Iowa Bound - Presidential Caucus 2008

It's nearing 5:00 AM and I'm on my last edits before I leave Branson for a political tour of the presidential selection process in Iowa. Tonight was about research and development.

With nearly a year before the election; I'm noticing people are either burned out or fervent about their candidates.

Balance seems to be missing.

Throughout the night I've been creating a Website and strategy documents for a team I'll be working with covering the Iowa Caucus.

The team will be embedded in campaigns as volunteers and it's my job to accumulate and post digital assets. We have a good pool of equipment and should come up with some interesting content.

Good questions, ideas and contributions to the website are appreciated - after all - you're the home team.

Over the past several months I've been interviewing local politicos and studying the sentiments of the Taney County/Branson voter.

Anyone interested in contributing either with good questions, ideas or content is welcomed.

The site will most likely be forwarded to an established domain over the next two days but can be viewed at Caucus 2008.

Republican data sits to the right and Democrat to the left. The links on each side currently pull up the latest news about the candidates with a YouTube feed of the latest partisan Video Posts.

As we gear up for the caucus we'll be posting original photos, audio and video. The project is experimental and once again - any help is appreciated.

Tonight we studied and posted information about the Iowa voter before we arrive and are in the thick of it.