Branson Alderman Hopeful Marc Williams Speaks to Taney County Democrats

The video clip above is of Marc Williams, candidate for Branson Ward III Alderman. Williams is the "W" in HCW, the development company that won the Branson Landing and Branson Hills TIF's.
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Branson Ward III incumbent Dick Gass finished six years of service last Monday and will be replaced by either Williams or Rick Davis.
Williams focused on the economy but said he wouldn't vote to extend the height requirement to the 150 feet requested by his partners to build a new high-rise hotel.

Standing before a politically charged crowd can be nerve racking. It's a difficult but important process. The debate process makes politics a game where nobody has to lose.

Assertions are carried and tested in the marketplace of ideas. The political process demands attention and politicos can push ideas forward that are carried on to create positive change if a campaign is executed correctly.


You could have come to a variety of conclusions last week at the Tax Increment Financing presentation sponsored by the Branson School District last week. Once thing is for sure, our regionall neighbors, - Joplin, Springfield, Ozark and Nixa are increasing TIF Districts.
A cold war between those who endorsed and those who have spoken against TIF's. Branson's former Economic Development Director said, "We use to have a toolbox, job training - lots of options, now - TIF's are the only thing left." Ward II Alderman Sandra Williams queried guest speaker Terry Wood from Dooin Ward Consulting LLC in Kansas City. Wood appeared willing to pitch a research project for a couple hundred thousand dollars (He could teach you - but he'd have to Charge")