Branson Area Presidential Campaign Contribution Scorecard Zip Code 656XX

Total $51,047
Republicans $33,412 65%
Democrats $17,635 35%

Presidential Candidates Ranked by Funding
1. John McCain (R) $9,696
2. Barrack Obama (D) $8,850
3. Ron Paul (R) $8,591
4. Mitt Romney (R) $7,600
5. Mike Huckabee (R) 6,000
6. John Edwards (D) $1,185
7. Fred Thomson (R) $1,025
8. Hillary Clinton (D) $500

Source: Federal Election Commission

The prevailing political leanings of the Branson Area Elite is from a Southern Traditionalist perspective. They have clearly chosen Mike Huckabee as their candidate of choice for both religious reasons and Traditionalist values. Mitt Romney loses some ground and Ron Paul continues to build support. Libertarianism is a dominate political outlook of Taney County residents, however the stigma of a the third party limits affiliation. But, if you were to ask, most would say they aren't fond of a "whole lotta government" in their business.
The bourgeoining class of Taney County Democrats come out of the closet and begin to find some cohesion. Clinton picks up steam and fourth quarter financial support.