Making sure Branson, Missouri's poop doesn't stink

Branson’s cutting edge wastewater management plan is in the process of being reviewed for a capacity upgrade.
Years ago, Branson’s founding fathers began planning for Branson’s growth in relation to wastewater treatment.
When Branson began to boom in the 1980’s most theaters had their own facilities for sewage treatment. Astute residents and guests noticed a stench re-occurring near dusk everyday during the tourist season. Visitors to Branson would stop by their hotels to take a “potty break” after visiting Silver Dollar City before going to dinner and a show. The infamous “Five O Clock Flush” was counteracted with extensive foresight and development from the planning and engineering department. As a result, Branson has a more pleasant aroma than years past.
The tourists keep coming and they keep flushing. Branson is currently in the process of upgrading capacity again. The waste water treatment plan on Compton Drive is in the process of being upgraded again. The plant has a 3.4 million gallon per day capacity and a plan to increase capacity by another 10.2 million gallons. An upgrade plan was presented to Branson City Council by Archer Engineering in an open session this morning.
Representatives from Archer engineering said the current waste water infrastructure was “Planned Masterfully.”
The improvements prescribed by Archer Engineering come at a cost of $25,734,800 with optional add-ons bringing the total to $26,832,400.

The presentation given to Branson's City Council is available on-line by clicking on the following link - Branson Missouri Waste Water Treatment Presentation by Archer Engineering.