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We've been up since 6a.m. studying Missouri Speaker of the House Rod Jetton's political gifts. Off the cusp - it looks like a battle is brewing over gambling in the state and if money can buy politicians, social conservative Missourians may be in a bit of trouble.

Branson news moves to the bottom of our Southwest Missouri Newsfeed this morning dominated by KY3's political correspondent David Catanese's in-depth coverage of Mitt Romney's visit to Springfield where pastors visited with Romney in a closed session. Catanese has four interesting stories on the topic.

Randy Turner hits with Empire Electric's plan to increase electricity rates by 10%. Empire wants an additional $34.7 million or 10.11 percent. Turner gives us this story - "If approved, a residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity would experience a monthly increase of approximately $9.75."

We're getting ready to launch a national politics blog and are currently looking for candidate advocates for the local area.
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