Branson Mediagate II continues

Over the last month 417 magazine has shown more integrity with food reviews than the Branson Daily News and Branson Daily Independent has with public funds and launched a campaign of "deceptions" failing to address whether or not the good citizens of Taney County should be burdened with a new tax.

Instead they've been selling the tax.....why?

The tax proposal was created by two Branson area journalists and the tax money, should Proposition A (the corruption encouragement fund ) pass, money will be funneled into the pockets of two Branson area reporters to continue to pursue their hobby - with no benefit to the public. We slowly hinted, begged and eventually had to expose the most hideous form of corruption of the "Keepers of the record" which we have rightfully dubbed:

At the last minute the tax levy proposal was changed from a 250mill to a 500mill sales tax levy increase proposal. According to Missouri Statute, the corrupt have to bring the proposal to the public.

Branson Mediagate

Controversy over the deceptive practices of Branson Daily News correspondent Donna Clevenger and Branson Daily independent reporter Vonda Sheets - who've been doubling as lobbyists for the White River Valley Historical Society's effort to raise taxes to build a Temple to the Dead in Taney County prompted the Taney County Commissioners to release a document outlining the history of the tax which they presented to Branson Alderman last week.

The document outlined the history of the tax - which was summarized and reprinted on the front page of Branson newspapers this week.

Neither Donna Clevenger nor Vonda Sheets have disclosed the sum(s) of money they've received to con the good citizens of Taney County into paying a burdensome levy on the backs of Taney County residents - hiding behind and slowly releasing names of wealthy Easter Taney County powers in the 7th inning to initiate a tax they've been selling under false pretenses to the public on the front page of our newspapers.

Instead of coming clean and admitting their total disregard for the Journalistic code of Ethics they've launched a cover-up campaign destroying on-line documents revealing plans to build a multi-million dollar facility in Taney County.

Donna Clevenger and Vonda Sheets have been put in a tough position. They've been forced to choose between two masters.

Bribery is an element in the downfall of civilizations inditing the Oracle's of Greece and even the friends of our Lord and Savior himself.

In America, bribery exists as well but takes on a different form. It's legal to pay a politician as long as it's recorded. In this way, we can scrutinize and understand where loyalties lay. We need you to start disclosing.

The tax payers and businesses in Branson - the poor single mother who can barely afford diapers will be punished if your plan succeeds.

We realize you believe sketching the gravestones of your relatives is important. Unfortunately, you've seen this objective as more important than being forthcoming about your affiliation.

Unfortunately, the damage you've done in the process has led the public to rightfully distrust the newspapers you work for.

The great thing is - all you have to do is say - "I'm sorry. In the future we will dedicate ourselves to honesty, integrity and the journalist code of ethics".

We all make mistakes, you've been doing it on the front page of the newspaper. This is where you should apologize.