Rep. Dennis Wood joins list of Missouri Politicians Backing Huckabee

Taney County's funding moved in the direction of Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee from and early funding sprint in favor of Mitt Romney earlier in the year. Columbia Tribune's Jason Rosenbaum released a complete list of Missouri Politicians backing Huckabee earlier today.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee received the endorsement today of nearly two dozen Missouri state lawmakers.

Here's the list:

Representative Brian Baker
Senator Matt Bartle
Representative Mark Bruns
Representative Wayne Cooper
Representative Ed Emery
Representative Barney Fisher
Representative Walt Franz
Representative Steve Hunter
Representative Will Kraus
Senator Brad Lager
Representative Scott Lipke
Representative Bob May
Representative Brian Munzlinger
Representative Bob Nance
Representative Brian Nieves
Representative Darrell Pollack
Senator Chuck Purgason
Representative Don Ruzicka
Representative David Sater
Representative Rodney Schad
Representative Charlie Schlottach
Senator Delbert Scott
Representative Jason Smith
Representative Mike Sutherland
Representative Don Wells
Representative Dennis Wood
Representative Brian Yates

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Photo by Darin Codon Hollister Grape Festival