Inbreeding, Ancestral Worship and Racism - Editorial

Ancestral worship, racism and inbreeding go hand in hand.

Anthropologists will tell you all civilizations, in their primitive forms worshiped their ancestors. The Egyptians, for instance, built temples to store their dead (pyramids). They say Abraham, the father of Judaism. partook in ancestral worship as well until he was directed by "One God" who demanded the practice be changed.

Historian Gaye Lisby addressed in the "Spirtual History of Ozark and the Land of the Osage" that inbreeding was the only way to keep the bloodline pure.


In other words, in order to retain the Native American Tribes racist philosophies they had to inbreed. According to the Lisby model, some pagan practices still exist
Recently, a teacher and single mother who taught in Bradleyville for two years was fired because a graduate of the high school moved back into town. The progress reports from the Bradleyville school would lead one to believe this was an excellent teacher.
The school fired the single mother for no apparent reason except for the fact her bloodline didn't descend from the same place. Her hard work meant nothing in light of the racism practiced in the community.
The White River Historical Society is by nature and practice an organization that promotes racism in our community. Though they don't practice racism towards a traditional group like Blacks or Mexicans specifically - they have a smaller group they believe is superior. In fact, they believe a "temple to their ancestors" should be built at a cost to the poor.
As for the woman fired due to the racist practices of some of our Eastern Taney County powers, she'll have to pay 50 dollars a month to build a temple to her oppressors - to build a temple to their dead.
Yes - Proposition A will cost over 50 dollars a month to Taney County residents living in poverty.
Taney County Tax Lobbyist Vonda Sheets likes to brag about how long her family has lived here. I know my family history. As it turns out, we've been here far longer than hers. Only difference, ours is a little less inbred.
We're back - We're fixing the errors of our past - not worshiping ourselves nor celebrating our follies - neither should you.