Marvin Short - 50's at the Hop

Marvin Short says, "don't drink and drive." Check out the hair. He wears the hairdo in the sho 50's at the Hop. The ladies seem to like it, so he keeps the hair perfectly formed during his adventures out on the town.
He has the deepest Lousiana accent a native Okie ever spit.
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Branson Edge threatens discrimination suit against Titanic (JK)

Is the Princess Tea Party open to fathers?

On October 13th and 14th the Titanic Branson is hosting a princess tea party. The advertisement clearly states:

"Titanic’s First Class Maid will host the event and serve as her young guests’ guide through a time-honored English tea ceremony. Etiquette rules, proper manners, place setting protocol, pouring techniques and refined behavior will be served along with finger sandwiches, sweet delicacies and fine English tea.

Why not make this a Mother/Daughter celebration at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson?

The Founding Fathers For Family Federation issued this warning.

"Organizations that fail to recognize fathers enjoy finger sandwiches, delicacies and fine English tea, hear this warning. Gone are the days when we, the Founding Fathers For Family Federation will tolerate being left out of tea parties"

According to a press release, "The invitation sent to my daughter McCartney Codon was a good start but I'm not stating at this time that the level of compensation offered can heal the emotional damage done"

At press time, no documents had been filed in the 38th Circuit Court. Being that the FFFFF is a fictional organization - none are anticipated.

Random Springfield Girl Leaves Graduation Photos on My Camera

Two girls from a Springfield High School borrowed my camera to shoot pictures for thier yearbook. I have no idea who to send these pictures to.
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KC Blue Blog

KC Blue Blog was the only person to take a position on the Race for Lt. Governor. This week ranking #1 most infuential Missouri blog of the week.

The most important Economic Report in the State of Missouri

The rolling 12 month average gives us some interesting data about TIF's. Tax Increment Financed districts are an issue throughout the state.

I haven't had a chance to study this document much and the post below is difficult to read.

The spreadsheet is viewable at the Branson Edge.

Branson Rolling 12 Month Financials - City Wide + TIF Districts

The chart above shows Branson's 12 month rolling financials. TIF districts are categorized separately.

We don't know too much about it. How about you study it with me?

417 Magazine


I can make a top 10 list.

I take pretty pictures.

Titanic Owners - The Joslyns

1. I'll quit hacking your facilities, at least I'd be more likely for fear of getting fired.

2. You'll be able to regain control of your Web Cam so other people can use it.

3. Remember the wonder years of Television? A new day of Internet Broadcast could emerge.....

Charlie Gerken
Gerken & Associates Realtors
1157 West Highway 76
Branson, MO 65616

Thirty-two years is a long time to be in one place! Please join Gerken & Associates Realtors in celebration of the completion of our office renovation as we honor our past and move towards our future.

When: October 17th, 2007
Where: 1157 West Highway 76 (next to Mazzio’s Pizza)
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Ribbon Cutting: 4 pm

Hors d’oeuvres, refreshments and good times provided. Please RSVP Carol at or 417.334.1892.

We look forward to seeing you there!

View Larger Map

Dan Ruda

I have no idea what this guys paying, but he always has that smile.

I think he's hiding something. I think it's money.

I want some.

Here's the money shot. Dan Ruda and Rick Huffan - two on the top 10.

Thorough and efficient.

The next Lt. Governor

The ultimate sell-out - I love it.

I get a lot of e-mails from just about everything I post - except when I asked people who'd they vote for Lt. Governor.

Sounds like a statewide public relations problem.

Two qualifications: 1. You must be the "Sun Shiniest" 2. You must not have negotiated finances within the last 90 days.

Rick Huffman

You have all the money.

Share some dog!

I'd take pretty pictures - sprinkle some fairy dust - and sell you some houses.

Also, some good staff - BONUS

Springfield News-Leader - Gannett

All I can say is DUDE. Just kidding.

I have 7,000 web pages 10,000 photos and over a hundred video news clips.

By the way, In case you wondering - the reason you didn't get that whole "Branson Mediagate" thing is because you had the only journalist that wasn't writing as a member of the board of a special interest group financially benefiting from an extra

80 million dollars in fluff money

Also, the dog which was electrocuted at the Branson Landing. A lawyer once told me, "it takes 90 days to determine medical damages from such an incident"

Pete Herschend - Silver Dollar City

I'd be the second best analyst and your top Internet analyst.

Nice buy in Georgia.


I can some it up in four words - Media Deity Ron Davis -

Nobody is a bigger sellout than him. He masterminded a political campaign far ahead of his time. We thought it was certain death, but somehow resurrected himself.

He's unforgivingly liberal and the station needs balance + the strategy of completely ignoring Branson will hurt you both in the ratings and the pocket book.

Best Choice - Buy Me Out.

Branson Chamber of Commerce

The Branson Chamber of Commerce recently bought Kathryn Buckstaff.

We know how to use her.


Total Sellout. - our opinion

We're taking a brief break from piousness - after we atone for a few of our sins.

The next 10 posts are who we'd sell out to and why.

Branson Sunset (Photos)



The photos above are of the convention center and outer Branson Landing.
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Branson Area Airport Subsidized at $8.24 per head - 417 reports

The excerpts below are from an article in 417 magazine By Tiesha Miller:

In 2006, then-mayor Lou Shaffer signed a pay-for-performance agreement. For every inbound passenger, the City of Branson is to pay $8.24—an amount that was calculated using the projected tax revenue generated by each visitor. Annually, the amount cannot exceed $2 million, and the city is more or less locked into the agreement for 30 years. Taney County declined a similar deal.

On the surface, the city’s agreement makes sense. In general, the consensus on the airport is pretty unified. Most everyone seems to see it as a great thing for Branson’s economy. People coming into Branson bring revenue, including that of the tax variety. Everyone wins. But it’s not the airport that concerns Mayor Raeanne Presley. She’s in full support. It’s the deal the city made that concerns her.

“It’s not specific enough to who we’ll pay for,” Presley says. “We don’t know if [the inbound passengers] are new to the area. If I get on an airplane, and I fly back, then the city has to pay $8.24 for me. But I’m not growing the economy.” She also points out that while this sort of deal isn’t rare, she thinks the per-passenger dollar amount is too high.

The deal also begs the question, what happens if Branson isn’t the main attraction? Today, it seems unlikely that anything else in the area will draw more visitors than Branson, but there’s no guarantee the situation will stay that way. What happens if everyone heads south?

“I don’t want to dream what things will be like in 30 years,” Presley says. “You don’t know what will be built. A big destination resort might go up next to Big Cedar.”

The argument can go in many directions. On one hand, $8.24 per passagner may be a small trade for the low-risk option of having a privately funded airport from which the city’s economy gains. Peet also says the agreement was hugely influential in securing the bond investors because they could guarantee a source of revenue. The city won’t take a loss if the airport fails because it only pays if people actually fly into the airport. Should Branson officials have been more specific on which inbound passengers qualified, and was $8.24 the ideal magic number? The question still remains whether the city’s move was business-savvy.

Missouri Civil War Battleflag

(From Press Release)The Missouri Department of Natural Resources invites the public to view the 15th Missouri Infantry Volunteer Veterans (Union) flag. The flag is on display in the Missouri State Museum's History Hall on the first floor of the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.

The 15th Missouri Infantry was raised in St. Louis in the summer of 1861. The infantry participated in numerous campaigns, including operations against Confederate Gen. Sterling Price in Missouri and against Confederate generals John Bell Hood and Nathan Bedford Forest in Tennessee. They also participated in the battles of Pea Ridge, Chickamauga and Chattanooga. The unit mustered out on Dec. 25, 1865, and lost a total of 222 men killed during the course of the Civil War.

Sam Clanton at Ye English Inn


Stone County Gazette Editor Sam Clanton jams at Ye English Inn Monday night. If you're into Grateful Dead jams, bluegrass and good ol' rock-n-roll the Jester's club is the place to be on Monday.

Sunshine Request For Public Records - Branson City Officials E-mail

A request was made at City Hall for the last 6 months of e-mails sent to the majority of city officials on the Branson Board of Alderman.

We want them in digital form - the form they were created in.

Andy Williams Art Collection (Photos) To be continued...




Andy William's Moon River Theater in Branson use to have more art displayed than your average museum. The photos of Williams and the stars he's worked with have proved to be more of an attraction to his fans.
The photos above are a couple sample shots. The American Indian rugs date back to the early 1800's. The Picassos are in his dressing room.
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HCW Evergreen pulls out of Springfield hotel competition

By Matt Wagner of the Springfield Business Journal reported:
One of four firms negotiating with the city in hopes of gaining the exclusive right to build a four-star hotel and corporate office building in downtown Springfield has formally withdrawn its proposal, and another has been silent for weeks.

Rick Huffman, CEO of HCW Evergreen LLC, sent a letter dated Sept. 14 to City Manager Bob Cumley that outlined the Branson firm’s decision to withdraw from the field of developers interested in building on 1.7 acres between the Springfield Expo Center and Jordan Valley Car Park.

In the letter, Huffman stated that the decision to withdraw was based on two factors: BKD LLP accounting firm’s decision to relocate to the southwest corner of St. Louis Street and John Q. Hammons Parkway, and the restrictive conditions of John Q. Hammons’ long-term lease with the city to operate the expo center.

Rick Huffman stated several weeks ago that he wouldn't be pursing the project. The skyrise in Branson is another project that he won't be trying to build either.
He's been working on the Tulsa Landing and expanding a project in Phoenix.

Some of us died for it - Calling for Sunshine NOW

We paid for it in blood and we’re still paying so excuse me if I get frustrated when a little bold at the front desk of my local government facility.

The story of American History begins with a journalist who betwixt Biblical passages and applied them to the teachings of the day. He called it “Common Sense” and in it elaborated on the history of government. His argument was that God didn’t like "Kings" preferring the people to be free from tyranny.

The concept caught on well with George Washington – who read- liked the book and agreed with the precepts. A revolution began the price paid by our forefathers began – in blood – for those who wanted their children to live as God intended – Free.

Remember this was a time before the corporate press which would come into play much later. The King of England wanted press releases regurgitated instead of a free-thinking press demanding open-government “By the People, For the People.” A free-press served as an enemy against tyranny which the tyrants of the day didn’t like very much. As a deterrent to corruption and guarantee our God given freedoms would remain – the rights of a free press was drafted into the constitution – a fundamental freedom guaranteed through the Bill of Rights.

The right to press – meant the right to press copy not the right of an elite group of people as susceptible to corruption as any other.

As technology progressed new challenges faced those champions of democracy and the American Pharoah’s of the day who needed to appease them. The press grew. They were an elite group able to control the masses by limiting information or punishing government forcing their piousness or risking exposure to the people.

The corporations grew and became more powerful. They started wearing name badges to convince the uneducated masses they had special rights. In reality they were just citizens who excersized the right to press. As a local Branson newspaper editor told me, “The freedom of the press is limited to those who have the technology to use it.”

The cold war came and our nation’s fathers purchased brain power from around the world. They were afraid – afraid of the bomb. In order to make sure democracy thrived and America would live long after the dreaded “push of a button” wiped out a major city – the Internet was created. A network is only as strong as its weakest link.. As many of you know, the Internet has no central point of failure. Though one nuclear bomb could wipe out a major city – freedom’s bells would still ring in the Promised Land.

The Internet grew moving from a military and scientific application to a commercial free for all. At first only our allies had it, today everyone has access though some nations restrict its uses – China, with the help of Cisco, Google, Yahoo and AOL have been the most successful in helping them limit the right to press.

Those who capitalized on the Internet had flourishing stocks and traditional media companies who tried their best to ignore this emerging technology suffered economically.
At one point the consolidation of corporate media conglomerates threatened democracy itself and “fairness doctrine” was introduced – a good idea in principle (the idea that journalists should tell both sides of a political story) it limited the ability for the few to place politicians of their liking.

Radio – Television – Cable and finally the Internet – those who chose to exercise the right to press grew. They keep growing. More web pages are pressed than people in the world.

Matt Drudge came along showing that corporate media where there were kings with no clothes. Many websites became powerful. The government, “For the People, By the People” appeased them. The National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were some of the first releasing information to websites at the same time as the less sophisticated means of pressing.

Some governments didn’t like the idea. After all, this new press didn’t pray to the stockholders of companies they maintained interest in. The newspapers didn’t like it. It cut into their profits by people with far less talent and knowledge than their own staff. They had less control and less power to manipulate the few with “the badge.”

Finally, the newspapers embraced it and some are successful in outplaying the Internet publishers with greater writing talent, multiple mechanisms of exposure and greater integrity then many.

Elected officials caught on. They must have asked themselves, What do people really want?

They want what they always wanted….Freedom

Freedom to be self governed and access to the information they need to be free.

The Kings, Pharaohs and politicians of our day are using the Internet to communicate. The people are using the Internet to acquire information and access the materials produced by the press.
This website is used by citizens, radio stations, television stations and print (people who want to know what is happening in Branson) therefore I’m demanding the same rights they have.
Since some have chosen to dishonor my descendants by limiting publishing material to those dictated by the King - I’m taking a closer look into the documents produced at the people’s expense. I’m also requesting and publishing the Kool-Aid.
I’ve been nice and listened to you tell me to “call the Attorney General “if I don’t like your description of what corporations have the right to press.
Under the auspices of the Sunshine Law I’ve asked for digital copies of e-mails sent by our leaders. I’m asking for the information in the format they were created. Since my government leaders asked for me to draft a policy – one that helps us create a more open “Sunshiny” government I’m not going to the Attorney General. I am however asking that my request be obliged.
After all, we’ve already paid in blood.

Buckstaff snagged by Branson Chamber of Commerce

Retired Springfield News Leader journalist Kathryn Buckstaff inked a contract with the Branson Chamber of Commerce this week.

Buckstaff's writing skills will be used to help Branson acquire ink in local and national publications.

Lt. Governor Race Peter Kinder Vs. Sam Page

It's the perfect time to bribe make a political contribution to your favorite candidate. With two days left as the most Influential Blog in Missouri we'd like to share the wealth and pass on some influence.

All you have to do is stand up for who and what you believe in.

Stand and be counted ..... and our overflowing barrel of influence can be yours. Leave a comment and we'll put your blog link in the main post or forget about us and pass the mullah to team ______ ?

Democratic Candidate Sam Page's Campaign Site

Endorsed by:
KC Blue Blog

Republican Candidate Peter Kinder Campaign Site

***To be counted in the main post you must have a Missouri Blog.**** In three days candidates will have to report earnings.

Joe Sullivan recognized for service

Joe Sullivan might be best known for bringing big name entertainers to Branson, but Monday night he was awarded for his work on the Tourism Tax Board. Sullivan was given the award by Mayor Raeanne at the beggining of Branson's board of alderman meeting
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Downtown Branson Parking Garage to begin charging after Oct. 1

Hilton's of Branson won the management contract for the Downtown Branson Parking Garage and will begin charging Oct. 1.

Branson's Most Beautiful Week of the Year




I'm creating a photojournal for a feature story on the Branson Edge. It's the best week of the year. Weatheris perfect - it's beautiful outside...Fall in the Ozarks...ahhh.
These pictures are from a staircase I've been surveying. This staircase was built in 1936 and travels from the border of Branson up a cliff to the highlands of Hollister.
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Click the top picture - you'll be amazed.

Henry J Waters III - We're Too Legit to Quit

We're too legit to quit.

A Baptist Church Burning

Nearly a year and a half ago a Baptist Church in Hollister was burnt to the ground.

The rumour is that a young man of 17 is guilty of the crime. Multiple sources confirm the accusation and the possibility of a "forgiveness" stance by the church fathers.

Calls went rushing in to the Newspaper nearly four months ago from members of the congregation - those outside of the know.

The official stance of the Hollister police department is that the "arson case" is still under investigation.

When a case is under investigation, Sunshine legislation doesn't apply. As long as the file is "under investigation" we - the press - can't access it.

The FBI just released an interesting story about a Baptist Church burning down
they'releasing 3,000 pages on their Freedom of Information Portal.

I've found the FBI to be a great source of information often better than the Associated Press versions.

The great thing about the FBI is their document retention policies. Though they might mistakes, they leave the trail so we can acknowledge, correct and improve our society.

Open records help us be more hones with ourselves as a society which gives us the ability to strengthen our weaknesses.

Randy Travis Is Coming to Branson

Randy Travis is coming to Branson for a free concert to promote "Feed the Children"

Kansas City Senators Battle With the Supreme Court Live Today in Springfield

The most important political event of the day - perhaps the year begins at 10:45 at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield Missouri.

The debate between Missouri Senators and Judges promises to be both heated and revealing.
The Players

Senator Matt Bartle. Mr Bad Example himelf...

Senator Jolie Justus, Branson native and daughter of 38th Circuit Judge Jim Justus.

Hon. Chip Robertson former Supreme Court Justice and topic of much political speculation.

Sitting Supreme Court Justice the Honorable Michael Wolff

Rep. Jim Lembke

Separation of Powers and Missouri's Third Branch" Checks and Balances and Judicial Impartiality in the 21st Century.

Since the meeting is an official event sponsored by the Lawyer's Union (the most powerful union in the state)it will be interesting to see how our politicians respond......(Any Branson Attorneys heading up that way) - Newspapers - TV Stations - Hackers - Judges who love democracy and the American way - We want the audio and video.....

Arkansas's Governor Faubus and Me

Born in Los Angeles California, it wouldn't be until I was 16 that I learned about my Ozark Mountain Family History. My grandfather would soon teach me that he was the son of Irish indentured servants- that some part of me evolved from the son of a slave.

I was seduced to the Ozarks by a promise to meet Arkansas Governor Faubus.

My Grandfather picked me up in Tulsa Oklahoma. After being the Marine's champion Boxer - after walking over the bodies of dead soldiers in Korea - after raising a family of five in Southern California - after retiring - he decided to become a minister and finally passing the family history to me before he died a few years later.

I remember meeting the South - this strange land I met horror, admiration and curiosity.

"Governor Faubus spent his life as an educator before becoming the longest running governor the State of Arkansas. Clinton eventually beat his place as the longest running governor the state had ever experienced.

It was an hour before he led me to the word Nigger. Said it only once with the statement "I ain't racist, I use to let them niggers play with my brother when we were growing up"

The description was revealing to me. Where I grew up, the racial makeup looks like this:

* White Non-Hispanic (31.0%)
* Hispanic (18.5%)
* Chinese (17.9%)
* Korean (9.9%)
* Other race (6.8%)
* Filipino (5.3%)
* Black (4.8%)
* Two or more races (4.2%)
* Asian Indian (4.0%)
* Other Asian (2.8%)
* Japanese (1.7%)
* Vietnamese (1.1%)
* American Indian (0.9%)

Seemingly racist as hell - Faubus won a large percent of the black vote after breaking from the White Citizens Counil who preferred a Republican candidate. In 1964, when he easily defeated the Republican Winthrop Rockefeller, Faubus secured 81 percent of the black vote.

Later in life he would manage an amusement park just and hour from Branson, Missouri - which is where -

Faubus told me Eisenhower wanted to make an example out of the deep south - Little Rock and forced an integration plan busing children to different school.

On the day I interviewed Faubus, the schools were ending busing - moving to the model I grew up with - School Districts.

It wasn't desegregation they wanted, it was race mixing,"
said Faubus.

Detroit, Mich
Watts, California

I knew their would be violence, but they wanted to do it then - they wanted to set an example - Little Rock's Central High was the place
, said Faubus.

Arkansas was the first place I ever saw segregation. Kansas City was the first city I've ever lived where it was practiced. Ever take a ride down Troost Street?

From Faubus's perspective, his actions saved the lives of the children as there was ample protection.

It was 50 years ago yesterday....

I passed through dozens of small Ozark towns with my Grandfather, some of which were continuing to have problems - with the vestiges of the South....
My father, like me a native Los Angelian, made an extra $2 an hour doing janitorial work during the Watts riots. Later he would become an international legal powerhouse.
The confederacy's original capital was Little Rock, Arkansas.

To be continued.

Temples to the Dead on Tax Payer Dime - When the press goes bad

Full time lobbyists and part time reporters Donna Cleavenger and Vonda Sheets want to build temples to the dead on the taxpayer dime.

It all started while drinking beer at Eastern Taney County Millionaire Leon Combs house. Combs, Sheets and Cleavenger are members of a private organization called the "White River Valley Historical Society." They go to burial sites and create sketches of tombstones, study genealogy and lobby Taney County Commissioners for money.

Until we called them out - they never fully reported the what-whens-wheres and how's of a Taney County sales tax push - launching a campaign of deception on the front page of Branson area newspapers in hopes to win a large chunk a $90 million jackpot.

Combs enlisted Sheets to support the venture. (We have good reason to believe Sheets is being offered a full time position if the scam works).

The problem is Vonda Sheets and Donna Cleveanger who both sit on the board of directors of the White River Valley Historical society work for the Taney County Times (Ozark Mountain Newspapers) and Branson Daily News respectively.

Though Taney County has vital medical and economic needs building a mega park complex and temple to the dead in one of the poorest counties in the state feeds the needs of our "ethics free" members of the press and does little for the citizens.

The $90 million dollar special interest tax is being put on the Taney County ballot as Proposition A. The proposition was sure to die until the initial tax amount was doubled and a bridge repair component was added.

The money they'll receive if the unnecessary tax is passed is so large they've been shopping around to make up ways to spend it.
Mediagate though probably not as many as Tony Messenger or TKC.

John Logan calls out Rod Jetton

Tony Messenger was careful to call John Logan a conservative before he linked to the image posed above.

Jetton earned disfavor from Southern Missouri when he altered state law to allow a private contractor to construct a "village" against the voices of the Stone County community.

Jetton stated he ate better when collecting food stamps.

Timeshare's new Bait and Switch

The timeshare market isn't what it used to be. The lure of cheap tickets from small stands littered throughout the city has led Wyndham to experiment with a new strategy .
Unlike the traditional time-share booths with full color glossy show ads and posters for Branson shows, the Blue Tango walls are lined with a mix of golf-wear and urban hipster apparel.
A sale rack outside the store lures "looky-lous" for an employee to invite Branson tourists to the sales racks in the back of the store. His fashionable dress and soft invitations don't reveal his purpose in the store.
The customers wonder deeper into the store while a young employee guides them though the assortment of brands such as Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne. The timeshare pitchman observes the tourists behavior as they look at the clothing.
Their reaction to an $80 shirt is part of the qualifying process.
Branson's top attraction is the plethora of musical talent and themed shows which provide good bartering fodder for Off Property Contacts (OPC's) to begin negotiation.
In Blue Tango, the close is different.
As the customer pulls out cash to purchase new clothing - the OPC offers a discount or free clothing for a 1.5 hour tour of a Wyndham resort.
Clothing is the frame - timeshare sells - the game.

Tanstone Plaza Proposal brings Heckler's Veto to Branson City Hall



It was supposed to be a simple mundane meeting but a reading to approve a planned development by the Tanstone Group brought out the verbal wrath of some Branson residents.
Some of the companies actions have spurned controversy, headaches and a lot of phone time for Branson Alderman. Loose use of explosives, changes to the proposed plans and disapproval of the project by neighbors presented a both tense and prolonged setting at Branson's Alderman Meeting Monday night.
The topic dominated Branson's city council meeting extending it for four hours.
The project is being developed near city strip in Branson taking land which would be unusable without some major excavating which takes Forsythe Rd from a 22% to a 12% grade with dense commercial,residential and a roundabout between 76 and Roark.
(Click Here For Full Size Plan)
The Board of Alderman moved to table the motion until plans can be reworked.
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Missouri Speaker of the House Rod Jetton Plastered for Stone County Special Interest

A small step for one man or a giant leap towards anarchy?

Let's say you're fed up with your local government and decide to exclude yourself from building codes, safety ordinances and government officials. What if you could get together with your senile neighbor, and your four best friends and declare yourself free from county rule?

What uber-rich developer whose plans were rejected by governing officials wouldn't? According to a provision placed in Senate Bill 22 - anyone can. Robert Plaster was the first and many were wondering who and was the bill created for Plaster. Our local state representatives dodged the bullet and Rep. Ron Wood called the author out as promised at a meeting in Stone County last night.

"The people who did this didn't have the fortitude to go to (Rep. Ray Weter, R- 142), or Jack (Goodman) or me, because it affects my district and say, 'Hey, I want to change this.'

"That's one of the honor things we have with one another (in the legislature)," Wood said. "In this case I think that we were dishonored as representative and senators who represent this district."

Wood held up a bill to the Table Rock crowd that he said calls for reversing the controversial statute. He said he and Sen. Jack Goodman, of Mount Vernon, plan to file identical bills in the House and Senate in December to repeal the statute.

Commissioner Cutbirth said the statewide County Commissioners Association has also voiced its willingness to lobby for defeat of the statute.

Goodman said last week he voted against Senate Bill 22 out of concern it was too large — 220 pages — for him to closely review every section. "I felt it would be dangerous policy-making to vote yes, since it was dealing with important local government issues." He was unable to attend Monday's meeting but a staff member attended and addressed the group.

The revision should concern all local governments because it created law that could be used to incorporate property in all 114 Missouri counties, Goodman said.

Goodman said the provision is inconsistent with the intent and expectations of state and local governments, and said he'll likely work in the next session to correct the provision of the bill.

Excellent Read by Kathleen O' Dell Here

Branson Missouri Ranked Most Influential Missouri Blog

Blog Net News ranked Branson Missouri the most influential blog in Missouri this week. We figure we'd use this five minutes of fame to issue mad props....

First we'd like to thank the small group of ethically impaired reporters. If it weren't for you...(wiping tears of joy with trembling lower lip)......

Next, we want to recognize Michelle Sherwood and David Catanese for representing Missouri's West Side with their Emmy Nominations. Tony (sniffle) for showing the world that bikinis and politics can mix.

For you Soccer Guy and my friend the undercover education lobbyist (chuckles while tears fly - sniffle).
No seriously, Randy Turner and Steve Olson - two Southwest Missouri Bloggers who converted their blogs to small publishing empires. Turner's book (The Turner Report) is a must read and Olson's upcoming Magazine features some of the best sports photography available.. (smile)

To all the Missouri Politicians, Bloggers, Missouri Political Bloggers, Springfield Bloggers Association. Everyone on the Branson Agent and Tech Trends blogrolls.

And thank you readers. We appreciate the credit but in the future credit is needed just pass the credit cards.

I love you all! (blows kisses while exiting stage left)

Princess Presley

Forget these words - remember this picture.
As reporters we seek truth above all else, at least if we're doing our job correctly. You'll notice we post home-made videos, pictures and text to tell the stories and share the history of our community. Each story is different but photos are my favorite capturing the spirit of a moment - exchangeable for a thousand words .
The picture you above is of the future Ambrus Presley. She's gazing at the family she'll soon be joining as wife of John Presley, a talented piano player and member of the third generation of Presley talent.
As I was shooting photos of the Presley's 40th anniversary celebration I caught Ambrus in this proud gaze - a look that reminded me of every childhood crush in days past when I was able to survive on good looks and boyish charm.
The marriage of John and Ambrus ensures another generation of the Presley's legacy in Branson.
Cheers to Branson's first family - to John - to Ambrus - and to all of us in Branson - we celebrate with you!

Andy Williams and Springfield Symphony Perform at Branson Landing(Video)

The video above was shot live while Andy Williams performed "Lady in Red" at the Branson Landing. Williams performed three songs to an appreciative audience Saturday night.
Earlier this afternoon, a major player in the Branson market met with the conductor of the Springfield Symphony to discuss Branson's investment in the arts.
A number of media moves and a perceived change in posture towards Branson from our big sister to the north - Springfield - has some Branson business owner's asking, "How can we be better regional team players?"

Branson Titanic Sand Sculpture Completed - Final Shot

The Titanic 8 feet high 20 feet wide sand sculpture is complete. Titanic management has no immediate plans to remove the sculpture due to an outpour of public interest.
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FBI 2006 Crime Reports (Fresh off the press)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (The FBI) released 2006 crime stats today. For the first time, the FBI didn't allow embargoes. All media outlets received or had the opportunity to view data at the same time (9:00 AM). The city of Branson is often misrepresented in these stats due to millions of visitors and a transient population which isn't considered when the stats are compiled. The stats do provide insight to crime in America and the challenges citizens and law enforcement agencies must face.

Of course we'll ignore the warning and compile comparative stats anyway. But, before we do - here's a disclaimer and summary.

A disclaimer was issued with the documents release"
Caution Against Ranking—Each year when Crime in the United States is published, some entities use reported figures to compile rankings of cities and counties. These rough rankings provide no insight into the numerous variables that mold crime in a particular town, city, county, state, or region. Consequently, they lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting communities and their residents. Valid assessments are possible only with careful study and analysis of the range of unique conditions affecting each local law enforcement jurisdiction. The data user is, therefore, cautioned against comparing statistical data of individual reporting units from cities, metropolitan areas, states, or colleges or universities solely on the basis of their population coverage or student enrollment.

Released 2006 United States Crime statistics. Here's a few higlights:
* Nationwide, there were an estimated 1,417,745 violent crimes reported in 2006.
* Of the violent crimes, the estimated number of murders and nonnegligent manslaughters increased 1.8 percent, and the estimated number of robberies increased 7.2 percent in 2006 when compared with 2005 data. The estimated number of aggravated assaults decreased 0.2 percent, and the estimated number of forcible rapes declined 2.0 percent.
* There were an estimated 9,983,568 property crimes, excluding arson, reported nationwide in 2006.
* Of the property crimes, burglary was the only offense to show an increase (1.3 percent) in volume when 2006 data were compared with the 2005 data. The estimated number of larceny-thefts decreased 2.6 percent, and the estimated number of motor vehicle thefts declined 3.5 percent.
* In 2006, excluding arson, victims of property crimes collectively lost an estimated $17.6 billion: thefts of motor vehicles resulted in losses of more than $7.9 billion, larceny-thefts resulted in losses of $5.6 billion, and burglaries, $4.0 billion.
* Slightly more than 44 percent (44.3) of violent crimes and 15.8 percent of property crimes were cleared by arrest or exceptional means by the nation’s law enforcement agencies in 2006.
* A total of 13,943 law enforcement agencies reported 69,055 arson offenses to the UCR Program in 2006.
* The number of arsons reported in 2006 increased 2.1 percent when compared with the number of arsons reported in 2005.
* The number of arsons reported in 2006 increased 2.1 percent when compared with the number of arsons reported in 2005.
* The average dollar loss for arson offenses was $13,325 per incident.
* The FBI estimated that law enforcement agencies nationwide made 14,380,370 arrests in 2006, excluding those for traffic offenses.
* Law enforcement agencies made 4,832.5 arrests for each 100,000 in population nationwide for the 29 offenses for which the UCR Program collects arrest data.
* The arrest rate for violent crime was 207.0 arrests per 100,000 inhabitants; for property crime, the rate was 524.5.
* The rate of arrests for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter in 2006 was 4.5 per 100,000 in population. The rate of arrests for forcible rape was 8.2; for robbery, 43.2; and for aggravated assault, 151.1.
* Of the property crimes, law enforcement made 102.5 arrests for burglary for each 100,000 in population, 370.0 for larceny-theft, 46.5 for motor vehicle theft, and 5.5 for arson.
FBI Press Release:

Branson Police Arrest Four Armed Robbery Suspects

Four were arrested suspected of robbery at gun point in Branson Sunday night.

Arrested for their involvement in the robbery are the following; Zachary S. Denny and Steven W. Forrester, both 17 years of age from Springfield Missouri. A Brad W. Turner, 19 years old of Springfield Missouri and a 16 year old juvenile also from Springfield. The juvenile has been turned over to juvenile authorities with the three adults being held in the Branson City Jail pending the filing of charges.
The full press release from the Branson Police Department

Branson Missouri This Week - Preview

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Titanic Sand Sculpture Final Day

How Matt Blunt and Jay Nixon Behaving Badly Helps Missouri's Citizens.

Branson's Liquor Reform

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Branson City Government - Policy Changes and Review

Should tax payer dollars go to creating a Temple Celebrating Terrorism and Inbreeding?

The biggest political event of the week is coming and no one seems to know about it

Springfield Symphony Live In Branson (Video)

The Springfield Symphony is playing as we write at the Branson Landing. The video clip above is of the Springfield Symphony practicing Moon River before their performance.
Andy Williams is scheduled to perform three songs this evening.

Missouri Judicial and the Kansas City Mafia

The Columbia Tribune Editor told the public ignorance is bliss playing. "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." with the statement.

"Lawyers of my acquaintance who are well qualified to know such things said all three candidates presented to the governor were well qualified."

Then encouraging public ignorance and apathy:

"I hope this debate has created more public support for the Missouri Plan. The method of judicial selection is more important to our welfare than one would know from the general lack of interest or awareness it usually enjoys, but such apathy actually is a good thing, reflecting an acceptable status quo in most citizens’ minds."

Hey, you only paid 50 cents. If you forked out an extra 8 bucks you could've purchased last weeks Missouri Lawyer's weekly. The thin broadsheet provides some fascinating reads and is "the source" if you want any figment of truth when it comes to legal analysis.

While the Columbia Tribune promoted ignorance, Missouri Lawyer's Weekly ran, "The Partisan History of the non-partisan plan" in which we learn about Democratic Gangsta'/Politician's such as Thomas Pendergast as the reason the Missouri Plan for selecting Supreme Court Judges was created.
According to Missouri Lawyer's weekly the Missouri Plan has been controversial since its conception favoring Democratic appointments more than Republican. This has everything to do with the historical political climate of Missouri, which leans to the left more than the right. In fact 43 of 67 appointments were Democratic Governor appointed. All had heavy political ties, appointments and labels.

Though the Missouri Plan for selecting Supreme Court judges is supposed to have a political balancing effect (equal number of Democrats and Republicans) it hasn't. Missouri Lawyers Weekly demonstrates only 4 of 33 appointments crossed party lines.

If we're judging the judicial plan based on non-partisanship the plan is a dismal failure whether 33 states have chosen to follow it or not.

Matt Blunt appointed the only Republican of three candidates appointed to him - continuing the partisan tradition of the so called "Non Partisan Missouri Plan."

Columbia Tribune "Judicial Selection Moving On" Editorial

Missouri Media Ignorant of Judicial Branch

Governor Blunt Selects Patricia Breckenridge for Missouri Supreme Court

Tony Snow to Visit Branson Area

Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow will be visiting the Branson area on December 6th to speak at College of the Ozarks.
College of the Ozarks is allowing reservations via phone starting October 15th.
The full press release and contact information is posted here on Branson Agent.

Titanic Sand Scupture Day 3 of 4

This image was taken from the homepage of the Branson Edge. The Titanic Web cam is a great way to view the sculpture as it's being formed. The detailed sand sculpted woman at the ships bow. A second camera with a fore view would reveal the majority of work completed during day 2. Tomorrow is the last day to view the sculpture before the sand is swept by tide.
The dolphin to the east was created today. Tomorrow by noon, we anticipate the posterior of the ship to be completed.

Titanic Sand Sculpture


It's 9:00 at night and spectators are trickling into the Titanic Museum parking lot to take a closer look at the 8 feet tall 21 feet wide Titanic sculptured from sand. The creators will continue working on the replica all day tomorrow. The event is free and open to the public. The screen shots above were taken from the Titanic Web Cam via Branson Edge.

Titanic Sand Sculpture

The sand-sculpture at the Titanic Museum entered day two today. The picture seen above is of the creators after they finished the first phase. Today, details of the front of the shop were carved out and the body will be formed tomorrow. It's free to watch or you can view the action from the Branson Edge home page.