a constituent in Missouri's Congressional 7th District.

God And Guns Democrat or God And Guns Republican

 In fact, if the most important thing for you - that is - if you're campaign lobby is "More Abortions, Less Guns Inc.'You should probably vote Democratic.

And hey, while we're at it, if education is the most important to you - I bequeath Rep. Maynard Wallace, the only Republican endorsed by - well - every education lobby local to federal.

Oh wait, it doesn't stop there - You're thinking property rights is the most important to the family living in your Libertarian abode? Have you met Democrat Cathy Hilliard from the Real Estate lobby.

I know, I know, you're confused; the very foundations of your religion have been rocked. If you're up early, Chritstian Rabbi Eukel is taking calls and Non-partisan Christian Conservative talk show host Vincent David Jericho just promised free advertising to companies hurt by the recession.

Really? I suppose if you're going to have such an interesting political mix it's appropriate to throw in a conservative Jewish talk show host who's really a Christian and a hard-line conservative who's handing out a personal stimulus package.

I was so confused that I called my favorite former Oil Executive and asked who the industry leaders had to bribe for expansion of Oil drilling rights. I can't divulge further details besides - Democrats. Ironically, they took away the massive health care account he invested in over 40 years of working overtime. Hmmmmm.

I can go on. But the election process in Missouri's 7th District seems to have been damaged by some strange "isms" that have little to do with the general issues.

The secret , the holy grail of Congressional politics, lays in your capacity to serve the citizens. The election speed moves too fast (once every two years) to not be responsive to constituent concerns.

Branson Tea Party? What the hell does that mean? Has there been a merger with the Red Hat Society? I'm waiting for Eric Farris to fill me in.

Come to think of it, there's some public space where a Liberty Tree once stood. The city has rights to allow public events down there....oh, wait, whooooops. Ewwwwww, what was that law past last week?

It's illegal in Branson to have a public gathering on the streets of Branson without a music theater managers approval? What, the Constitution of the United States of America is protected in the new city charter. I'm guessing someone's going to tell me some scumbag wants to double the lengh of the Mayor's term (guess who wants to do this, behind close doors). Ummmm

It's illegal to have a political march without the Money Laundering Polislut Presley? The biggest political whore in the 7th District.... we got a hardliner word for you - unbelievable , truly, you have to see it yourself. Presley's publicly lobbying group, what's the name..let me think - oh yeah, "League of Cities Against Democracy "linked me up to the historical achievements of" - Victor Berger, America's first socialist mayor. 
"Milwaukee Socialists sought to reform the legacy of the Industrial Revolution on the local level by cleaning up neighborhoods and factories with new sanitation systems, municipally-owned water and power systems, community parks, and improved education systems. Progressivism and Socialism had different leaders and spoke different languages, but were, in many ways, remarkably similar in practice. Socialists rejected the Progressive idea of government regulation of industry. Instead, they sought to replace the capitalist system with a planned economy of state-owned industries that would protect workers from business monopolies. Socialists believed that this change would be inevitable as the working class became increasingly oppressed by powerful businesses. Although they believed in a type of class warfare, Socialists did not advocate a violent revolution as a means of achieving their goals. Rather, Socialism was to come by ballots. Until that time came though, Socialists supported measures to improve conditions for the working class and to achieve a more efficient administration of government.  "

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

Branson's newest market is political tourism -24% of our recent economy.

I thought it was funny that the first Branson Tea Party was kicked out of the public square. The whole lot tried to stuff themselves on a patio at the steak joint.

If there's one thing I've learned from Branson's City Leaders is that liberal, conservative and socialist policies are fine by most individuals if they can profit from it.

Sadly, since that time - the rules of public expression and free-enterprise have eroded further in Branson. It's not really about Democracy or Republicanism or Socialism or Holierthanthouism (someone accidentally funded a highly succesful parade and made Andy Williams top dog instead a state-sponsored-entertainment family). .

But it should be about Freedom. And quite frankly it theirs a coffee party or a tea party and they don't have the courage, audacity or frankly balls to stand up to Presley Government Industrics LLC (a publicly funded venture) in the public square don't tell me about Thomas Paine, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln or Andrew Jackson. If you're going to reserve the Constitution from some political two-bit hillbilly hoedown (for a 50 dollar fee music included)  your worthy of public despise - not because you are a liberal, democrat, christian, atheist, republican democrat or for that matter lesbianalbinomidgeteskiom - because, you don't believe in standing up to the fundamental freedom that makes us American.

Excuse me for not stopping this rant earlier but I've been waiting for them to finish construction on the Taneycobama Bridge. Apparently, it's against the law to pray out there too. Is there a method of removing Reanne's Presley name from the plaque on the public square or are the personal interests of slithering the only group legislatively  protected?

I have to stop and buy some gas, There's a store, once called Dalton's in midtown Branson where I can buy alcohol, gas and a rifle in a one stop . I gotta stop, I'm going fishing, anyone have quarters for the worm vending machine?

Branson Business Codes

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Herschend Family Entertainment CEO - Undercover Boss (Video Trailer and Full Episode)

Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) CEO Joel Manby shined Sunday on CBS.

The company doesn't have a reputation of paying the highest wages; but that isn't always the reason people choose to work for a company. A strong suite of supportive services for employees (i.e. healthcare) and a strong Christian enviornment are reasons many people choose to work for the comapany. The unique companies virtues were highlighted in the episode now online. Click here to see the full episode.

Horse Slaughter Bill Bill Passes Missouri House -

If you're so hungry you can eat a horse, heres your chance. The Missouri Legislature passed a bill through the House which allows the slaughter of horses. The US Congress hath declared it illegal to

Chad Livengood reports:
"Under the bill, processors would pay into a fund to the Missouri
Department of Agriculture, which would pass the inspection fees on to
the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Viebrock, R-Republic, said USDA would then have a funding source to
pay for inspections of horse meat, which is a delicacy in Europe and

In September 2006, Congress barred any federal funds from being spent
by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on inspecting the
nation's three remaining horse slaughtering plants in Illinois and
Texas -- effectively putting them out of business."

Branson City Officials Launder Millions Depleting Public Reserves - News-Leader Reports Branson Officials Don't Want Dogs to Poop in Park

My immense respect for the Springfield Press is rapidly being eroded. Instead or addressing corruption and the rapidly disappearing revenue at Branson city hall they opted to report:

"Dogs are pooping in the park. City officials want you to keep dogs on a leash."

This is the story about Branson Gannet's Springfield News-Leader ran today. 

The new News-Leader appears to have a policy of -  Government Press Releases only 

As I've stated before, since the Springfield News-Leader closed it's Branson bureau, journalism in our fair city has faced a lingering death. Due to the lack of coverage, corruption at Branson City Hall remains unabated with millions in depleted reserves unaccounted for.

Missouri State University professor Andrew Cline has repeatedly professed his interest in the topic, "How to Kill Journalism". Sir, Rhetoric to the side, we have a great case study for you- Branson.

Let's take Andrew Cline's Rhetorical anti and raise another question, "How do you kill democracy?"  I could refer to the recent media takeover by a third third-world dictator but will refrain from facts on the matter in order to keep the dialogue civil.

The easiest and most efficient means of killing both journalism and democracy in one fatal Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick is to evade open government laws. Our morally challenged mayor has done an exceptional job at this. 

One recent example relates to a former board member of a competing airport i.e. Branson Mayor Presley's attempt to dishonor the Branson Airport Contract. In a public meeting we learned that Presley spent $50,000 obtaining outside legal counsel that was never reported by city council. During a debate, citizens present learned that the funds had been approved by vote months earlier. 

There are many examples of how the "death of journalism" in Branson has created a cancer that has eaten away at a once healthy democracy. 

People are so afraid of the effectiveness of corruption by Branson's current Board of Alderman that they're too terrorized to even run for office. Elections in Branson have been canceled (no one wants to challenge three Presley appointments to the Board of Alderman) - citizens being rightfully terrorized to attempt to challenge any of the offices. Perhaps we should name next weeks election, "spit on a veteran's day" - since we have a North Korea style ballot (no options or semi-fiscally minded alderman running for office).

The mafia-style control of public funds,  restraints on free-market business through new regulation and failure to adhere to Missouri's Sunshine law has enabled the most perverse governmental practices by removing the vital checks and balances that allow us to govern ourselves. 

Branson is known as the liberal center of Taney County. I'm sure most of the nation would laugh knowing this fact ws true; however, the extent of Branson's current city government's movement to a fiscally far-left and green focused political agenda is not without cost. Even the virtues of liberalism (social freedom) have been removed from current business policy.

Presley walked into public office with the slogan "Change". It wasn't until recently that I've understood this meant change from an honest, open, business encouraging eniornment to one that promotes politicians personal finances. 

For Presley it's great. She's been able to open a new media company with the assistance of KY3 and KSPR, launder money in blocks to sitting politicians for legislation for a private enterprise, paid a cool million for land owned by a sitting Taney County Commissioner and depleted - check this:

7 of 13 Million Dollars of Branson's Reserve Funds - During Branson's 3 Highest Revenue Generating Years

Because our press isn't functioning correctly and lack of adherence to open-government laws are unchallenged, Branson citizen's don't even know it. It's not because they're dumb. it's because closed government suits the interests of corruption. 

The most well-known case of corruption in American History is President Nixon's Watergate. In fact, Missouri's open government laws, and the careers of many 40 and 50 something journalists were birthed by the virtues of a free-press. They believed an open decmocracy could keep us free - and they are correct. Unfortunately, as demonstrated in Branson, not allowing foul play.

In fact, Our very nation was constructed on the backs of patriot journalists with the courage to pen truth regardless of the consequences.  

American forefather-founding-philosopher-journalist Thomas Paine's famous pamphlet "Common Sense" withheld "God doesn't like oppressive government" (he used the Hebrews plight from oppressive governrnment aka Exodus to prove the point ). Paine also made an opening point that leaders of nations and the populace are often two distinctly different entities. 

Our local press has made the government the sole voice of government information. Sadly, and I say this with true sorrow, the Spingfield News-Leader's method of reporting Branson news falls in-line with China's Recent Demands to Google as reported by the Washington Post.:

 Communist China's Press Rules For Reporting on Conflict with Google
1. Only use Central Government main media (website) content; do not use content from other sources.
2. Reposting must not change title.
3. News recommendations should refer to Central government main media websites.
4. Do not produce relevant topic pages; do not set discussion sessions; do not conduct related investigative reporting.
5. Online programs with experts and scholars on this matter must apply for permission ahead of time. This type of self-initiated program production is strictly forbidden.
6. Carefully manage the commentary posts under news items.

The local radio station in Branson -  KRZK - which use to be the pinnacle of great journalism in Branson has withdrawn from meeting attendance. 

When someone dies or a major advertiser asks, the other media agencies lug gear and report on Branson Missouri. 

My dear friends in the press - I get it. You're both rightfully terrified and justifiably hesitant to do comprehensive reporting! There's no money in it!

I've really enjoyed reading Branson Daily News reporter  Mindy Honey's Sunday church profiles. Great stuff.  But when it comes to politics why should she do investigative research when the local authorities will give the copy to her? And though 90% of BDN's copy is reprint of government approved text, she's currently providing the most broad coverage of our current administration's activity.

Since lately, the local government has decided to harass anyone that challenges their actions; it's far - a far easier road to take. You can get a smile and advertising cash for your media company instead of painful retort politically, personally and professionally.

Who wants to put their neck out to expose corruption and have to take the heat? 

Last month, a major Branson business summoned me to their board room. The multi-million dollar enterprise said, "You're so talented and we want to hire you, but we're afraid of what Raeanne Presley will do to our business." You have the account but have to keep our relationship secret until we get thht B---- out of office. " And I don't blame him - not even slightly mad, because I understand what havoc ensues when government isn't restrained by law. A media company familiar with my work offered a similar deal last year. I took neither position.

For three years, behind closed doors, Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley has been working with other tax entities to create a charter that will solidify a democracy killing agenda ensuring new taxes to subsidize her private business. 

I reported the process three years ago. 

But, Branson officials finally came forward with their intent to create a new charter last week. I wonder how much money has been spent, outside of government mandates, to ensure the legacy of corruption continues. 

I suppose our mayor can take another Presley steamer on the Constitution she swore to uphold while the regional newspapers print the command of "keep your dogs on a leash" which I think is code to the Springfield Newsleader for - thanks for letting me wag the dog.

Taney and Stone Counties Have Highest Unemployment in State of Missouri

Last week an article was posted on the Branson Missouri Blog titled "Branson's Liquor Ordinance Proves Dismal Failure" which alluded to the Fed's looking into Branson's human smuggling racket. The article was addressing the City of Branson's dismally failing liquor ordinance.

The ordinance is one of many new laws (we're averaging 365 pages of legislation data added biweekly) that promises higher taxation for residents.

Citizens of Branson are protected from rapid rises in taxation through the Hancock Amendment which limits Missouri's geopolitical districts from rapidly raising levies. Many residents have cited concern after realizing the last three years Branson has posted the highest revenues in the cities history. Unfortunately, we've also had record deficit spending and legislation designed to finance a few private enterprises.

While the nation faces a "great recession", Branson has seen skyrocketed earnings from new development. The last three years demonstrates the rabid success of the Branson Landing and Branson Hill's projects contrasted by new laws intended to thwart new enterprise in Branson's burgeoning markets.

The Stone County Gazette's Dave Abner reported the following stats this week on unemployment:

Taney County - 21.4%

Stone County - 19.9%

Lawrence County - 9.3%

Christian County - 9.2%

Barry County 9.1%

Considering the high rate of unemployment and accompanied lower cost of labor; you'd think municipal leaders would enact growth and local labor encouraging laws.

But this has been the very opposite of the case in Branson, Missouri under Mayor Raeanne Presley's watch. Her famous campaign statement, "I don't want to pay 9 dollars an hour for a parking attendant' is the one campaign promise actually met.

The liquor ordinance is designed to conceal slave-labor operations in Branson. Instead of licensing individuals they're requiring  The high cost of the failed program ensures the inevitable tax increases Presley's tax addiction is sure to conjures.

The net effect of Branson's underground sex-industry and lower wages for Branson families is a mere sidenote outweighed by the Branson Chamber of Commerce's need for a low cost venue to host its annual black tie dinner.

Businesses in Branson are protected by a fiscal policy stating , he who hires the least number of Missourian's wins.

I suppose if we have to compromise Christian values, we have can achieve the apparently more important goal of ensuring the Presley's have cheap labor. With the savings we can enact new social programs and pat ourselves on the back.

Branson's Mayor Not Quite As Honorable as this group (Sunshine Law Cartoon)

The city of Branson's continued disregard for the Sunshine Law under Mayor Presley's administration is astounding. At least one group has the integrity to address it behind closed doors.
Prison sentences for politicians who blatantly disregard open government laws is one way we could abolish such activities.
We watch as local government officials bilk millions to fund their private ventures with tax funds while we put men in prison for stealing loaves of bread.

Jack Goodman Campaign Reports on Listening Tour - Branson Stop

“Jobs, Spending, Healthcare and Energy Taxes” big issues on Goodman’s “Listening for Solutions Tour”

(Mt. Vernon, Mo.)  “I listened and our neighbors had plenty on their minds about what we need to do to fix what is broken with the federal government,” that was the way Republican 7th Congressional District candidate Jack Goodman summed up his 10 stop “Listening for Solutions Tour”  that will be ongoing across the district during his grassroots campaign for Congress.
Goodman, a conservative state senator, stopped at Skaggs Hospital in Branson during the first two days of his tour designed to give local residents an opportunity to offer their suggestions and observations of what the federal government should and should not be doing -- or could do better.
“The people of this district clearly want to send to Congress a true conservative, a neighbor who gets it, who shares their anger, someone with a record of fixing what is broken.  I am ready to serve the people of this district in that role as their next voice and vote in Congress,” said Goodman of Mt. Vernon.
Goodman said the three main issues mentioned by those attending the gatherings were out-of-control federal spending, opposition to a government take-over of health care that would cost us even more, put a bureaucrat between us and our doctors and cut Medicare for our seniors, and opposition to a new job-killing national energy tax known as Cap and Trade.  There also was great frustration expressed that the federal government’s actions have actually slowed the recovery and the creation of sustainable private sector jobs.
Goodman said, “The people of southwest Missouri know our families are hurting.  We need jobs now and the path to recovery begins by letting people keep more of what they earn.  Spending is out-of-control.  We need to pass a balanced budget amendment, enact the spending freeze and other fiscal responsibility reforms I have been advocating for months.  On health care the people understand that real reform will lower health care costs.  Real reform will expand coverage, not ration it.  Real reform will not allow them to cut half-a-billion dollars from the Medicare program on which so many depend.”
In the state senate Goodman sponsored the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, the repeal of Missouri’s death tax, and helped win tax cuts for Missouri workers and seniors.   He built a tough on crime record sponsoring and helping to pass Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, S.T.O.P. Meth Act, and a bill to allow for life sentences for those who sexually assault Missouri children.  To make health care more affordable and available he won passage of the law allowing small businesses to come together to pool their buying power to lower insurance costs.   He has been a staunch advocate for cutting waste, fraud and abuse in state government, protecting the unborn, making government more transparent and open to citizen inspection and supported balanced budgets that brought a billion new dollars to Missouri classrooms without a tax increase.
Goodman said, “I think it is far more important for me to listen to the people I serve—and seek to serve—than it is to be talking all the time.  Our neighbors have great ideas.  Now we need to implement that southwest Missouri common sense in Washington.”
The first part of Goodman’s “Listening for Solutions Tour” was held on March 9th and 10th while the Missouri General Assembly is on spring break. 

Taney County Gets More Stimulus Cash

Taney County Energy Grant Announcement (Taney County Commission PR)

Taney County, Missouri, March 11, 2010: The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has formally announced that Taney County has been awarded a Public Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits grant through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) Energize Missouri Communities in the amount of $174,999.00.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sought proposals during 2009 from eligible applicants that would reduce the energy use of cities and counties, have a positive impact on their budgets, and enhance the economic development in Missouri through job creation. Taney County was selected out of 86 applicants and received the award notice in a letter dated March 5th from DNR applauding the county’s initiative and offering congratulations on the development of a strong project that will result in improved energy savings and economic benefits for the citizens of our state.

Taney County Stimulus Coordinator, Ron Houseman stated “This particular grant has proved more labor intensive than any other grant awarded to Taney County during the past 12 months. This was a monumental undertaking involving Taney County, Hollister, Mark Twain, and Kirbyville Schools, Taney County Health, Western Taney County Fire, City of Branson, and the Taney County Airport.”

The effort to pursue energy grant funds came from an informational email sent through the National Association of Counties. Western Commissioner Jim Strafuss read the article, called Association Staff, researched the opportunity, and put together a county team to pursue the grant process. Commissioner Strafuss named Ms. Joan Chowning within the county department of economic development, Mrs. Jillian Rulon serving in the commission office and Mrs. Linda Gifford in county purchasing to the team. Later Mrs. Debbie Redford and Ms. Barbara Bohley were added as grant writers and Rod Finkle as engineer.

Commissioner Strafuss noted “The grant was multi-faceted and complicated; requiring numerous players (cities, schools, fire districts, etc), energy studies, energy recommendations, and was drawn out literally over several months.”

Commissioner Pennel said “He was tickled pink to see all the entities working together and all those that did the legwork”.

Commissioner Strahan stated “The entire team is to be commended for their hard work and diligence, with special thanks to Mrs. Jillian Rulon, Mrs. Debbie Redford and Ms.Joan Chowning.”

The grant was formally discussed, accepted and approved by the Taney County Commission on Thursday March 11th on behalf of all participating entities.

The Commission commented that this award is a great example of what cooperation, hard work, and perseverance can do.

Taney County Commission Audit Update

From the Taney County Commission Notes:

Commissioner Strafuss informed citizens that the State Auditor’s office had contacted him with an estimate of $60,000.00 for an audit of one office. The Auditor’s office urged the County to create a list of particular concerns which the State could then use to estimate the cost of a possible audit.
Bob Schanz discussed the previous article in the Branson Trilakes News and the estimated audit cost amount in the article being incorrect. He stated the possible cost amount could be $100,000.00, and the cost being a worthy amount. He pointed out the following areas as being of particular concern: the County’s dwindling rainy-day fund, and the fact that it has been ten years since the County has been audited by the State. Mr. Schanz would request an audit of all departments.
Rick Findley agreed the $250,000.00 audit amount was an incorrect figure. He said the State suggested the County look to the current auditing company for aide, as the State is very busy. He also explained there are different audits which can be performed. He requested that Mr. Schanz create a specific list of concerns. The Commission and the County Clerk provided Mr. Schanz with a copy of the County’s recent audit.
Commissioner Strahan spoke regarding his ongoing request for a grand jury review of the County’s operations.
Commissioner Pennel spoke regarding the TIF payments in the Accounts Payable for the day.

Missouri Supreme Court Overturns Red Light Camera Ticket

Missouri Supreme Court Overturns Red Light Ticket                                                            
It's not uncommon for citizens to find their rights infringed upon by local government bodies but few have the audacity or the financial means to fight city hall all the way to the state Supreme Court as 30 year Missouri Highway Patrol veteran Adolph Belt Jr. did.

Noting the yellow light was too quick, Belt challenged a $100 ticket issued after his license plate was photographed by a red-light enforcement camera in Springfield, MO.

According to the Supreme Court's unanimous ruling, Springfield process for fighting the ticket is unconstitutional.

The court opinion, posted above, concluded the City of Springfield should have moved the case to a circuit court as opposed to the current administrative process.

Branson Liquor Ordinance Continues to Prove Dismal Failure 14 of 44 Businesses Cited

Branson's foreign slave labor market is well protected under Presley's dismally failing liquor ordinance enacted at a cost of over $100,000 to taxpayers.

Over $50,000 was paid in attorney's fees to move liability from the person who commits the crime to the business owners that permit the serving of alcohol.

Instead of licensing individuals with a user fee, the current ordinance includes a massive spending increase to generate negative press against business's who serve alcohol.

While the Fed's eye Branson's thriving foreign labor market city leaders have continued to reject proposals to curb importation of slave labor - generally imported from Eastern Europe and a select few third-world countries.

Under Kansas City's liquor licensing program, servers are required to have a backround check, pay a small fee and take a short test. The general cost to the city to provide a license is under one dollar per person. Felons, illegal laborers and even fines owed to the city are flagged before a server can get licenseed.

In Branson this creates a problem. Protecting victims of the slave market could mean higher wages for Branson's legal workforce and the Mayor Raeanne Presley's personal business. Licensing efforts that would reduce city tax burdens and thwart Branson's thriving forced labor and prostitution industry were firmly rejected by Branson's mayor and board of aldeman.

Instead, the sting operations clearly indicate Branson's current efforts are a dismal failure. 14 of 44 businesses were cited for serving alcohol to minors during a recent sting operation:

--Ernie Biggs, 505 Branson Landing Blvd.;
--Chili's Bar & Grill, 1150 Branson Hills Pkwy.;
--Shorty Small's Dockside Bar, 7 N. Boardwalk;
--Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse, 915 Branson Landing Blvd.;
--El Portal, 1305 W. Missouri 76;
--Fuddruckers, 1615 W. Missouri 76;
--Ruby Tuesday, 2206 W. Missouri 76;
--Elenita's Mexican Restaurant, 3522 Keeter St.;
--La Vera Cruz, 158 Pointe Royale;
--The Dawg House, 1117 Missouri 165;
--Shorty Small's, 3270 Yellow Ribbon Road;
--Buckingham's Restaurant, 2820 W. Missouri 76;
--Charlie's Steak Ribs & Ale, 3009 W. Missouri 76; and
--Starvin Marvin's, 3400 W. Missouri 76.