Jay Nixon and Matt Blunt School Campaign Contributers on how to give the money back

Giving the money back hasn't been an easy task for Missouri Governor hopefuls Matt Blunt and Jay Nixon.

Both candidates have been taking hits as Missouri Political Hardliners wage war on a heated battle for Missouri's top spot. As both candidates respond to a ruling requiring a return of funds over the legal contribution limit they want to remind big spenders the Democrats and Republican parties are both quite willing and able to take unlimited bribes from citizens hoping to stack party decks to a more powerful position the race for Governor heats up in the bellwether state.

Candidates may have a way to keep contributions by claiming hardship. Democratic Attorney General Candidate Margaret Donnelly request for a restraining order forcing Missouri Ethics Commission to be heard out in the open was denied. Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem refused to issue a temporary restraining order against the Ethics Commission to prevent it from closing hearings in which candidates might argue they have hardships and should be allowed to keep the excess contributions.

I like my government out in the open where I can see them. Since money can be funneled in a variety of ways, I'd prefer to see the funds directly linked to the person being funded as opposed to committees that make following the money a greater challenge. The Blunt/Nixon race should be interesting and has a profound effect on Missourisns as both are funning while holding two of the state's highest offices - Governor and Attorney General respectively

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Associated Press - Matt Blunt & Jay Nixon Campaign Refund Policy