US News and World Report - Fred Thompson Coming to Branson

U.S. News and World Report mentioned Branson on the magazine's blog this morning calling Branson Hollywood with a twang. Noting Branson's past political contributions and a recent fundraising event hosted at the Earls house for Mike Huckabee the post says Fred Thompson will be coming.

I talked to a couple Fredheads in Branson today; I'm sure they'll be excited. What the article didn't mention was who is getting the most money from contributers in Branson. We've been keeping a scorecard. As of June 30th Missouri's top 5 presidential hopeful by "greenvote" (cold hard cash)

Missouri Presidential Contributions Through June 30th 2007

Romney (R) $648,750
Obama (D) $543,512
Clinton (D) $233,198
Giuliani (R) $193,075
Edwards (D) $82,604

Taney County Presidential Candidate Contributions

Taney County Contributions To Ron Paul
Taney County Contributions To Hillary Clinton
Taney County Contributions to Barrack Obama
Taney County Contributions to Rudy Guiliani
Taney County Contributions to John McCain
Taney County Contributions to Mitt Romney