Downtown Branson Main Street Association Welcomes New Director




The Downtown Branson Main Street Association's new director Dawn Erickson met board members, local politicians and community members for a meet and greet yesterday at the organization's headquarters.
The merchants in downtown Branson seperated themselves from the organization last year launching a $25,000 local advertising campaign to stimulate business in the downtown area.
Erickson's experience and political connections could be an asset to the DMBA which switched from a democratic membership organization to a self-perpetuating board. Merchants in the downtown area recieved Erickson positively when she made the rounds during her first week but remain skeptical.
The competing organization, the Historic Downtown Branson Business Owners (HDBBO), believes the DBMA is administrative heavy and wants to see the plan Erickson hopes to institute.
Board Members were positive yesterday and expressed hope in bringing the community together for the common goal of promoting downtown.
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