Live Blogging with Ron Paul

Good place for a young woman to meet men. Testosterone high.

We're blogging live from the second floor of the Marriot Hotel in Des Moines, Iowa.

Ron Paul just spoke to a highly charged group of young students called, "Operation Christmas Vacation". A group of three hundred students listened to Ron Paul share his message of economic freedom - which includes abolishing the IRS, ending the war in Iraq, reducing foreign aid and ending the war on drugs.

Paul is in good company tonight as an immigration reform group is sponsoring the attendance of a dozen radio stations downstairs.

With a tip from the Washington Post Online - we're going to try to beat the national press in delivering video from the speech that just concluded.

We'll be posting video and interviews from congressmen and civic leaders chiming in on the immigration issue later tonight.

Ron Paul is taking time to shoot photos with every member in attendance; however, attendees are not allowed to use their own cameras - perhaps, in an attempt to continue to drive traffic to his websites.

An study of presidential candidates performance with Internet social networking sites shows Paul as outranking every other candidate- a sign of the demographic his audience appeals to.

We'll be posting Full Coverage of the Iowa Caucus, including videos, photos and general information on our 2008 Caucus Blog.

To gear up for Ron Paul I took an opportunity last night to read Springfield Ron Paul enthusiast Perrie Campbell's website Area417 and listened to a great set of songs published on the Springfield Ron Paul site.