Branson Commerce Park

Chalk one up for Mike Rankin Branson Commerce Park had their ribbon cutting this afternoon which is good news for my business and anyone else working in tech.

The 200 acre mixed-use facility is heavy handed with the latest in fiber optics. The intent is to bring new business to Branson and second to a thriving entertainment economy it's exactly what Branson needs.

As Hollister announces a pre-ordained move into entertainment Friday Oct. 19, 2007 Branson announces a move into the 21st century. Exciting times.

Technical infrastructure is the repeated message of economic prophets when they talk about why Branson is a bad investment for business owners.

Rankin's business strategy was to bring high paying tech jobs into Branson. This is good for three main reasons.

1. They pay well increasing value, money and demand for more valuable real estate in the area.

2. The worker they attract is fortunate enough to be the sole-bread winner of the family and the demographics lure larger families. Branson's demand for inexpensive labor can be met with teenagers and part-time jobs for stay at home moms.

3. ENVIRONMENT - These industries don't damage the environment! The beauty of the Ozarks is and has always been the number one attraction in Branson.

The Commerce Park is also the catlyst that is bringing natural gas to Branson residents as well lowering the cost of fuel for home-owners who currently rely on propane.

We often talk about CID's, NID's and TIF's. The Commerce park is another CID/NID which is a self-subsidizing means of providing the infrastructure and reduced-rent residential housing.