Retro 1960's Christian County Headliner Car Ad

The thing I miss the most about working in a newsroom is access to the newspaper archives.

News editors tend to keep these becuase news is cyclical and content can be generated nearly on autopilot by focusing on the plotlines of the past. The photo above was shot at Christian County Headliner Headquarters in Ozark, in the heart of the Christian County Seat.

Work, reading and research materials of late has been focused towards History rather than News. Beating the commercial press to stories has led me to believe in the "law of unintended consequences" as the universal constant in the media industry. During political season this is especially tricky.

Pushing for open access to Branson City Council digital audio transcripts led the local radio station to quit broadcasting the meetings. For the last few months I've been lobbying the Taney County Government to do the same. The wheels are in motion and online broadcasts of Taney County Commissioner Meetings will be posted on line starting this week.

A decade of tech publishing for me, started with a belief in a digital democracy converted to commercial ventures to which I've been a part of as an architect. We, a bunch of geeks, believed we could change the world.

This is my seventh and sabbatical year in Missouri touring the land once owned by my ancestors. I hope to shed my websites of pious posts to avoid any illusion of an unselfish agenda.
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