Senator Jack Goodman (R) 29 Endorses Gibson for Attorney General at Lincoln Days in Branson

Missouri Senator Jack Goodman is running unchallenged in both the primaries and the general election for Missouri's 29th Senate seat. Incumbent Goodman stated, "He's tried both ways and likes running this way much better." Last week, Kathy Hilliard who is challenging Maynard Wallace as the Democratic candidate for Missouri House 143rd \ cited Goodman's potential to beat any potential democratic challenger in a "fundrace" as the reason Democrats are handing the seat to the Republicans.

Missing in action was Republican Attorney General candidate Mike Gibbons who announced his intentions on running for the office in Branson at last years Lincoln Days. Gibbons is currently recovering from treatment for prostate cancer and has remained quiet as Democratic candidates take swipes at each other during a tight race for the Attorney General spot currently held by Democrat Jay Nixon.

Missouri Rep. Jeff Harris and Missouri Sen. Chris Koster's campaigns have shown media prowess regularly delivering attacks that have received press statewide. Koster switched from the Democratic to Republican party last year before launching his campaign, a fact Harris uses in campaign messages on a regular basis.

Goodman took his podium time at Lincoln days to endorse Gibbons who is running on a five point platform promising to:

1. Work with local law enforcement and local prosecutors to capture and convict criminals

2. Work to reduce "big government spending" so increased funds can be allocated towards local law enforcement

3, Enforce Illegal Immigration Laws

4. Fight for consumer rights

5. Eliminating conflicts of interest by refusing to accept campaign contributions from anyone the office is investigation or prosecuting.