Attorney General Jay Nixon makes Hannah Montana amendment

Hannah Montana fans got some good news, at least those that didn't pay thousands for Hannah Montana tickets.
During the emergency economic session, Governor Matt Blunt proposed legislation that was passed which legalized ticket scalping in the state of Missouri. Several states around the US passed similar measures encouraged by the lobbying powers of Ticketmaster Matt's brother Andy Blunt lobbies on behalf of ticketmaster:

Ticket Scalping: Section 2, Prohibits a city or county from prohibiting the sales or resale of tickets for admission to any legal event at any price. Fees associated with the sale or resale should be permitted. Repeals ticket scalping as defined in section R 578.395

The first test of the plan or at least the first time the plan went awry was when Hannah Montana tickets starting selling in the thousands due to scalpers.
Nixon announced a deal had been reached today releasing 2000 reserve tickets would be released in two major cities at ticket price 1000 in Kansas City, 1000 in St. Louis.