Kansas City Senators Battle With the Supreme Court Live Today in Springfield

The most important political event of the day - perhaps the year begins at 10:45 at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield Missouri.

The debate between Missouri Senators and Judges promises to be both heated and revealing.
The Players

Senator Matt Bartle. Mr Bad Example himelf...

Senator Jolie Justus, Branson native and daughter of 38th Circuit Judge Jim Justus.

Hon. Chip Robertson former Supreme Court Justice and topic of much political speculation.

Sitting Supreme Court Justice the Honorable Michael Wolff

Rep. Jim Lembke

Separation of Powers and Missouri's Third Branch" Checks and Balances and Judicial Impartiality in the 21st Century.

Since the meeting is an official event sponsored by the Lawyer's Union (the most powerful union in the state)it will be interesting to see how our politicians respond......(Any Branson Attorneys heading up that way) - Newspapers - TV Stations - Hackers - Judges who love democracy and the American way - We want the audio and video.....