Missouri's Parental Kidnapping Statute

Missouri Revised Statutes
Chapter 565

Parental kidnapping--penalty.

565.153. 1. In the absence of a court order determining rights of custody or visitation to a child, a person having a right of custody of the child commits the crime of parental kidnapping if he removes, takes, detains, conceals, or entices away that child within or without the state, with the intent to deprive the custody right of another person or a public agency also having a custody right to that child.

2. Parental kidnapping is a class D felony.

3. A subsequently obtained court order for custody or visitation shall not affect the application of this section.

Enforcement of this statue varies from county to county and provides a challenge for parents and law enforcement agencies.
Though the law is not gender specific application may vary. Tender years doctrine is ingrained into the minds of state leadership and provides a barrier to fathers wishing to provide the emotional and spiritual responsibilities of parenthood.
In a sense, the radical gay agenda (yes, there is one - the fight for gender neutral laws) promises to resolve sexist laws and enforcement practices. In Missouri the constitution once allowed women to refuse the civic responsibility to serve on juries.
If you're male, chances are you'll have to provide evidence to enforce the statute, if you're female, by default, you'll have substantial opportunities to move law enforcement into aiding the crime of parental kidnapping.
By Missouri dictate chilvary is dead, still, it's human nature to practice it. Father's are most likely to be alienated from their children regardless of law or court dictate. Statistically, the result is higher chances of drug use, suicide rates, teenage pregnancy and a variety of other disorders the alienated child will experience. The stats remain unchanged when a parent remarries. That is, the absence of a biological father presents poor odds for the health of the child.
A couple weeks ago, the city of Branson hosted a representative from the "Department of Violence Against Women" (yes, there is such a department). The speaker pointed out that over 95% of reported incidents of abuse involved a man abusing a woman.
Having five sisters, I'm well aware that women tend to initiate emotional violence and hire other to commit crimes of violence instead to directing a battle they physically cant win. In my life, I've never witnessed as cruel treatment of two human beings as when two women have an all out battle. In addition, violence initiated by women is far less likely to be reported- it's an embarrassment to male victims.
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, "The opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy - it's egalitarianism.
It's illegal to practice discrimination in the workplace and its illegal to practice discrimination in the court system - but its practiced everyday and its killing our children.