Branson Chamber of Commerce Issues 4th Quarter Report to City of Branson

Branson Alderman were presented with the City of Branson's 4th Quarter report Monday night at City Hall. Click on the arrows above to view the presentation.
Interesting Notes
Noted Trends
* In Branson’s case, these trends contributed to significant increases in visitation from core and primary markets, while outer markets grew only modestly (i.e., maintaining the record number of visitors seen in 2006).

* This strong local and regional visitation increased our percentage of families and lowered our average age, but also decreased our percentage of first-time visitors.
Gas Prices
Rising gas prices are a major concern for the city of Branson. The city's bonds cite gasoline prices as a major factor in determining the city's financial viability. The Chamber believes the increase won't cause families to cancel vacations while acknowledging the hardship affects our target market significantly.

Good News - once people visit Branson they're likely to come back.
Bad News - Marketing efforts haven't been successful in bringing new visitors to the area.