Branson Chamber of Commerce facing Geo-Political Complexites

Raising taxes is the least popular action politicos can take and getting voters to agree even the most difficult task.

Last year voters approved a Tourism Tax which spans eastward from Branson to Stone County. Hollister opted out of the initiative claiming the city wasn't a tourist town but rather a bedroom community supporting the regional tourism economy.

Hollister proved to be a sleeping giant bypassing the press and initiating a multi-million dollar TIF district and becoming a tourism destination strategically located between the Branson Airport being constructed (the Branson Area's new Transportation Development District TDD).

The airport effort is being subsidized with a dollar per customer payout by the city of Branson and contrary to reports - a tax subsidy in TIF like form (more on this later).

Re-formulation of the state's Direct Marketing Association (DMA) financial distribution format added to the struggle a few months ago requiring each Missouri County to designate one marketing entity to funnel and redistribute state marketing funds.

Both Hollister and Branson have established city taxes to promote tourism and the taxing districts extend differently from county political lines.

The question of representation without taxation and equity to taxpayers that pay into the pot and those that benefit from the tax will provide complications and a headache the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitor's Bureau will have to painfully endure.