How To Get a Sneak Preview of the Titanic

Rule #1 Make them think you're the man

Rule #2 Be Polite while ignoring signs - ask the first person you see where you're supposed to be shooting film before taking your self guided tour. This will save you time, headache and greatly increase your chances of capturing good footage.

Rule #3 Go ahead and take a second tour

For Photos of the tour

Titanic Photos

Branson Vacation Channel

The Branson Vacation Channel replaces the public broadcasting station in Branson. They serve the community by providing visibility to business's in the area. The trophy wall seen before you outgrew the original wall. The other shots below are of the editing and recording facilities.
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Branson News - Meet the Press and KISS

I always know when I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. Basically, when Cliff Sain is on the scene, I know I shouldn't be there. Why, because I know these guys will cover the story. They even take the time to edit their work, unlike the news scratchpad you see before you.
These photos were shot at Branson Fest. The Branson Critic promises a 50 page photo review to come out this month. I spent my time spying the local press including the Springfield News-Leader, The Branson Daily News and several radio stations.
Bill Michael's was on the scene most of the day giving warm fuzzy's to the public hustling newspaper's from the free stack the paper provided.
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Branson News - Timeshare - Branson Tourism Center -

The Branson Tourism Center neither confirmed or denied the purchase of

Hollister Overpass Over 65

The bridge over Highway 65 is one of the new corridors that will help the City of Hollister increase expansion capacity without alienating residents.

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Bucky and Retro Sings Dirty Deeds by ACDC at club shake it up

Click Play to View above clip.

Bucky and the Retro band have been performing regularly at shake it up. This clip will be posted on the Branson Nightlife Guide and eventually Branson Rock. You can see more clips at these two locations. The sites are currently being redesigned.

Retro plays, you guessed it, Retro music. A lot of the 80's rock I've heard is geared more towards a 30-40 crowd. My tastes in music are geared to a little lower age group. My best description of the standard Retro music is "Songs you like but don't want to admit". If your twenty something, you don't want to brag that you've rocked out behind closed windows to a Journey song - you do - you've just been outed. This doesn't mean that I want to dance to it in public. In fact, I don't. Some do....

You can tell Bucky personally likes rock, it shows through in this clip. My assumption is that he enjoys these more than the disco favs' I've seen Retro perform

Bucky also plays with a band called the Horn Dogs, they draw a good crowd and have a wide range of talent. It's a must see on a Saturday night.

Branson Chamber of Commerce -

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Branson Mayor Lou Schaefer


The beauty of living in a small town is the personal attention the civic leaders pay to their constituents. The picture posted above is Branson Mayor, Lou Schaefer. Lou grew up in this region helping the community take form. Dox Dixon calls him Branson's most unsung hero.
There was a time when locals were required to leave the region for up to nine months at a time. Urban methods of business transferred to increases in production and a transfer to a jump from scattered craftsman to international import of manufactured goods. Lou Shaefer helped with this transition and increased revenue of tourism traffic heading to the "Big Whole" known best as Marvel Cave.
A Business transaction between the City of Branson, Branson Landing and Bass Pro,the multi billion dollar outdoor retailer Bass Pro, was welcomed with an assurance from Lou of a mutual lifetime loyalty between families. Posted by Picasa

Hollister Mayor David Tate Welcomes you to Hollister.

Hollister Mayor David Tate was reaffirmed Mayor after yesterday's election. This clip was taken at a debate sponsored by the Hollister Chamber of Commerce.
Hollister is quickly being recognized as a regional superstar. The city has gone through a lot of changes and they've done it while retaining dignity. Hollister has experienced unmatched growth and earned state recognition as a major contributer to the economy and future of Missouri.
While the state has seen some slight economic downturn Hollister has shown nothing of the sort.
The Branson Daily News Reported unofficial results in the recent Mayoral election. The count was David Tate 221 and Maggie DeGola 119. Petterson who was a non-participant in both the debates and refused media coverage was granted 28 votes.

Branson Missouri - Road to Rock - Behind the Scenes

Providing live entertainment is no trivial task. Things don't always go as expected. The clip above is taken backstage at the Road to Rock. A dancer sprained an ankle and was unable to go back onstage. 10 minutes before the curtains opened the Choreography had to be readjusted. The above segment documents the process. The show must go on...and it did.

The Momento Pepsi Trick

This is a re-enactment of the Momento Pepsi trick. This feat is performed by Jeremiah Froyland.