Pete Hershend Vs. Senator Coleman

Gubernatorial appointments generally flow gently through Missouri's legislative session. Not always.

Pete Herschend was reappointed as Missouri Education Czar last month. The appointment however, was not without protest from the Missouri Senator from District 5 (covers St. Louis). Maida Coleman(D), had harsh words for Matt Blunt's reappointment of Herschend, the longevity of his position and his actions regarding the St. Louis School District.

Last year, the school board in St. Louis was taken over by a transitional board - which amounts to a hostile takeover of a school district by the state. The elected officials are trumped by state experts when district performance is sub-standard.

Coleman introduced legislation on Feb 12th, 2008 regarding transitional school districts. The eight page document, Missouri Senate Bill 1129 (Links to PDF), contains provisions for the treatment of a desegregation order, TIF's, County City and Self Perpetuating Geopolitical entities and how they relate to managing school districts.

Hat Tip: Pub Def