Missouri La Migra Blunt + Nixon

With only three percent of Missouri Citizens classified as hispanic the Mexican American community appears to be an acceptable casualty in the battle for the governor hopefulls trying to witn the hearts and minds of a majority of the states citizens. The Mexican American community may be divided themselves when it comes to immigration and more concerned with racial profiling a potential backlash of the political rhetoric as the Missouri race for governor continues to heat up in Jefferson City.
Blunt released an immigration plan last week (See Official State News Below)to ensure public employees are certified legal citizens. Blunt wants state employment procedures to include integration with the Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system, a zero tolerance policy towards state contractors, prohibition of sanctuary cities (none currently exist in Missouri) and criminalizing the transportation of illegal immigrants for purposes of human trafficking, drug trafficking, prostitution or illegal labor.
Blunt has been aggressive on the immigration issue and promises to make the toughest laws in the United States on illegal immigration with the help of the Missouri Legislature.
Nixon got in on the action Monday announcing a $980,000 judgment against a developer who hired 30 undocumented workers. Nixon's press release cited Judge Stanley Moore's acceptance of a guilty plea by Michael G. Schulup of Leawood Kansas.
Since illegal immigrants don't have the right to vote they're an easy political target and the crackdown will have little collateral damage.
Last year an employee of the Branson Department of Motor Vehicles offices confiscated a voter registration card from an immigrant who had permanant resident status aks a green card.